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A light tapping of footsteps running down the halls could be heard throughout the house. A young six year old Genrou Inuzuka ran through the house with his companion Kiiromaru running along side him. The two had been master and companion for only a little over a year now, but they were very close. They ran up and down the halls pretending to be ninjas on a big top secret mission.

"Kiiromaru! Let's sneak up on mama!" Genrou whispered down to his companion that barked up at him, saying he agreed with the plan. Kiiromaru was a golden yellow puppy with a white spot on his belly.

The two quietly made their way towards an open door where soft humming could be heard. Genrou and Kiiromaru had to stop themselves from laughing at how fun this was. The two pups crawled down onto the floor so they wouldn't be seen. Once they were at the foot of the bed, Genrou held up his hand and signaled it was time to attack.

"Ahh!" The two jumped up onto the bed and try to get the woman that was humming, but she was to fast for them and had them both in a hold of her own.

"I got you!" She sang sweetly, ruffling the hair of her son and the fur of his companion.

"Aw! How'd you know, mama?" Genrou asked getting out of his mother's hold and sitting down on the bed next to her.

Pushing the hair that had fallen in her eyes during that little attack, Sakura giggled down at her son. "Because I'm a ninja too. Just like your father." She tapped his nose with the tip of her finger. She looked down at her son with bright eyes. He looked so much like Kiba did when he was Genrou's age. Right down to the messy brown hair and his love of playing with his dog.

"I knew that already," Genrou huffed, crossing his arms. "But I'm a ninja too!" He added, jumping off the bed. Kiiromaru followed this action and jumped off to stand beside his master.

Sakura smiled down at her son and just nodded. "I know, I know. So is this little one, right here." She said patting her round stomach. She was already five months pregnant and was wearing a bright green maternity dress. The hand that was on her stomach was hit with a kick. Yep, it was another ninja baby.

"My little sister is gonna be a ninja too?" Genrou asked placing his own hand on his mother swollen stomach. He pulled it back when it was hit with a kick just like his mother's.

"Of course. Maybe you two will even go on mission together," she said with a smile, getting up off the bed and putting the book she was reading away in a box with the rest of her medical texts.

"Who's going on a mission together?" Standing in the doorway was Genrou's father and her husband, Kiba Inuzuka.

"Papa!" Genrou raced over and jumped into his fathers' arms. Kiiromaru was jumping around Akamaru, greeting his mentor.

"Hey. How's my big boy doing?" Kiba hugged his son close to him and was glad to smell his son's scent instead of the dirt and blood he was forced to smell from his mission. Kiba was made Anbu three years ago and Sakura made Jonin five years ago. He was dressed in his Anbu uniform, his wolf mask now in his son's hands while his sword and weapons were kept fully out of reach of the six year old.

Sakura smiled at the sight of her husband and son together and went over to greet her husband back from his long mission. "Welcome home." She got as close to him as she could without bumping him with her round stomach.

"It's good to be back." Kiba shifted his son into one arm, so he could put his now free hand on Sakura's shoulder and leaned in to kiss his wife. He was glad to smell his son's scent but his favorite scent would always be the scent of his cherry blossom wife. He really needed to talk to Naruto about sending him away on such long missions. He hated being away from his family for too long.

"Ew! Kissing!" Genrou made a disgusting face when he saw his parents kiss each other. At the age he was at now, kissing and girls were gross to him.

Both Sakura and Kiba just laughed at their son and the stage he was in. Soon enough he would be yelling at them to leave the room so he could kiss his own future girlfriend.

"Are you two done yet?" Shikamaru Nara walked into their bedroom, his own outfit that looked similar to what he wore when he was a Chunin. Shikamaru was a Jonin captain; he was to lazy to try out for Anbu. He was looking very bored and very sleepy with his eyes closed.

Sakura giggled at her old friend. "Yes, we're done Shikamaru. It's ok to open your eyes now. Both of your eyes," Sakura added, tickling her son who was closing his own eyes.

"Yeah, whatever." He just waved her off and headed down the hall and into the bathroom.

