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Forgotten but not alone.

Invader Zim fanfic

The sound of an alarm blared in Dib's ears, he lay sprawled out on the keyboards in front of the monitors in his room. Dib forced his eyes open, the alarms sending pounding shockwaves of pain through his already aching head."Computer, what has activated the alarm?" He groggily questioned his computer, as he lifted his pained body from the keyboard. "Conformation

from the space probes, an alien armada is coming to gain control this quadrin of space." Dib grabbed his cracked glasses, which had been broken when he got beaten up by the kids at his new High Skool the day before, and looked up at the screen to see information scroll down the screen. "Is it the aliens from Zim's planet?" He asked in a panicked voice, he just

recently found out how large the Irken army was. "No, according to the probes the Irken army has been overrun by this new menace." Horror crept into Dib's eyes. "Computer, get me more information on the new enemy!" He ordered, with a large sense of urgency in his voice. "Sorry, Dib. But our probes don't have that kind of range, you'll have to find some equipment

with a larger span of transmision." Dib slammed his fist into the arm of his computer chair. "Dang, but the only person on earth who has that kind of equipment is Zi-" His sentence was cut off by the angry yell from his little sister, who had slammed his door open and stomped in. "DIB!!" Gaz screamed as she grabbed her brother by the collar of his shirt, as one of her

malice filled eyes twitched with anger. "Do you know how hard it is to finish a game with all that noise?!" She snarled at him, which in turn made him let out a soft whimper."Turn it off now! Or I'll rip out your organs and stuff them up your nose!" Gaz hissed at her brother. "Gulp..." Was the only sound that could escape Dib at the moment, as he reached for the button

on his keyboard to turn off his computer's sound."Gaz, calm down. See noise is off, no hard feelings....?" Dib begged as his palm slapped down on the button, at this Gaz let out a hiss. "Make sure it doesn't happen again or else." She warned just before kneeing him in the gut and dropping him on the floor. "Ok..." Was all Dib could gasp, as he tried to calm the pain and

find the ability to breath again. Gaz was about to leave when she turned to her brother once again. "By the way, where's Dad? It's family night, and I haven't gotten to tell him where I want to eat yet." Even though her eyes were squinted and closed, it felt like they were boring into Dib. "I don't know, I haven't seen him in a week." Dib said in a low voice, as he was still

trying to catch his breath. Gaz just sneered at his reply, and then walked out and slammed the door. Dib forced himself to stand up, and started conversing with himself. "As I was saying earlier, Zim is the only one with that kind of equipment..." The beatings took their toll, Dib collapsed into a sitting position on the ground. "I have to get into Zim's base, it's been three

years since he suddenly disappeared . What I don't get is, why did he leave his base and robot here? What did he call it? Bir, Dir... um.. Gir? That's it, it was Gir, he called it Gir!" Dib was so excited that his head went back and hit it on the base of his computer. "Ow! I gotta be more careful, but anyways. How am I gonna get into his base, wait! That stupid green dog, Gir,

of his. It's let me in before." Dib got up, more carefully this time, and slammed a fist into his other. "All I gotta do is find him, and ask him to let me in!" He looked toward the ceiling and gnawed a finger for a minute. "Wait, the last time I saw that dog was at a burger shop. He bought a Chocolate, gum and caramel shake, eww that's just wrong..." Dib buckled his black

boots and ran out the door of his room. He was now about to run out the front door when he turn around to Gaz, who was on the couch playing her GameSlave 2. "Gaz, I'm going out for a couple of hours!" "Yeah, whatever." Was all he heard before slamming the door.

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