Finale – Life goes on

A new legend tells,

Of a band of heroes saving the Hyrule from hell,

Warriors with the power the wield thunder,

Shot out of contraptions to make the enemy filled with terror.

The Hero of Time was in need,

The myth now revealed to be of true creed,

He was captured by the King of Chaos,

Who turned back the clock to finish where the King of Evil left off.

The goddesses sent guardians to the people,

To save the people from the monsters of evil,

They battled the forces of darkness with their thunder,

And sent the evil away to forever hide and cower.

The goddess sent a second Triforce,

Who stood alone to face the king filled with the desire for uproar,

He sold his soul to become the God of War,

However that wasn't enough to make the Triforce fall.

And thus through all their efforts,

Link's past efforts to being peace to Hyrule remains,

They continue to protect Hyrule with the Hero of Time to this day,

From monsters with only one desire… to slay.

A monster lurked within the newly built ally ways of the Hyrule capital. A Staflos stalked down the street, chasing a young woman who was hysterically running away… the Staflos was chasing her, after spotting her alone on the streets a while ago. Her screaming and crying attracted on lookers from the windows, as they had just been disturbed from their sleep because of her. She turned the corner and gasped to a halt, as she saw a smiling shadow. It's eyes as round saucers, it's smile filled with fangs… and a little antenna-like strand sticking out from the shadow. And what was that long weird contraption sticking out from the shadow? The moon finally bathed its like upon the shadow to reveal a rifle holding Rip van Wrinkle.

"Tinkle, tailor, solder, sailor…" she greeted. "My bullet punishes all without distinction." With that she aimed her gun at the woman. A thunder wielder! Was she going to kill her? "Get out of the way, woman!" The woman did what she was told and Rip fired her magic bullet. It darted about in the air, before reducing the stalking Staflos into nothing but shattered bones. The bones were then consumed by green embers, which eventually disappeared into nothing and taking the Staflos remains with them. "Mission objective complete, mam," Rip said through a wireless head seat that hung from her ear. "And we have one witness."

"She must be interrogated for a report," said a kind voice in Rip's ear. "When you return have her with you. Well done, miss van Wrinkle."

"Thank you, madam Anju."

Anju sighed in relief as she sat back on her seat in her newly furnished home, fit for a monster exterminating organization. Thank heaven Rip finally exterminated that Staflos rogue, which unnaturally wondered off from its squad herd. Kafei entered the house, his hands all bloody from a special mission she sent him on. He headed upstairs to see her looking rather flustered. It seemed that it would take more that just two months for her to get used to her new occupation as the chief of the Hellsing Hyrule branch. She noticed that he had returned and smiled to see him back.

"Well, it looks as though you had fun…" she greeted.

"Oh, I had a wonderful time tearing that White Wolfos apart that was terrorising Zora's Domain," he replied.

"So I take it you completed your assignment then."

"Of course. Have I failed you yet, my darling Anju?"

She just smiled. "Oh, and I want the report on that White Wolflos by tomorrow evening." Kafei just moaned. "I know you despise writing, however that is bureaucracy… his highness needs to read of our accomplishments before he feels at ease to give us funds. We cannot always rely on Sir Integra's budget… the other English knights keep her budget tight enough as it is."

"I never had to do this much work when I was king."

"But the killing is worth it, yes?"

"… Yes…" Kafei sighed.

"I'm glad that is settled. You're dismissed for the night. You can be at ease now, but remember to have that report by tomorrow."

"I know what will put me at ease now… your body pressed onto mine."

"Wash up first. Unlike you, the smell of blood doesn't turn me on." Kafei just giggled… she knew him too well.

Zelda walked down the corridors of the newly built Hyrule castle. She walked no longer a princess, but the just crowned Queen of Hyrule. It had been a long day for the new queen, and so was on her way to the royal quarters to get some sleep. It would be nice to finally rest her head on the pillows of her large bed, which she shared with a man she held close to her heart. She opened the double wooden doors to reveal a large bedroom fit for a queen. She noticed her king still working at his desk, reading new reports just sent from the Hyrule Branch of the Hellsing organization. It seemed things were going well out there, with them picking up the slack he had left after becoming King of Hyrule, however Link couldn't help but go out there once in a while to have some fun of his own. He looked up to see Zelda and smiled; after straining his eyes from reading reports for so long, she was a sight for sore eyes.

"You should be in bed, Link," she then said. "The night is no longer young, and you need to rest."

"It seems time flows quickly when there is too much work to be done," he replied. "I have become so occupied, that I never have much time to practice wielding my sword anymore."

"Perhaps you should make the time…" Zelda then replied. "It would be sad to see you lose all that skill, which has made you legendary. To confess that was one of your many qualities, which attracted me to you on the first place."

Link smirked. "Is that so?" He dropped the reports and approached her. He slowly snaked his arms around her body and press his body against hers. "Then for you, my queen, I will do what I can to take the time in doing so… only of you train with me. To confess… it is quite the turn on to be fighting one-on-one with you… on the battlefield… and when in the bedroom."

