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Outside the cave, which came from the other side of the exit area, Mio, Tsumugi, Azusa and Nodoka are tied on a rock bed…naked. Mio was visibly scared and screaming for help after hearing that the four "virgins" are to be sacrificed to awaken the Orochi, and pleaded to her captors to spare them, but to no avail as their fates are about to be "sealed".


"Scream all you want…you're virginities will provide the key to revive the all-powerful Orochi...and be honored that you will offer your lives for him..."


"You can't…!"

"Damn you!"

"We won't let you…!"

Determined to save her friends even if it means losing her life, Tsumugi broke free (in the manga and anime she displays an unusual high strength) from her bonds and found a thick tree branch and began pounding on her captors, momentarily giving the Afterschool Tea Time hope that they can escape their predicament. Evidently, the cult members are taken by surprise, but are very intrigued at how strong Tsumugi is and decided to use her as the first to be sacrificed to awaken the Orochi.

"This one is interesting…capture her…and we use her as the first to sacrifice her to awaken the Orochi…the others will soon follow."

Just as Tsumugi is building momentum, a spider Makamou shows up and spits out webbings and the pianist is tied up, and this time she couldn't break free as the silk is strong enough to hold her down. Now the girls are now in the enemies' mercy and the ritual to awaken the Orochi is about to be performed in a few minutes from now. Mio screamed aloud in horror as she is being tied to a stake along with the others, their legs spread apart so that once the Orochi is awakened, he will MATE with Nodoka and the three Light Music Club members and produce monstrous off-springs.

"Now the ritual shall begin…and since each of you are virgins, a blood will be extracted from each of you…and will be used to awaken our lord…take their blood!"

And so the cult members use some devices and broke their hymens and extracted blood and placed them inside vials and then onto a boiling cauldron and now are awaiting for the revival of the Orochi. As the girls moaned in pain after having their hymens broken, they are now helpless as they felt that this is their end, but suddenly disc animals swarm the place and in the confusion Sawako, Ritsu, Yui and Ui showed up and the three schoolgirls freed their fellow schoolmates and made a run for it. By then the cult members composed themselves and sent their Makamou to go after them and bring back the now de-virginized girls.

"Bring them back alive! We need them to have the Orochi mate with them!"


About two minutes later, the girls and Sawako are nearing the forested area but had to stop as Mio, Azusa, Tsumugi and Nodoka are getting tired, not to mention that they are bleeding between their legs given the fact that their hymens were "broken" due to the cult members and Ritsu, Yui and Ui realized that they have to stall the enemy until help arrives. As Sawako urged them to keep on running, the Makamou arrived, about six of them – three human-sized fox Makamou and three giant-sized tarantula Makamou. All of them are ready to bring the girls back when Ritsu and the Hirasawa sisters stepped forward much to their friends' surprises.

"Yui…Ui…this is it…we're going to stall them until help arrives…we're the only ones who can save our friends…"

"Got it!"


Sawako and the others are surprised to see that the three girls stepped forward and try to warn them but they got a response from the Hiirasawa sisters and Ritsu, which they became incredulously baffled at what they just heard.

"Ritsu…Yui…Ui…what are you…?"

"Are you trying to sacrifice yourselves…?"

"Senpai…please don't…!"

"No to worry…"

"We got everything under control!"

"Sensei…senpai's…trust us on this one…"


As the monsters slowly make their way, Ritsu took out her tuning fork while the Hirasawa sisters toggles the strings on their wrist badges and then placed the devices on their foreheads which shows the Oni symbols and then the transformation is in progress. The girls gasped at seeing Ritsu "ablaze" while lightning struck Yui and Ui, but as the smoke cleared, they became even more surprised to see the three girls in their "Oni" forms and wondered what just happened to them.

明るい - Akaki (Upbeat Demon)

ハイパー – Haipaki (Hyper Demon)

優しい – Yasaki (Gentle Demon)

"What the…?"

"What's happening to them?"

"Ui-chan…Yui senpai…"


"Eh? They turned into…monsters…?"

The three girls are now in their Oni forms and are now ready to take the fight to them as they brought out their weapons and defend their friends from harm knowing that the odds are stacked against them.

