Chapter 8

"J.J!" Will slammed his foot against the door and saw J.J in the arms of another man, unconscious and a gun next to her head.

"Don't move, William." The man, Jason, said, grinning.

"You son of a bitch." Will said, holding his gun tighter. He took a step forward.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Jason said, holding the trigger tighter. Will blinked.

"Move, and she dies."

"You love her, you wouldn't kill her."

"Wanna bet her life on that?" He held the gun closer to her head and Will cursed inside his head. There was blood spots on her white singlet, scratches all over her neck and face. The top two buttons of her jeans were undone as well. Will exploded.


"She wanted it. She begged me for it."

"No…" Will refused to believe it. Jason laughed.

"She did. Truly. We enjoyed it. It was amazing. She kissed me just before you came hurtling in here. She loves me. She doesn't love you."

"You're psycho."

"Not nearly psycho enough. I know who she loves."

"Don't listen to him, Will." Morgan came into the room.

"Put the gun down. Now." Jason held the gun tighter.

"PUT IT DOWN!" Morgan yelled. He grinned.


"You've got a cop and two FBI agents against you here, Jason. It's over." Prentiss said, entering the room. Panic flickered in Jason's eyes.

"Just put the gun down." He lay his head on J.J's shoulder and kissed her cheek lightly. He whispered something in her ear and she slowly came to, her forehead crinkling slightly.

"That's it, Jason. Let her go."

"CATCH!" He pushed J.J across the room and Prentiss fired at him as he ran through a door.


"On it!" Morgan ran after him. Will caught J.J in his arms and lay her on the floor.

"J.J! Baby come on now, wake up." He slapped her cheek lightly and she opened her eyes slightly.

"Ow. No more hits to the head, I've taken enough today." Will laughed and hugged her close, kissing her fiercely.

"Thank god you're okay." Prentiss sat down next to her and she smiled.

"Hey, Emily. Can you do me a favour?"

"Sure kid. Anything."

"Can you get me some Tylenol for this killer headache?" Prentiss laughed.

"We need to get you checked out first." Morgan came running up the stairs and through the door.

"I lost him!"


"There were so many doors. He went through some fire escape and I lost him!"

"DAMMIT!" Morgan bent down next to J.J.

"Hey girl. How you doing?"

"Great." She said, smiling. Prentiss dialled Hotchner's number.

"We got her, but we lost Hanson." Will lifted J.J into his arms and carried her through the door. They went outside and J.J felt the cold air against her skin. She saw Hotchner.

"J.J! Thank god you're okay!"

"Hotchner, he's gone."

"Don't worry. He's not gonna get close to you ever again. I promise."

"No, no. He whispered in my ear. He said 'I'll come back for you'. The way he said it…" She blinked and shook her head. "I…I didn't like it. At all. It freaked me out." Hotchner got on the phone with the local police.

"We have a fugitive on the loose. A man named Jason Hanson…" He walked off and the paramedics took J.J away. Will went with her.

"Hey, is that Reid?" Reid pulled up in his car and jumped out, running towards Morgan.

"J.J?" He said, worry all over his face.

"She's fine, with the paramedics." Morgan pointed and Reid ran toward J.J.

"J.J! Thank god you're okay!"

"Yeah, I'm fine." He hugged her and she sighed. Hotchner went up to Prentiss and Morgan, sighing.

"They're looking for him now, but in the meantime…" He trailed off. Prentiss saw Will kiss J.J's forehead and walk over to them.

"Look after her will you?" He had worry all over his face and Prentiss stared at him, suspicious.

"What's going on?" He didn't answer. He jumped into his car and drove off at top speed. Hotchner walked over to J.J.

"J.J, what's wrong with Will?"

"Uh, nothing. I don't think." She said, looking confused.

"He just took off. He looked, well, worried."

"Well, he said he was going home to get Henry and bring him to the hospital. I don't-." She cut off, going pale. Reid shook her slightly.

"J.J?" She opened her mouth, but it looked like she was incapable of speech. Tears fell down her eyes.

"Whoa hey." Morgan put his hands on both sides of her face and looked into her eyes.

"What's wrong, J.J!" He said fiercely. She gasped for air.

"Oh god. He knows where I live! He's going after Henry! And Will's going after him!"

"Obsession. It takes over ones mind, and drives them to do unthinkable horrors, unbeknowst to the fact that their actions, may change someones life forever."


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