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Author's Note: For newcomers, Sherry was a girl Scarecrow had a crush on in comics while growing up. Things end messily. Also, I'm really not sure how I feel about this fic.


"What are you doing?"

Sherry looks down at him; leg raised against the trunk of a tree while her hands clutch a branch overhead. The world is laced in autumn red and gold. "Sorry, I was just really sick of sitting down there." With that she springs upward—feet scrabbling against bark, doubling over her perch, swinging limbs until more or less situated. He stares dumbfounded at her sneakers before glancing up.

"And how do you intend to study from there?"

"Well…" She says, eyes flicking with disinterest to the textbook in his lap, "you could always join me."

He's not impressed. "We only have two days left Sherry."

"Oh, come on Jonathan." Her tone is exasperated or annoyed or playful, and it unnerves him not knowing which is which. "All you ever do is work. A few minutes aren't gonna make any difference."

"Oh my god, he has NO LIFE! Seriously Sherry, the guy doesn't talk about anything except books and chemical crap."

A chuckle. "Yeah, he is pretty weird."

"I don't…"

Something in her expression shifts. "Hey. I, uh…it's okay really."

He's frowning, pressing his lips. "Do you want me to?"


Jonathan empties his lap. "I said, do you—"

"Well yeah. I mean come on Jon." She's grinning. He stands, hesitates.

"What if it breaks?"

"We'll live. Now come on."

The scarecrow climbs.