Sonny With A Chance

Really Sonny? Do you really?

Chapter 1: Understudy

"CUT! Alright everyone! It's a wrap!" called Marshal.

The cast broke from their poses, from their modelling contest sketch, including Grady and Nico, who were dressed as two female models. They took off their wigs and took off their heels.

"OH MAN! Now I know how Britney Spears feels!" exclaimed Nico, clutching his throbbing toes.

"More like Chris Crocker." moaned Grady.

They followed the others backstage, where Marshal was waiting. He had his I-have-some-great-news grin as the gathered around.

"Watch this. Marshal's going to tell us that he's got good news." Sonny whispered to Tawni.

"Guess what, guys? I have great news!" he squealed.

"See? Now he'll reach out behind him and get our new sketch scripts." she sighed.

Sure enough, he turned around and came back with a handful of scripts. Tawni raised her eyebrows, impressed with Sonny's prediction.

"Now he'll tell us about the good news."

"Now, I'm going to tell you about the good news!" said Marshal.

Sonny shrugged after Tawni gasped.

"So Random is going to have another guest star, in our Valentine's Day Special, movie length episode! Once again, please welcome…CHAD DYLAN COOPER!"

"Okay, I did NOT see that coming."

Sonny's eyes widened with horror as the posh star walked in, giving everyone his charming smile. The rest of the cast scowled.

"Hello Randoms…again." he said, breaking from his smile to an ungrateful stare.

"What is HE doing here?" snapped Sonny.

"Uh, nice seeing you too, Sonny." murmured Chad as he leaned on the wall, crossing his left leg over his right and folding his arms as he did.

"Don't you 'nice seeing you too, Sonny' ME!" she exclaimed angrily as she threw her fists at him.

Grady and Nico held her back as she snarled and lundged for Chad face, longing to scratch it off.

"Easy! EASY. GIRL!" said Nico.

"Calm down, Sonny. It's just for one episode. I mean, who'd you rather? Chad, or Justin Bieber?" asked Marshal.

Tawni's eyes popped out of her head, well not literally. Her jaw dropped and seemed completely speechless.

"J-Justinn…B-BIEB-BER??!!!" she managed to stutter.

"Yes, yes. Justin Whatever. Now let's get on with the sketch," said Marshal.

"Our theme, is going to be…a modern comedic crossover between Romeo and Juliet and Cinderella!"

Everyone looked horrified, especially Sonny, who looked like she was going to tear out her hair. Chad, however, looked very smug.

"So, Marshal, who's the lucky girl who's going to be my damsel in distress?" he asked.

"Grady and Nico are the ugly sisters…"

"Well, that won't be too hard for them." sighed Tawni.

"Chad, you are playing the part of Romeo…"


"You're not." said Marshal.


"Tawni is."

"WHAT?" Chad and Sonny exclaimed.

"Yay! More spotlight for me!" squealed Tawni as she went into her dressing room.

"W-wait! Chad and Tawni? Together? But I-" Sonny began.

"You're Tawni's understudy. So, learn those lines!" called Marshal as he left the stage.

Grady and Nico followed the group of girls who just walked past, and Zora left to do some 'hatchet' business. That left Chad and Sonny on stage alone.

"I know you're jealous." said Chad.

"I am not!" snapped Sonny.

"Are you Sonny? Are you really?" he asked.

"J-just get off my stage!" she snarled.



He flinched before scurrying off. When he left, she stood alone, feeling hurt that she'd been called as an understudy…especially for Tawni. And yet, Chad was Romeo, and Tawni was his Juliet…


Tawni sat in her dressing room, beaming at herself in the mirror.

"Hello, there. You look stunning today." she cooed to her reflection.

Suddenly, Sonny barged in and slumped herself into a beanbag. Tawni noticed this and sat in the one beside hers.

"Hey, are you mad because I got a part in one of our best episodes and you didn't?" she asked.

"No." Sonny mumbled.

Tawni raised an eyebrow and looked very closely at her face. Sonny noticed that she was staring at her, and got startled.

"What? Do I have a pimple on my face?" she asked.

"You're having that look! You ARE upset!" Tawni exclaimed.

"No I'm NOT!" Sonny protested.

"And that tone of voice! The high pitched flicker at the end…it's a boy!" she gasped.

"W-what? Pfft! I laugh in the face of boys!" Sonny said with a weak chuckle.

Right at that moment, Chad came in, his elbow leaning on the door. Sonny jumped up, and fixed her jacket.

"CHAD! Chad? What are you doing in my dressing room?" she asked.

"Rehearsing with Tawni, duh." he muttered as he came in.

He took a seat in the beanbag that Sonny was sitting in and sighed. Tawni rolled her eyes.

"Let's get this over and done with." she mumbled.

They stood up, as Sonny took a seat in front of her mirror. Chad opened the script booklet and began to read out his lines.

"Oh, Juliet. For so long, I've known you. And suddenly, I have these strong feelings for you." he began to say.

"Oh, Romeo. I too, have powerful emotions for you. I think I have desire for your heart." Tawni said.

"Do you love me, Juliet?"


Chad and Tawni looked over to Sonny, who look terrified.

"Uh, uh…there's NO more eyeliner! Hehe…uh…carry on!"

The two continued.

"Yes, I love you so. I want to be with you, forever." sighed Tawni.

"You have sewn the absent gap between us, and you draw us closer than-"


Sonny was waving her arms frantically, then stopped when the two caught her attention.

"Um…NOBODY move…um…there's a cockroach on the floor!" she exclaimed.

"COCKROACH? WHERE! GET ME OUT OF HERE!" screamed Tawni as she ran out of the room.

"NO! NOT THE HAIR! PLEASE!" Chad looked around, seeing that there was no bug on the floor, and that Sonny was biting her lip.

"Sonny, what is the big deal?" he asked.

"The big deal is that you're still in my dressing room!" she snapped.

"Well don't mind if I just get out of here!" he snarled back.





Chad stormed out and gave her a glare before shutting the door. Then, Sonny's cell phone rang, and she went to pick it up.


"GOOD!" Chad answered.