"He never changes does he?" Sakura asked while Kiba shook his head, No. Laughing at her sudden thought, Sakura popped her head out the bedroom door and shouted down the hall. "Shikamaru! Please remember to put the seat down this time!" She and her two boys started laughing when they heard a muffled "troublesome" through the door.

Genrou was happy now that things were lively in their home so he jumped out of his father's arms and in front of the two nin-dogs. "Kiiromaru! Akamaru! Let's go play!" He raced down the hall with the two dogs chasing after him.

Watching her son go off with the two dogs, Sakura turned back into the room and made her way to sit down on the bed, patting down the spot next to her for Kiba to come and join her. "So how long are you here for?" she asked once he sat down next to her. She had missed him while he was away on his long two month mission.

His arm instantly wrapped around her waist bringing her closer to him. "Until a few months after this little one is born." He patted his wife's stomach and left it there. No kick came to hit his hand.

"I think she's happy to hear that." Sakura placed her hand over her Kiba's and smiled at the warm feeling that past through her body. She could never understand the feeling of warmth that would flow through her whenever Kiba touched her. He would always say it was because of their love and bond that made that feeling of warmth happen.

"I'm glad. I want my little girl to know her daddy loves her." He moved his other hand to caress her cheek. "Just like her mother know how much I love her," he said softly bringing their faces together to kiss once more. Their lips made contact and they started to show the other how much they truly missed them.

"You do know that you're supposed to close the door when you want to have a private moment?" Shikamaru was standing in the open doorway, watching the two lovebirds pull away from their kiss. Sakura looking embarrassed at being seen and Kiba looked pissed because they had to stop. Shikamaru knew how possessive he was of Sakura so he reminded Kiba of why he was here. "You gonna change or not? I thought you said you had to be at the Inuzuka compound by a certain time today," he reminded his friend.

Kiba sighed as he remembered. "Yeah, I know." He stood up and walked away from his wife. "I'll be back later after I bring the rest of our stuff to the compound," he told her, going to the bathroom to change out of his uniform. Because Genrou was six and had his companion for over a year now, Tsume had said it would be wise to move in with the rest of the Inuzukas so he could receive the proper amount of training. They were reluctant to agree at first, but they wanted what was best for their son and their future daughter.

Sakura watched her husband go and decided she might as well finishing packing up her books. With some help from Shikamaru, she was able to stand up from the bed but not before losing her footing a little and kicking the edge of the bed. She had been caught by Shikamaru but both froze when they heard something heavy drop to the ground.

"What was that?" she asked, sitting back down on the bed. She would wait for Shikamaru to pick up whatever it was before she stood up. She didn't want to trip and fall on it.

Bending down to pick up what was on the ground, Shikamaru showed her. It was a kunai with a seal on the handle. Suddenly her heart began to beat faster in her chest and her palms were starting to sweat.

"Can I see that?" She held out her hand for him to hand her the kunai.

Shikamaru stared at it for a second longer before handing it to her. The moment it touched her hand, the memories can flooding into Sakura's mind.


She awoke to find her body lying down on a soft bed. She wasn't tied up, but she felt like she couldn't move her body again. That was strange because the drug came out of her body when the sound-nin punched her stomach. So why couldn't she move it now? Turning her head to the side, she saw Kiba standing in front of his dresser;it sounded like he was grinding something together.

'Got to get away.'She thought,trying to move her body. It was so heavy, it was heavier then it was before. She tried moving her body again, this time in one big swoop. Only she put to much force in and fell off the bed in a big thud. So much for escaping in stealth. Kiba heard her fall but only let out an annoyed sigh and continued with what he was doing.

Sakura tried pushing herself up but it was no use. She didn't have the strength she needed to get away. She was stuck here. That's when she saw it. The kunai with the body flicker jutsu written on its handle. She reached out and grabbed it from under the bed. She didn't have the strength to throw it this time, but she did have enough energy in her to do something else. Making quick hand signs Sakura poured her chakra into the kunai and thought these words into it.'Remember who you really are. Remember what really happens this night…'

Hearing Kiba walk towards her, she quickly hide the kunai in between the mattress and the bed so he wouldn't throw it away or destroy it. She pulled her hand back onto the ground just as Kiba looked down at her fallen form and lifted her back onto the bed.

