The elegant green

Harriet Jamie Potter was living happily with her parents in the Potter mansion. She lived there with her lovely mum named Lily Potter nee Evans and a funny father James Charlus Potter. She was spoiled rotten every day. All was perfect and well until the day the old man with the long beard came. He told her parents about a prophecy, a prophecy that told about a child being born at the end of July that was destined to defeat the Dark Lord. Dumbledore told them that they should hide elsewhere under the Fidelius charm, he forgot to mention that the Potter mansion had many wards and they were save here, but it was all for the greater good. After that day they left the Potter mansion and went to a small house in Godric's Hollow. It was a muggle neighborhood and Peter was their save keeper for the Fidelius charm.


Petunia had just given birth to a little girl, she was perfect in her eyes, after her son Dudley she didn't think about getting another child, but the perfect family had 1 son and 1 daughter, and she always wanted a daughter. She was small and had dark brown hair. She found this a little strange because both her and Vernon had blond hair but her father had dark brown hair so she was happy about it.

After a few months something happened which she did not accept. It just couldn't be true. Her cute little Kayley was dead, cot dead. She didn't understand it, just yesterday she gave her food, changed her diapers and played with her and Dudley. And now she was gone. At that moment she fell into depression. Vernon couldn't do anything to help her as he too was devastated about their daughters death.

~~one month later, 30 October Halloweens night~~

The Potters had just brought Harriet to bed and were sitting together on the couch enjoying their romantic evening together. Suddenly the wards had gone off, they knew Peter had betrayed them. "Lily go to Harriet and flee, I will try to hold him off as long as possible" James screamed to Lily. Lily ran upstairs and tried the emergency portkey, but it didn't work. She heard James' scream and it became quiet downstairs.

Tump, tump, tump, she heard as someone went up the stairs slowly, she was in panic, he would kill her and her daughter and she couldn't do much about it. She needed to protect her daughter.

Suddenly the door slammed open and in the door opening stood a long man in a black robe, pale face and red eyes. She knew it was Voldemort but couldn't really believe it. "move aside woman" she heard him say. "not over my dead body" she said and went in defense position in front of her child. "that can be arranged, avada kadavra" a green light appeared and Lily fell to the floor, lifeless.

Harriet pov

Little Harriet watched with big green eyes as a strange man with red eyes walked into her room and after talking to her mommy he shot a green light. Her mommy fell to the ground. She didn't understand it, why did her mommy fall to the ground? Was she tired, did she go to sleep. She looked up to the strange man, she didn't like him, he made her mommy fall down. He pointed that weird stick to her and said something, the same green light she saw earlier. The light hit her and she felt a pain above her left eye, she heard a vague scream but didn't pay much attention to it, she suddenly felt sleepy. And with that our little hero went to sleep as the house collapsed around her.

Dumbledore pov

Dumbledore saw that the ward around the Potters had fallen down, he knew it was a good idea to relocate them and make Peter their save keeper. Peter was a coward and would easily give the dark lord the location. Now he just had to wait until the girl defeated Voldemort. Everything was going according plan, now he just had to put Harriet with some people who would abuse her and he could play her savior as she came to school. She would be his little hero puppet, he could taste the fame and money already. After 5 more minutes he called Hagrid and went to Godric's Hollow. Soon they found Harriet and he ordered Hagrid to bring her to Privet Drive, Little Whinging. He would place her with her aunt and uncle. He knew they hated magic and anything abnormal. He apparated to it and waited until Hagrid came. He placed her before the door with a little note. He then just walked away, never looking back.

The Dursley's pov

Petunia opened the door to get the milk, as she looked down she became frozen, it couldn't be true, her little Kayley was back. She saw the note and read it. Her face turning pale. She immediately called Vernon. "Vernon honey, look at this!" she gave him the letter and went to the baby room to change little Harriet. Vernon followed soon after reading it, he wanted to scream that he wouldn't want a freak in his house, but then he saw that the little girl looked very much like Kayley. He saw that his wife had gotten little sparks in her eyes again and didn't look depressed anymore, a good sign she was happy again. He knew she wanted to keep her and they hadn't told anybody that their daughter was death, it was only a month ago, so he came to a conclusion, they would pretend that this was their daughter and soon forgot that she was magical. After this day Harriet Jamie Potter became Kayley Rose Dursley.

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