Love Knows Nothing

Chapter nine: Unspoken Spoken

In the Meadow, Edward is kissing Bella sweetly- on the ear, face, hair. It not lust, it is love.

Pure affection.

Through his display, Bella knows there is something wrong. She feels in his tension- regardless of him trying to hide it. She knows those eyes and how they look when they are far away, even though, they are right here.

Edward knows when Bella's knows and he knows there is no way around it.

"I don't want you to go with James. I hear him ask you to go with him all the time and I don't want you to go with him."

Bella is snuggled into his chest, her legs over his legs. Hands are holding on to his sweater- the baby blue one, she loves so much. "I don't want to go with him, Edward. I never will. I'll never go with him."

He sighed and gave up the other part of his irritation. "Prom is coming up."

"Yes." Her chin leaned to his chest- brown eyes owning him as she stared into his green ones.

"Dances are lame and Jasper is in another school and the only reason I would go would be to make him happy."

"Jasper asked you to prom?"

"Ha-ha, Bella."

"Sorry. You don't have to go to prom if you don't want to, but I am sure there are more than just a few girls in Forks High that would love for you to ask them."

His stomach hurt.

"Why would I ask a girl to go out with me?" Couldn't she see the hurt in his eyes? She was looking right at them!

"Because you declared to me that you won't tell another…what was the word? Oh, yes, dude, you didn't feel comfortable telling another dude you loved him."

"You're asking for it, Bella."

"Then, give it to me." She wasn't really playing and her words did things to Edward that turned him less man, more animal.

He fell backwards into the dead grass of the meadow and then rolled atop her. "What exactly would you like?" He knew- he just liked to see her squirm.

"You." She gripped his sweater and brought him down to her lips.

There was no need, other than sheer need to wrap her legs around his waist. She wasn't falling down, for she had already fallen. She was already there. This wasn't Charlie's house and Edward wasn't scared of being disrespectful, though he was still respectful, only kissing the parts of her that showed.

Her lips, her cheeks, her chin and whatever he could of her neck. Bella wanted so much more and she slid her hands under his sweater, feeling her way around his chest and back and stomach and loved each and every thing she touched.

Edward wanted to do the most vile, disrespectful things to Bella.

He stopped and coursed his hands over her face, trying to calm himself.

"I would take you. If I could ask you to prom, I would ask you, Bella."

"I would say yes, Baby." Her voice was so sweet- he kissed where it came from.

"I think we should have prom here." She laughed, being cute, playful. "I could bring a radio and we could have a picnic."

Edward liked this idea. He smiles against Bella's face.

"Would you wear a dress?"

"Of course, it's prom, silly. Would you wear a suit?" She looked at him. His eyes were on fire- so happy. Playful.

"Of course, it's prom, silly." She loved hearing him saying her words.

He leaned closer to her face, but doesn't kiss her, only watches her, makes her feel more nervous, but it's good. She likes it, loves it, lives for this feeling. She is high and her heart heavy as he searches for something in her eyes- her soul?

She doesn't know what he is looking for and wonders if he can find it, if he will find it.

Does she even want him to?

"I love you." That she knows and she trusts him and so does he, but he's still scared, so scared.

"All of my words I wrote to you that day, Bella, on the blackboard, in my journal, they are true. I may not be able to place them inside of words I know you want to hear, but that is what I am saying. Do you understand?"

And she does and she kisses him and she makes it good. His heart is full and heavy and hurts, but it's alright because it hurts for Bella. So he kisses her with his mouth, with his soul, with everything he has tried to hide and has suffered, until they both cannot breathe.

It would be a delicious way to die.