"You're gonna hurt yourself if you keep doing that," he whispered,running his hands through her hair."But don't worry. I'll always keep you safe." He kissed the edge of her jaw before pulling back and brining a small pill to her mouth. He picked her head up enough for her to swallow it without any difficulties. "Your mind is too cluttered because of Sasuke. It can't accept me as your mate like your body already has. This pill will help clear your mind of all that." He smiled when he saw that she swallowed the pill. "And you'll need a clear head if we're gonna start planning our wedding." That was all Sakura heard before her mind was succumbed to the darkness of sleep.


Sakura gasped, dropping the kunai back onto the floor in the process. She remembered, she finally remembered everything. She placed a hand over her mouth to stop the sob that wanted to escape. She was drugged. She finally remembered now that she was drugged! Kiba drugged her that night, making her think that she loved him! He made her forget about everything else he did before that and replaced her memories of him with false ones.

Shikamaru placed a hand on her shoulder to give her comfort. "I take it you finally remembered." He shocked her with his words. "I don't know the full details, but that night after Kiba left with you, I had this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach telling me I made a bad move. I went to go to the Hokage to check out a few things and saw some of the papers that I'm assuming Akamaru ripped up." he said taking his hand off her and placed his kunai pouch on the floor. He kicked the kunai she had dropped under the bed. "There wasn't much, but there was enough to tell me that I made a bad move my letting Kiba take you. I came by the next morning to try and help you, but you seemed so happy with Kiba that it took me a while to figure out that you were drugged." He was whispering now and she knew why. Kiba was coming back into the room.

"Everything ok in here?" Kiba asked fixing his shirt. It was a simple long sleeved black shirt with gray jeans and running sneakers. He had his leaf village headband on now. He had heard something fall and was worried that it might have hurt Sakura and the baby.

"Yeah, I just dropped my kunai pouch. That's all," Shikamaru said in his regular bored tone picking up his fallen kunai.

Kiba seemed to accept the answer and move back to sit down next to Sakura on their bed. He had his hand over hers when he got a good look at her face. "Sakura, are you ok? You look really pale," he said, placing his hand on her forehead to check and see if she might have a fever.

Sakura only grabbed his hand off her forehead and held it in her smaller one. "I'm ok. I'm just a little tired from all the packing that's going on," She answered softly. Her body looked tired enough that Kiba believed her.

He gave her a soft smile. "Get some rest." He kissed her forehead before standing up and picking up the box that was in the room. "Shikamaru, keep an eye on her while I'm gone." The shadow-nin nodded as his friend exited the room. They could hear him calling to Genrou and the two dogs to follow him out of the house and to the Inuzuka compound. The two waited until they heard the front door slam shut and the echoing of footsteps disappeared.

Shikamaru let out a sigh and handed Sakura back the kunai he had kicked under the bed. "So what do you want to do now?" he asked, staring down at her tired form. She was clenching the kunai in her hands, but she didn't look like she wanted to cry any more.

"Nothing," she answered in a soft even tone. "It's too late to do anything now." She placed the kunai down on the bare bed. Their sheets were already packed and heading towards the Inuzuka compounds as they spoke. "I can't leave him or my son or my daughter." Her hands were over her stomach. No kicks were coming to hit her hands; it was like the baby understood that her mother was having a hard time and wanted to comfort her. "I love them all too much to even think about leaving," she said, rubbing her swollen belly. "I didn't remember what really happened in time and now it's too late," she told Shikamaru, handing him back the kunai. She didn't need it anymore. She wouldn't think of using it to escape this place anymore. She had a future now, she had feeling now, with Kiba. She wasn't sure if it was the drug he gave her or not, but she knew that she was happy with her life. She could never abandon her family. Whether she wanted to or not, she could never leave them.