"You have been spending time with Alucard and Kafei again, haven't you?"

Link smirked. "You can tell? Then, you should know what I am going to do to you now…"

He led her towards the bed and threw her down now on top of her. There he pressed his lips onto hers and began to kiss within the heat of passion, locking their lips within a battle of heated desire. Before Zelda thought things couldn't get any hotter, he ripped open her dress exposing her chest and well toned Sheikah stomach… he had been hanging out with Alucard and Kafei indeed. Link continued his passion as he kissed down her neck and slowly kissed down to her chest and stomach, then back up again. Zelda was drowning within her desires for more as she felt one of Link's hands around her waist, and the other grasped around one of her thighs, while fighting her lips against his. Soon enough he ripped the rest of her royal attire giving into his ultimate temptation.

"It has been a crazy few months, don't you agree?"

"Indeed it has mam, however in the end we gained more than we ever thought possible." As Luke continued his night shift duty filling out today's reports left over from Integra, she and Walter decided to have a drink down at the bar. No freak attacks tonight, so the English Hellsing branch could relax. Alucard hadn't yet emerged from his dungeon, which was now rather odd behaviour from him these days, Seras was on a date with Pip, the Wild Geese where training, and the other members were now stationed in Hyrule under Anju's order. It was indeed quiet within the newly built Helsing manor tonight… no longer did they need to use the holiday manor. It has been some time since Integra spent some quality time with her father figure… time that was slowly ticking away as he was indeed getting on with age. It made Integra think about life after Walter was gone… in fact, she couldn't picture life without him.

"Walter… what do you desire the most within this world?" Integra then asked.

"I don't really have any desires," he then replied. "I must say, that was rather odd of you to ask… has the alcohol effected you already? I would be surprised if it has… if so, then you don't have your father's impeccable drinking gene. He could drink at least seven scotches and still be sober…"

"I'm asking Walter, because I can feel that you do. What is it? I have the power to make it come true." Walter was left at a gasp. This new power allows that kind of knowledge as well? "It comes with being the Triforce… I have the power to grant wishes to anyone I see fit."

"So that would make you a target in Hyrule then? Is that why you remain here, when you really should be there, for you know you will be sought by those who want to exploit you because you are the second Triforce?"

"I may possess the power inside me, however the benefits for those who seek it stay the same. As good as the power is… I'm now a walking target. So Walter… what do you wish for, before you leave this world?"

"Well… to tell you the truth… eternity."

"You afraid to die?"

"It's not that I'm afraid… it's just the thought of leaving you Integra. You are like a daughter to me… I care for you too much to let you walk for eternity without parental supervision. Who knows where your new man will lead you… that thought scares me quite a lot… I have known Alucard for a very long time after all…"

Integra laughed. "You have a point, but I'm a big girl… I can take care of myself. But if that's what you want… it shall be granted." Integra was about to make his wish a reality, however the ringing of the phone by them interrupted the ritual.

Walter answered it. "You have reached the house of Helsing, how may I help you…? Oh…" he handed the phone to Integra. "It's for you Sir… Dr. Trevellian."

Integra held up the phone to her ear. "It's Integra, the results? Oh… really? Wow! Well, thank you for the conformation… no I'm sure he'll be happy. Good night." She hung up the phone. "Walter, can we conduct our business later?"

"Of course, mam… I still have time."

"Much appreciated." With that she hurried out of the bar.

"…I have a bad feeling about this…"

Integra entered the underground dungeons of the manor and hurried down the long corroder towards Alucard's chambers. Why he was still down here was mystery to her… she had offered to move his coffin to her room many times. And he should be up and about by now anyway! However she couldn't dawdle on that now… the news she had to tell him was too important to forget now! She reached the lone metal door situating within the darkness and opened it to be welcomed by even more darkness, the light from the small windows situating high across the hall beaming what little light they could into the room. She entered the room, the door slamming shut behind her.

"Alucard…" she called. "Alucard…" she called again. She soon noticed the cold mist surrounding her feet, and feel his shadows slowly binding the body. She felt a cold chill beat on her neck and a soft hiss flow through her ears. Somebody was feeling rather playful tonight. "Alucard… I need you to be serious for a moment… this is important." He ignored her and continued to woe her with his eerie, yet effective way of flirting with her. This always got her in the mood… as he found out a couple of weeks ago. Okay… drastic measures. "Look, it's Kafei, and it looks like he wants to fight!" With that Alucard materialised into his physical human form ready to fight. Integra just giggled… after all this time he still had a thirst to kill Kafei, even though they have been friends ever since the alliance.

Alucard then realised. "You're evil," he then said to Integra.

"I told you I had something important to tell you… I had to do something… to get your attention."

"What could be so important to interrupt with our pleasures?"

"You're the one who was yearning for it, not me… I'm not in the mood… not after learning of what I am about the say to you."

"And what's that?"

"Alucard… I'm pregnant."