"Listen, up you Makamou maniacs! We won't let you do what you want with our friends!"

"We're Afterschool Tea Time! And with the power of music…we'll defeat you and your cult!"

"For my senpai's and Azusa-chan…whose hymens got broken!"

Sawako and the others watch as Akaki, Haipaki and Yasaki went towards the monsters and do battle with them. Haipaki and Yasaki went towards two human-sized fox-Makamou and began to punch them back, which had minimal effects but it did stall them until seeing that the third momster tries to sneak past them, the Hirasawa sisters glanced at each other and did a double punch using electricity, which a pair of electric-charged punch sent the monster collision with the other two.

鬼闘術・雷撃拳 - Kitōjutsu - Raigekiken (Lightning Strike Fist)

As the three monsters fell back, Hapaiki and Yasaki then went for them and punched them again, only this time, five claws "unsheathed" and uses them to stab the monsters, and repeated the process until they exploded, which the technique is the same as the senior Oni warriors used, thus leaving the giant Makamous behind to deal with while Sawako and the other girls stared agape in astonishment.

鬼闘術・鬼爪 - Kitōjutsu - Onizume (Demon Claw)

However, the girls' amazement came to a stop as the giant tarantula-sized Makamous are advancing forward, Haipaki and Yasaki used their guitars and swings them like axes as they slashed the first tarantula monster by severing its legs and causes the monster to fall down, which stalls the other two which gives the Hirasawa sisters time to sneak past and apply the same tactic and now the three giant monsters are immobilized, which gives Akaki the chance to mount on top of one of the immobilized monster and placed a device over its back - the Ongekiko - Kaentsuzumi (Flame Drum), which is then attached into the body of the large monster to form a large drum for Akaki to perform her finishers.

"Now then...Kaen Renda no Kata!"

While his Kaentsuzumi is attached to a large Makamou, Hibiki beats it 30 times rapidly with his Rekka. The Sound of Purification resonates through its body, causing it swell and the monster growls in pain, yet it couldn't do anything with its legs amputated and is now awaiting its eventual death while the "drum beating" is ongoing.

音撃打・火炎連打の型 - Kaen Renda no Kata (Flame Barrage Style)

The monster screams louder as its body is now visibly swelling and is on the verge of "exploding" much to everyone else's surprises as Akaki beats the monster a few more times until it exploded, and the monsters are reduced to two more giant tarantulas, whose legs have just been amputated by Haipaki and Yasaki, as they prepare to unleash their finishers at the two monsters, who are now immobilized at the hands of the teenage Oni warriors.

"Ongeki Zan: Raiden Zanshin!"

"Ongeki Zan: Raiden Zanshin!"

After jabbing their guitars onto the monsters' belly, Haipaki and Yasaki began playing the guitar as fast as they could, causing electricity to flow from their bodies and went into the bodies of the two Makamous, slowly causing its organs to expand and the monsters growled in pain, as evident in their bodies visibly swelling in the minutes that passed, as they are unable to resist or fight back given the amputation of their spider legs.

音撃斬・雷電斬震 - Ongeki Zan: Raiden Zanshin (Sound Attack Slash)

After a few minutes of playing, the attack made its mark and the two giant Makamou's eventually exploded and all is cleared and Afterschool Tea Time is saved...for now. the girls approached Ritsu, Yui and Ui, all are glad that they are alright and they saved the day. The nightmare appeared to have passed, but there is still a problem. a ground-shaking is felt and the birds are flying away from the forest and they all felt an omnious feeling that is slowly approaching.


"The birds are flying away..."

"I have a bad feeling about this..."

" more monsters...please..."

"Ui...if things go bad...escore Sawa-chan and the others out of here..."

"Okay, onee-chan..."

"Everyone...head up! We got company!"

By then, a large Makamou emerged, which is serpentine in appearance and resembles an Asian dragon. It was the Orochi!, and some of the cult members came and proclaimed the Orochi's arrival and stated that the "virgin blood" was enough to awaken him and now intends to take and mate with the girls, with several cult warriors emerging and surrounded Sawako and the Afterschool Tea Time, thus the girls are facing a new crisis as more Makamou came out and outnumbered them, leaving their fate at the enemies' hands.

To Be Continued...

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