Love Knows Nothing

Chapter one: Baby Blue Perfection

Isabella Swan had seen the same boy enter her library for the last three months.

He always walked directly to the history section, plucked the same book from the shelf, and took a seat at the table furthest to the left, tucked into the corner, away from the other study areas. She wondered many things. For starters- why didn't he ever check that book out? Matter of fact, why didn't he ever check any books out? The fact that she didn't know this boy's name or anything significant about him made her a little uneasy, yet she wasn't sure as to why.

The boy never caused trouble- didn't even look like trouble – so why did her stomach twist in a way that made her unable to sit still or her eyes unable to stay focused on the screen and endless tasks before her?

Maybe, it was his wayward hair that begged for a good raking. She imagined how soft it would feel, coursing through the blades of her fingers and oh, she just knew if she got close enough it would smell divine.

He looked divine.

Isabella's teeth clamped down a pencil as she took in his sweater today; all snug and form-fitting and baby blue. That too she wanted to run her fingers over.

"Bella," Her co-worker, Angela Webber called out, causing the pencil to fall from her mouth. "Can you watch the counter while I go eat? I'm starving." She was always starving. Angela ate like food was going out of style. How on Earth she managed to stay a dainty hundred pounds, Bella had no clue and cursed her silently everyday.

"Sure." Bella gave one last glance to the boy in the corner and then slid down to Angela's section, no longer able to see him.

It bugged Isabella to no end.

Thirty minutes into Angela's lunch time, Bella had enough. The library had thinned out and she made her way from behind the counter, walking towards the direction of where he sat. She was stealthy like a cat, weaving her way silently through the rows of books, trying to peek through the small spaces just above the tops of them to try and catch a glimpse…until…she wasn't paying enough attention and tripped over one of the step-stools.

She hit the ground hard- rough carpet skidded along her soft elbows and forearms, making a nasty red mark that stung something fierce.

"Damn it," She climbed to her feet, feeling completely ridiculous- and to make matters worse- Baby Blue Perfection appeared before her.

"Are you alright, Ma'am?" And he called her ma'am.

"Fine. Stupid kids always leaving things in the aisle," She kicked the stool and held her sore arm.

Baby Blue Perfection did not move. He stood there, looking a little lost, a little hypnotized, like perhaps he wanted to help Bella and her sore arm.

He did nothing.

"Are you going to check that book out or what?" Bella demanded. Baby Blue Perfection blinked rapidly and then returned the book to the shelf, shaking his head to give an answer Bella didn't approve of.

"No, no. I was just browsing."

"Browsing? You come here almost every day and have yet to read anything else, nor do you ever check anything out." What was wrong with Bella? Surely, this was not the way she intended to speak with him.

"I just…I….I don't have a library card." He lied, Bella knew it. Not that he didn't have one- he was being truthful there- she had checked. Nothing, zip, nada. But he was lying about that being the reason. Her father was a cop. She could smell a lie, a thief, a wrong doing, from a mile away.

"Well then maybe you should get one. We could do it right now." Her face flushed and she held out her hand. "I mean, we could get a library card, like I can give it to you," more blush, more blush, fuck you blush.

Baby Blue Perfection smiled.


He followed her to the desk and placed his student ID on the counter. Bella lifted the plastic card and looked it over, making sure to memorize as much information as possible, until she felt like a creepy-stalker-type.

"It's easier if you just read it off to me while I type," Now she was being untruthful, but only because she loved his voice. It was soft, smooth and gentle. It made her stomach twist even more, but felt incredible.

"Oh…okay." Edward lifted the card and held it in his clammy hands. "What is first?"

"Name?" She didn't dare look at his face.

"Edward Anthony Cullen," He said slowly.

Bella typed at a speed that made Edward dizzy. "Address?"

Edward debated for a moment. A very long moment. Bella looked up.

"It's… 107… Bayberry Lane," She could barely hear him.

"Did you say Bayberry?" Her voice was too loud. Edward looked down and nodded his head.

"Edward the only thing on Bayberry is the…" Oh.

"Yes, I live there," He said quietly.

"Alright." She reached for his card, pulling it from his clenched hand and finished typing his information without asking another word.

When his library card was ready, she handed it over to him and explained all the fines and rules for returning along with giving him a print-out with a list of events they were hosting like reading groups and such.

"So, are you going to check something out, today?" She asked.

"I don't think so. I prefer to read here." He was walking towards the doors.

"Why is that? We don't have comfortable chairs," She followed him without even thinking.

"The company is significantly better."

Baby Blue Perfection gave an even more perfect smile before he exited, leaving a very red-faced Isabella Swan standing on the curb.

What do you think? Where does Edward live?