Chapter 1

Ritsuka tried his best not to squirm as he questioned his master's sanity and sexual stamina. Honestly, the man was a deviant. Across from him sat a flushed redhead, hair a mess and expression rather blank or... hateful? He wasn't sure, but it made him uncomfortable which in turn cause him to fidget on Semei's lap. He earned another slap to the inside of his thigh and a stern glare from Semei, which made him slip out a small whimper.

When Nisei had come over he'd also brought over a young redhead with a set of ears and tail just like Ritsuka. Of course, Semei had taken no time to quickly usher the boy into his room -leaving Ritsuka alone with Nisei- and deflower the young virgin. They'd gone into the room rather quickly and emerged, the redhead earless, his face as red as his hair, and with Semei looking very pleased with himself. Ritsuka couldn't help but feel slightly hurt. Who was this kid? And who did he think he was coming in and stealing away his master? Sure, Semei had pulled the eared boy onto his lap when the two came out of the room, but Ritsuka continued to sulk, which is how he ended up in his current position. He sat on Semei's lap, not allowed to so much as twitch. Difficult? Yes. But, according to Semei, if he wanted to sulk then he wasn't allowed to even move.

"So they didn't go away? Even after the romping?"

Nisei's voice pulled him from his thoughts, making his ear twitch and a hand to lay another slap to his thigh. He hissed and whimpered.

"No, but it's quite alright. I enjoy them very much." Semei answered, nipping at the cat-like ears, the owner of them purring softly and leaning into the act. He smirked, slapping the cherry red thigh. Sadist? Of course. He throughly enjoyed making his pet wiggle and squirm just so he could deliver another blow to the milky skin.

Nisei just smirked, "So how's Soubi-san?"

The pair froze, but Semei composed himself much better then Ritsuka.

"He's fine. He's with Ritsu right now."

The redhead cocked his head to the side, noticing Ritsuka's obvious distress. The boy had drooped his head, ears laying flat against his head, and his tail winding tightly around Semei's leg. He felt the light growl in Semei's chest and quickly tried to force back the tears that had started to form. He looked up, his ears not quite perked.

With a sigh Semei scooted the boy off his lap and gave an encouraging pat to his rear.

"Go show Akane your books or something."

Ritsuka pouted but nodded and headed to the adjoining room, the redhead in tow. When the door was shut Ritsuka went to start a fire, the room being a bit chilly.

"Who's Soubi?"

Ritsuka twitched but ignored the other, standing when he was done and turned to the other, a steady glare set in.

"Well? Are you going to answer?"

Ritsuka just growled and went to the couch, curling up on it. He wasn't in the mood to talk, especially not to whoever this kid was. He didn't pay any attention and started to space out, staring at nothing. Images of Soubi flashed through his mind before being rudely interrupted by red hair in his face. His gaze narrowed as the redhead kneeled over him on the couch with a cocky grin. He reached up to try and push him off but his wrists were grabbed and pinned above him easily.

"Don't tell me you're a mute are ya? Cause that'd be no fun," The other said and smirked.

"Get off me!"

"So it speaks! What other noises can it make?" Akane lowered his head, kissing Ritsuka's neck.

The red hair brushed his face, smelling oddly of fruit and... of course, sweat. The kiss was unexpected and sent him into panic mode. No one was supposed to touch him! He quickly tried to buck the other off, gasping when the hips above him returned the gesture, bucking into him. He could feel the hard erection under the boy's pants.

"Hm, your master is rather cruel. He'd wonderful at pleasuring someone, but is very shitty at finishing the job."

Ritsuka couldn't help but smirk. That was his Master, never allowing anyone else to completely enjoy the moment. His thoughts were short lived when he moaned, feeling his own member stir to life. God no... He tried desperately to get the other off, but his body was already trapped. His ears pinned back and his tail slowly wrapped around Akane's leg. His hips started to lift into the boy's with each thrust of their hips.

No. This isn't allowed! He's not supposed to tou-

He moaned again, the teeth nipping lightly at his collarbone. He thought he heard a faint click but it was soon forgotten as his feeble attempts to get the other off him had slowly turned into him clutching Akane's shirt, trying to rub their clothed erections together harder.

"Well well, I leave you alone for five minutes and you're already getting into trouble." Semei shook his head, standing behind the couch with his arms crossed as he looked down at the two, Nisei behind him snickering.

Akane looked up at the man and Ritsuka's eyes starting to haze over with lust. He hadn't noticed his shirt had been pulled up to expose his chest. The redhead still looked like he fully intended to devour the other.

"As beautiful as this scene is, I think it's time my pets stopped being naughty."

Ritsuka's face flushed within second as he scrambled to get up, pushing Akane off and getting off the couch, hanging his head.

"S-sorry Master Semei."

Akane frowned and crossed his arms, looking up at Semei.

"Ruin the fun, will you? I was just about to finish the job you failed at."

Semei grinned, "Ah, but being the Master, I have the right to leave you as frustrated as I see fit. Ask Ritsuka, he knows."

