6 Weeks of Katamari

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Warning Bathroom scene

Pairing PrinceXKuro

Note: The entire story is told in the Prince's POV


Today was a rainy day. Cats and dogs to be specific. I was at the living room looking at the window as dad was inside the closet trying to decide on something to wear for dinner with mom. I sighed remember an event six months ago when I accidentally kissed Kuro when I tripped in front of him trying to talk to him. Apparently it's offensive since he got angry and threatened me that he will never speak to me again.. *sigh* it's a huge injury to me considering that we were best friends when we were kids and to see him suddenly go against me feels like I betrayed him and I don't even know why..

Anyway Dad came out in a white suit smiling in a cheesy manners and said 'Well son do you think We look good?'

I smiled shyly and replied 'Yes Dad it looks very nice on you'

As I was saying all that my kid sister appeared with a sweet and charming smile and beamed 'Oh yes Papa it makes you look so handsome! I bet Mama will just love this'

Dad got excited and chirped 'Why thank you Our daughter. We really think Our Queen will love this indeedee-O' and went out of the room to have dinner with Mom

As soon as Dad left I sighed and arranged some of my stuff into the bookshelf

Seven minutes later Dad suddenly yelled 'Hey Prince! Our Younger Brother wants to call you!'

So I had to go down and answer the phone since Dad can get pretty grumpy if I leave him holding the phone for too long


As soon as I went downstairs and into the living room Dad handed me the phone at once and left to have dinner with Mom, I said 'Hello' to the phone

Soon I heard Ryu's voice saying 'Hello Prince, Dad wants to see you today. He said he wanted to talk to you about something'

'Urr.. sure Ryu.. but I…is Kuro here?' I said shaking dreading that Kuro is in and wanting to get revenge on me

'Yes Prince. Is something wrong?' said Ryu in a confused tone

I shuddered and said 'You remember that event six months ago right?'

'Yeah..' said Ryu 'But don't be scared Dad's watching us so Kuro can't get at you'

'T-thanks Ryu' I said putting down the phone in relief, grabbing an umbrella and flying off to Planet Shiro

At Planet Shiro I went inside the castle, lean my umbrella near the door way and went into he dining room to see my Uncle, my Auntie, Ryu, June, Kuro, Shikao, Colombo and Opeo all sitting down and drinking tea. I said shyly 'Hello..'

Ryu, June, Shikao, Colombo and Opeo looked at me while giving me a sweet smile while Kuro glared but dares not attack since he's afraid of his father while Uncle said 'Hello Prince.. I need to talk to you about something'

'Yes Uncle..' I said while sitting down on a chair while Ryu and his siblings walks off

'Prince I know that you might have to inherit your father's position someday and I'm getting a bit concerned.. you haven't been in a relationship with a single girl yet… how are you ever going to find a wife to bear an offspring to carry over your family line?' said my Uncle

'I-I don't know Uncle…' I said

'Isn't there any girl that interests you Prince?' said my Aunt

'Not really..' I said while closing my eyes 'They are nice but.. I'm not really interested in any of them..'

'Maybe we can find a nice girl for you to start off with' said my Aunt

'Thanks but..' I said going red

'We are concerned Prince what if you don't have any heir' said my Uncle

I blushed and closed my eyes as they continued on, hoping it would all end soon since it's starting to tick me off

After the conversation ended I went out of the room and saw June saying 'Wow.. Dad and Mom are so long winded about your future Prince'

'I know' I said

'Well they are concerned about your welfare Prince. If there's no one to rule the planet anymore… Doom is bound to happen' said Ryu patting me on the back 'So Prince are you ever going to get a girl' before walking off to catch some sleep

'I don't know I..' I said when I suddenly saw Kuro glaring at me and giving out a cough before walking off into the pouring rain. I looked at him as he left and said 'Why is he behaving like this lately?'

'No idea' said June shaking her head while walking off to sleep too

I sighed and left the castle with my umbrella

Outside the castle

As I was about to fly off I noticed that Kuro has collapsed on the ground and gasped before picking him up and flying to Kurock

At Kurock

When I arrived at Kurock I ran inside the little tree house and shut the door as soon as possible to prevent rain from entering the house

When I shut the door, I took a short sight at Kuro's room. It was extremely messy with mangas and sentai figures all over the place and video games lying on the shelf and Bomberman toys near the bathroom, after looking at the room I went inside the bathroom

Inside the bathroom

When I managed to carry Kuro into the bathroom, I stripped him off his clothes before getting a bucket of water and some soap to scrub him before putting him inside the tub and taking a shower myself

After the shower I carried Kuro back inside the bedroom and put him to bed while sleeping on the floor, unfortunately my sleep was interrupted when I heard sniffing and got up to check on Kuro to see him sobbing lightly so I decided to hold one of his hands and tried to comfort him by saying 'Don't cry Kuro.. nothing is going to happen to you..'

Unfortunately fatique overcame me and I collapsed

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