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Hermione was lying down in her room reading one of her favorite muggle books, The Vampire Diaries. She wondered if she would ever be caught in a love triangle, but remembered that she wasn't even in a love situation of any kind and probably wouldn't be any time soon. Her window was opened, letting in a nice cool breeze on the sunny day. As she turned the page an owl fluttered down on her windowsill.

"Hedwig!" Hermione put her book down as she jumped up to open the letter.

"Dear Hermione..." The letter started.

Ron and I miss you at the Burrow,

Good news is that it's only one more week until school!

Tell your parents I said Hi.

See you soon, Harry and Ron.

She sighed jotting down a quick reply and attaching it to the owl's leg. Hermione fluffed her feathers before sending her off. These short notes are annoying, but at least it's something, she thought.

Walking down the stairs in her house she came across her mother in the kitchen making cupcakes.

"I have to go to Diagon Alley today to get my things for school so I was thinking of going now. I'll be back soon," She spoke watching her mother nod as she stirred the bowl sharply. Grabbing her cloak, wand and money she went over to the family fireplace that had been put in a year ago so they could be connected to the floo network. Grabbing some floo powder she stepped in and shouted "Diagon Alley".

She landed in a fireplace in the pub in front of the entrance to the magical world. Walking over and tapping on the bricks to gain entrance, she stepped through into the busy street. Little children ran around zapping each other with sparks from toy wands laughing gleefully. Older students with their parents smiled and waved as she walked by.

"RON!" Ginny yelled, chasing after her brother through the hills of stairs at the burrow.

"It was Fred, honest" Ron tried to reason, but Ginny hit him over the head and walked away.

"Ron, was it you?" Harry asked.

"Course not!" Ron smiled and winked, plopping down in between Harry and Hermione.

All the curtains and windows were open and it was letting in a nice breeze and sunlight. The smell of chocolate chip cookies flowed in from the kitchen and music played lightly through the house. It was a perfect day and Hermione wanted to preserve the memory in her forever before they went back to school the next day.

"Gotta get back to Hogwarts, were everything is magi-co-o-o-o-ol" Harry sung tapping his hands on his knees.

"It's going to be totally awesome!" Ron sung clapping his hand.

"Lunch trolley," The lunch lady hollered around the train as she stepped into their compartment, "Anything from the trolley dears?"

"One of everything, please." Harry smiled handing over the galleons.

They then proceeded to eat till their stomachs hurt. After a while of chatting together their door opened again.

"Still alive Potter, what a waste." Draco sneered patting down his expensive suit.

"Still a ferret, what a...wait no you've always been a waste." Hermione sneered back.

"Watch your mouth mudblood or I'll..." Draco didn't get to finish because Ron stood up and punched his straight in the nose. Hermione gasped and Harry laughed. Draco then muttered something and walked away.

"Thank you Ron that was kind of you, but resorting to physical violence is barbaric!" Hermione smiled hugging him anyway.

"He deserves it for calling you such a foul word." he said shrugging hugging her back.

"Guys, we're here!" Harry gushed like a girl.

"Oh golly!" Ron faked that he was gushing too.

"Shut up." Harry grumbled, looking down.

Hermione laughed, putting her arms around them and walked to a carriage.

In the great hall they were greeted by many familiar faces as they sat down and listened to Dumbledore's speech.

"Welcome, Welcome to Hogwarts. I welcome all of you to school, did you know at Hogwarts we have a hidden swimming pool?" He asked the crowd.

"What! I didn't know that. We have to go look for it!" Ron shook Harry.

"A new year means a new beginning, I do hope you enjoy yourself but remember the rules. Now enjoy the feast!" Dumbledore clapped and made a feast appear.

As Hermione entered the potions classroom the next day she realized she was way too early since the only person there was Professor Snape.

"Good afternoon, Professor Snape." She spoke, lowering herself to her chair since it was only polite to make conversation.

"Granger." He turned and smiled slightly. Smiled? That was weird, she thought.

She shrugged to herself and opened her potions book and started setting up her cauldron and glass tubes.

"Sir, what potion are we making today?" She asked making her way to the store room.

Snape turned to her, smiled and said "A love potion."

She was shocked they were making a love potion their first day back and at school of all places, but she went to fetch her ingredients anyway. Finally, when it was time for class Harry and Ron came in joking around with each other.

"Wow Hermione, ever thought of a life outside of learning?" Ron joked.

"Oh, Ronald god no!" She spoke jokingly dramatic.

They all laughed together as the rest of the class got settled in.

"Today, we will be making a powerful love potion," Snape spoke slowly and darkly to the class, "Try not to drink it."

"Ooohh!" A few giggling girls murmured while Hermione rolled her eyes.

"I bet Hermione will ace it, we could slip it into Draco's goblet." Harry plotted.

"Good idea," Ron smirked at Draco.

"Maybe..." Hermione trailed off and Harry and Ron gasped in shock.

"Are you...Hermione Granger getting involved in trouble making?" Ron pretended to be shocked.

"Yes, I am," She smiled, "Now get to work."

After forty-five minutes of constant working Hermione had finished a perfect love potion. After filling a tube to give to Snape to mark, she also filled three more and put them in her pocket. Snape dismissed them and they moved to the great hall for lunch. Being the first there they made their way over to the Slytherin table. Pouring in the potion into the goblet she whispered a spell.

"Now Draco will be drawn to that cup," She explained to the others. She handed one to Harry to put anywhere as she and Ron went up to the teacher's table.

"Hermione you're really going to do that?" Ron asked.

"Yes I am and it's going to be hilarious!" She chuckled dripping the liquid into Snape's cup. She then did a quick spell to make the liquid appear invisible.

"I wonder who Draco, Snape and the mystery person will fall in love with." Harry pondered.

"I hope Snape gets a look at Goyle." Ron chuckled.

They had sat down together at the Gryffindor table. The hall was starting to fill up.

"I also put a charm on so that it won't affect them for about thirty minutes," She spoke tapping her fork on her plate, "That way it'll affect them while they're leaving the great hall so it could be anyone!"

"You're a genius!" Harry commented sipping his pumpkin juice.

"I know," She laughed.

Lunch passed and as they made their way out they paused by a statue to watch their plan unfold. Ron complained of a weird feeling in his stomach as he stared at the ground miserably, but Hermione thought it was probably due to eating so much. Draco walked out staring at the ceiling until he spotted Hermione.

"Hey mudblood!" He yelled walking towards her until he stopped looking dazed, "You're pretty..."

Snape, who had been walking out after Draco turned to see what the commotion was about and also stared at Hermione dazed. Ron, who had been staring at the ground looked up and was about to say something to Hermione when he too began to look dazed. Only Harry knew what it meant and started laughing loudly.

Hermione hit her forehead "Oh no!"

All three of them snapped out of their daze and opened their mouth and said "Hermione, I love you."

"Oh no!" She moaned hitting her head with her hand.