00. The journey begins

"I am the saviour of this land… and yet I am treated as mere commoner… even from her. My heart yearns for hers, and yet she never gave her heart in return. This land is so corrupt… so full of greed… perhaps Ganonforf had a point… this land does not deserve the prosperity I have toiled so hard for. My flesh and blood has been sacrificed for the prosperity of this land… and I am treated like nothing. Now… now I will take it all back!"

Staflos filled the market town, the buildings in a blaze, as the guards and solders of Hyrule Castle defended the people from the horror. Citizens evacuated the town, screaming and crying for salvation, as the monsters, nothing but bones and swords, ran a muck, slashing through unfortunate by passers and destroying market stands and homes. Princess Zelda, being the strong woman that she was – she was trained by Impa to fight after all – slashed away at the monsters as tears rolled down her eyes. Even through her sorrow, her heart raged for the destruction of her kingdom. She even ranked higher than her solders, killing more Staflos than all of them combined.

She slashed her way through with her blade stained with the green, putrid, impure blood of the Staflos while calling for his name. "Link… Link!" She continued to kill with revenge within her heart for the Staflos and sorrow for him to answer her yearn. "Link… Link… please… stop this!" She finally slashed her way through and was standing before her former partner, who had now replaced his famous green tunic with black armour… and his beautiful smile tarnished with a scowl of hatred. As she stared at the Hero of Time her heart began to question his sudden turn… "why…?"

"A hero should never be treated like a insignificant spec," Link replied. "For they can turn everything they have made, back to the shit that it was before. Your people have denied me my greatness for long enough… you have denied my heart for long enough. If I cannot have what I want, then I will destroy what we both have made. I will destroy this land, and your current government. Perhaps then… you bloody people will finally praise me for what I am… a king."

"Link, please don't be so foolish," Zelda begged. "This land still need you… the people still need you… I need you."

"Too late princess. The time of Hyrule has ended. A new era must begin. However, whether the land burns or survives the destruction is not of my concern. Either way, Hyrule will die."

"No, Link… please… talk to me. Make me understand! Please!?" Her eyes were soon engulfed in flames.