basis of what's gonna happen in this story is, someone kidnaps JJ, the team tries to find her before she's killed, turns out, the killer is a high school sweetheart of hers who she got a restraining order against because he became obsessive. Enjoy (:


She was running. Running as fast as she could toward the one voice she would know anywhere.


But where was he? She ran down the stairs and felt someone push her down them. Pain soared through her whole body and she cried out. He laughed at her pain.

"I told you, you can't run from me, J.J. We were meant to be together."

"Stay away from me!" J.J yelled, crawling away.



"Shut up!" He grabbed her by the hair and held a knife to her throat.

"We're gonna be together forever J.J"

"Please, we were together in high school, but it's over now. Please, I have a kid…"

"He's mine. I know he is. Young Henry is mine, isn't he, J.J?"


"Wrong answer!" He hit her across the head and she began fading, but not before he stood over her, smiling.

"I love you, Miss Jennifer Jareau…Hanson."

"No…" She blacked out, and he lifted her into his arms, carrying her away as Will continued to cry the love of his life's name.