Rolling his eyes, Akane got off the couch as Ritsuka looked at Semei, confused. Pets? Did that mean.... he was keeping Akane too now? Why? He didn't want the kid to stay!

"Well, Akane-chan, come say goodbye. I gotta leave now."

The said boy sauntered over to Nisei and gave him a quick hug before the man waved and left. The next few minutes were an awkward silence, at least on Ritsuka's part. Then Semei yawned and stretched.

"Nnn, Rit-chan. I'm still waiting for my breakfast." he said with a grin and left the room. Ritsuka gasped as he remembered and quickly ran to the kitchen. It was his turn to make breakfast and the mornings events had thrown him off. He didn't notice Akane following him until he was already scrambling around the kitchen to make French Toast.

Akane just leaned against one of the counters, watching the boy the entire time. By the time Ritsuka finished the male had moved to the dinning room and taken a seat next to Semei. When Ritsuka came in and set the plates down he stared at the boy. The seat used to be where Soubi would always sit. He glared.

"You have you move."

An eyebrow quirked as the redhead stared at him.


"Because that's Soubi's seat."

"Is he here?"

Ritsuka growled, "Move."

"Ritsuka," Semei intervened.

Ritsuka ignored him and pounded his fist on the table.

"Move!" he snapped.

"Make me."

When Ritsuka moved towards the boy Semei growled.

"Ritsuka! Sit!"

"But that's Sou-"

"I said sit!"

Ritsuka grit his teeth and glared at Akane as he sank into his usual seat. He stared at his food and decided he wasn't very hungry anymore.

"May I be excused, Master?"


He flinched, "But-"

"I said no. Eat."

He growled and stabbed at his food, eating it as he glared daggers into his plate.

When Semei finished he stood and headed towards his room, stopping to look back at the two.

"Ritsuka, clean up then meet me in my room."

The boy nodded but didn't say anything or look up. He finished eating and got up, ignoring the stare of the other boy, and washed the dishes. When he stepped into Semei's room he stopped to stare at it for a moment. Everything of Soubi still lingered, like he should come strolling out of the bathroom, that gentle smile on his face and his arms open and inviting for Ritsuka. But it didn't happen.


The boy snapped from his thoughts and looked up, his ears flattening at the angered look on his Master's face.

"What was that about?"

"Master, he was sitting in-"

"I don't care where he sat. Soubi is gone. That's that."


"Enough! I've put up with your sulking long enough! No more!"

"But Master!"

"I said enough!" Semei yelled, standing close enough to make Ritsuka back into the bed. "Do you choose Soubi over me?"

"What?" Ritsuka's eyes went wide.

"I let you sleep with me, I've been lenient, I've allowed you extra freedoms and yet you still fawn over him. Am I not good enough? Would you rather I sent you away instead?"

"Master no!"

Ritsuka had tears sliding down his cheeks now. He was leaning back on his elbows on the bed with Semei over him. He couldn't help the soft sobs as he let his head drop.

"I'm s-sorry Master. I-I…"

Semei leaned down, capturing the quivering lips against his own.

"You still have me Ritsuka, you shouldn't need anyone else." He trailed his lips down the boy's neck and nipped at the tender flesh. The boy's breath hitched and his head fell back. He let out a small moan, Semei's leg slipping between his legs and pressing against the bulge. He bucked his hips, causing Semei to smirk softly.

"No more..." he whispered into Ritsuka's ear as his hand snaked into the younger's bottoms. "No more sulking, no more crying, no more grieving over what isn't yours. He's not gone forever."

Ritsuka moaned, the hand stroking him causing his mind to go hazy as the tears were licked from his cheeks. He panted softly, wrapping his arms around Semei's neck.

"Nnn~ Master~"

The ring was slipped off from around the base of the boy's organ and the hand worked skillfully to bring the raven headed boy to completion. The soft moan of ecstasy was music to his ears as he smirked, slipping his hands out and licking the white cream off.

A scoff was heard at the door.

"So the eared brat gets to blow off the steam but I can't? So unfair."

Semei smirked.

"That's for Ritsuka to decide." Turning to look down at his younger brother, he gave him a quick peck on the lips. "By the way, Akane was bought for you. He's still mine, but I got him for you to use as you please. You still must follow the rules, but besides that, think of him as your own personal toy."

The redhead's jaw dropped and he grumbled, turning and leaving the room rather disgruntled. Now he had to suck up to the kid just to get a simple hand job! How annoying.


Of course, the dish had done nothing wrong but Soubi still glared at it as if it had been the one to send him to this hell hole. He set the tray with the tea down on Ritsu's desk, his glare meeting the man's calm gaze.

"Will that be all Sensei?" he gritted through his teeth.

The other just smiled and took his tea, sipping it slowly.

"You know, I was really hoping for some sort of snack as well."

The cup was set down and Soubi was pulled forward over the desk by his tie. He never liked wearing that particular piece of clothing but Ritsu enjoyed it, finding it an easy way to not only bring the blonde closer, but to tie him up when needed.

"But I guess you'll do," the elder spoke as he let his lips graze Soubi's. A soft smirk spread across his face and he released the strip of cloth, letting the fabric slip between his fingers as the blonde straightened.

Soubi kept himself composed. The only reason he put up with Ritsu was because it was Semei's orders. He had gotten to speak with his lover over the phone the day after he'd arrived, but not once after.

He is you're master for now. Do not forget me or my teachings. Do not disgrace me Soubi.

He sighed and turned to leave, glancing back.

"Oh, and Sensei, Nagisa will be here soon." The blonde grinned at the irritated look on the others face. Perfect.


Soubi leaned back on one of the couches, looking rather smug as Ritsu sent him death glares, obviously suffering a headache from the woman.

"Ritsu!" She shrieked. "You're not even paying attention!"

With a sigh the man turned to look at her. "I am, Nagisa. I'm just... preoccupied with my plans for tonight," he said with a quick glance to Soubi.

The blonde growled inwardly. Dammit.


Panting, Soubi refused to give in as he was slammed against the wall again. His shirt was long gone.

"You thought bringing that woman over to irritate me would be a good way of revenge?" The elder smirked, leaning close enough so that his breath ghosted over Soubi's ear. "You thought wrong. In fact, she's given me new motives to torture you."

With a grin he placed a simple kiss on the blonde's neck before his body was gone and already walking out the door.

The blonde sank to the floor, groaning as he rubbed his head. He hated it here. It only reminded him more of how much he relied on Semei. He missed his raven haired master. He looked down at his erection and growled to himself. He felt worthless. Ritsu kept denying him the pleasure because Soubi was denying him his body. So, they both lost. Especially since Soubi was someone used to getting the simple pleasure a few times a day.

He sighed, feeling almost completely broken. He wanted to call Semei. Eery night he debated on calling him. But he couldn't. He wasn't allowed.



Ritsu's voice pierced his ears and he looked up, catching the man's gaze.

"Come to bed with me."

The blonde didn't move, watching as the elder headed towards his bedroom. When there were no further words he sighed and stood from his chair, following Ritsu to the master bedroom. When he got there, Ritsu was already undressed, leaving only his boxers on, and in the bed. He patted the spot next to him and Soubi slowly let his clothes slip from his body. He didn't mind sleeping with Ritsu, it helped him a bit. Sure the man wasn't his Semei, but he would do.

He slid under the covers next to his former teacher and glanced at him, waiting for the catch.

"Soubi-kun. Look at yourself. You're a mess." the man sighed and leaned over the blonde. "It's very clear that you need to relieve this... built up energy. And I'm just craving to have your body again."


"Hush. I know this has all been hard for you, but it's not like we haven't fucked before."

The words caught him off-guard and made him look away as the man leaned over him, their faces getting closer.

"I have an idea though..."

Ritsu moved backwards for a moment before coming back and removing Soubi's glasses, carefully tying a black silk blindfold over Soubi's eyes.

"What is this for?"

"To help you. I'm just as good as Semei, and you know that. Now pretend it's him."

The elder's lips touched Soubi's, giving him a moment to either accept or deny his offer. When the opposite lips kissed back he smiled. Finally. Climbing over the slender man, he removed his glasses and set them on the bedside table. He pressed his lips to the blonde's jaw and slowly made his way down the other's neck. He knew mostly what Semei was like in bed and tried to mimic it to hopefully help Soubi open up a bit more. His hand roamed down the male's naked sides and rested on his hips before tugging at the boxers until they were off, his own following quickly after. He knew neither of them would actually last long, so he didn't waste too much time on foreplay, just enough to make sure they were both hot and ready.

Knowing Semei, Soubi shouldn't need to be prepped, and even if the abstinence did anything it wasn't like it would hurt the blonde very much. He entered the other, moaning at the delightful warmth that enveloped him. Leaning down he latched onto one of the pierced nipples, his teeth tugging at the ring. The body below him responded wonderfully, his hips rising to his slow thrusts and his chest wiggling under his mouth.

Picking up the pace he nipped at the pale skin, feeling the slender arms and legs wrap around him. Both moaning and panting with need neither tried to continue the little things, too focused on the main attraction. Soubi reached between them to grip himself, only to be swatted away. It was an act Semei himself would have done, followed by a deep growl. He could imagine his master's body above him, impaling him with such force, and working him towards their climax. Of course, he knew it wasn't him, but he could pretend for now.

With a few more sloppy moans Ritsu gave a final thrust and let himself unload into the blonde. Having held back for long enough, it wasn't hard for Soubi to allow himself to do the same onto their stomachs, moaning Semei's name.

A sweaty, panting, sticky mess, Ritsu grinned and wrapped his arms around Soubi, laying to the side and holding him close.

"Sleep, Soubi-kun."

The blonde smirked. Ritsu would deny his affectionate self after sex, denying to everyone that he didn't like to cuddle at all, especially after having intercourse. But of course, Soubi knew it was a damn right lie.

"Stop thinking and sleep," Ritsu growled, his head rested on Soubi's shoulder. The blonde smiled, his eyes already closed, and allowed himself to drift off. Maybe things wouldn't be too bad.