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Monday - August 3, 2009


I knew the moment I woke up in morning that I clearly saw my whole life in front of me, and it was Isabella Marie Swan. I had originally planned on proposing to Bella at the end of the summer tour before we experienced our short break up. I wouldn't actually call it a break up, because Bella and I never stopped loving each other and if I hadn't been on tour, our disagreement would have been resolved sooner. Last night I appeared on her doorstep and she welcomed me in so that I could finally repair the damage caused by poor judgment and miscommunication. I spent hours proving to Bella that I loved her completely. I had her back in my life and it was time to make permanent plans for our future together. I couldn't deal with this long distance shit any longer and I hoped that we would be able to figure out a plan that would work out for the both of us.

It had been the first major tour for my band, 'The Pattinson Project', and it had ended last night in Los Angeles. In the morning Bella called in sick to her office so we could spend the day together. I had a few weeks off before I had to worry about the fall tour and Bella was happy to have me spend the next week or so with her at her apartment. Before we did anything more together, I needed to gather up my things at the hotel and get my band mates and parents on their way back to Seattle.

"Why don't we get ready and have breakfast with my parents? I still have my per diem at the hotel." Bella and I had been awake and talking in bed since dawn, and we had plenty of time to get to West Hollywood, have breakfast and get back before the sheets got cold.

"Since you wouldn't let me make a food run earlier…it's a better offer than a drive thru." Bella snuggled against my chest. "Are your parents alright with us?"

"My parents love you and honestly I never told them the whole story about what happened in Phoenix." I had been too embarrassed to tell my folks what an idiot I had been and the reason why I lost Bella for most of the summer.

"Well I'm glad you didn't, because that will make things easier," Bella kissed my cheek and started to get out of bed. "I love your parents. I better jump in the shower." She ran au naturel across her small apartment and closed the bathroom door behind her.

As I lay alone and naked in Bella's bedroom, I gazed around the room. Our clothes from last night were still scattered across the floor. On her nightstand I spied the photo of myself that I had taken with my cell phone that first weekend we met and I was touched that she had put it in a frame. It was endearing to see she still kept it, and that it sat beside her bed. I rolled over and buried my face in Bella's pillow so I could smell her again. I needed to call my parents to let them know we were coming, and I reached towards the floor for my pants to retrieve my phone.

I pressed the button for my dad, "Morning Dad. Have you and Mom had breakfast yet?"

"No, son, we just woke up actually. What's going on?"

"Bella and I would like to meet you at the hotel, if that's okay. We should be there in an hour, can you wait to eat?"

"Sure we would love to have breakfast with you two. So, I don't need to ask if things went well last night?"

"Everything worked out wonderfully," my dad was always so supportive of me and I knew he was betting on us. "I'll call you as soon as we arrive."

"We'll see you soon."

"Bye, Dad." As I hung up the phone Bella entered the room in a cute little short robe pulled tightly around her petite body and her hair wrapped in a towel. She was amazingly beautiful standing in front of me with her skin all pink from the hot shower that she had just taken.

"You better hurry up and jump in the shower because I'm starving," Bella giggled.

I rolled out of the bed and picked up my clothes from the floor to take with me, along with the towel Bella had placed out for me on the chair. "Next time you have to promise to join me."

By the time I had gotten out of the shower and dressed, Bella was completely pulled together and ready to go even though her hair was a little damp. Bella was glowing and she already had her keys in her hand waiting for me as we made our way down to her car.

I was surprised that Bella opted for the freeway instead of the canyon road she normally preferred to take to get us 'over the hill'. She wasn't usually comfortable driving, but we were soon pulling into the hotel parking lot. I had to admit I was hungry and was looking forward to having breakfast with my family to share my happiness with them.


I had managed to get more experience driving the Los Angeles freeways during the summer and I had no problem jumping on the 101 and exiting at Sunset. It had been a long time since I had Edward in the front seat of my car, and I felt a sense of relief when I pulled into the hotel parking lot. I never thought I would be back at this place again. The last time Edward and I were there was when the band came to town for the LOUD cover photo shoot and we had shared a magical weekend together. We couldn't get enough of each other and we ordered so much room service that we were spoiled.

Edward called his parents as soon as we approached the back doors of the hotel to tell them we were there and to ask them to meet us in the lobby. I held on tightly to his hand as we entered the main lobby together and not because I was nervous meeting his family, but for some reason I kept thinking he was going to disappear from me.

Everyone in the band and the family were scheduled to leave and return to Seattle at the same time. The tour bus would be returning Alice, Jasper, Jacob and Mike Newton, and an airport shuttle was going to take Emmett, Rose, Esme and Carlisle who all had the same flight to catch at LAX.

While we stood in the lobby waiting for Edward's parents, everyone seemed to converge and we decided to all dine together. Emmett and Rose both greeted us happily and I was relieved that Rose and I were going to have a chance to start off on another foot. She was finally going to give me a chance to be her friend and she apologized last night for judging my relationship with her brother. Jacob and Newton, the only two in the group completely single enjoyed the perks of the road, and they looked like they were recovering from a wild night.

"Good morning girlfriend." Alice arrived with Jasper and she didn't need to ask me any questions regarding Edward when she saw us together holding hands. That was all she needed to confirm that we were a couple again.

"It is a good morning." I giggled from the happiness I felt being with Edward and the gang again.

The ten of us sat at a long table together in the almost empty hotel restaurant. Everyone was a little worn out and tired from the previous evening, but all were still in a good mood that the tour had been a success and the future looked bright for everyone in many ways.

Edward ordered his usual orange juice with pancakes and he sat closely to me keeping his hand on my thigh under the table. I gulped down my first cup of coffee and ordered French toast because it tasted better when ordered out. I especially liked the sprinkled powdered sugar and the hint of cinnamon that I always forget to add when I made it at home. Esme spoke to me openly with a warm smile and everyone politely welcomed the fact that Edward and my relationship was repaired, and not a word was mentioned about our recent troubles.

It was soon time for everyone to load into their awaiting transportation. An airport shuttle was prepared for the Pattinson's to drive them to LAX, and the tour bus was parked in front of the hotel with all the band's luggage already loaded. Edward jumped on the bus one more time to retrieve his acoustic guitar before we all said our good-byes and hugged each other.

"Bella, we hope to see you in Seattle soon." Esme shouted out before the van door slid shut. I was thinking that myself, because I didn't like to see any of them go home. It seemed like I was always saying good-bye to the ones I loved.

Edward and I stood in front of the hotel and waved as everyone pulled away and onto to the Sunset Strip heading West. He still needed to go up to his room and pack up and check out.

"I have until noon before I need to check out." Edward flashed me his crooked grin and pulled my arm to lead me towards the lobby elevators with his guitar slung over his shoulder.

"What do you think we can do to pass the time?" I replied jokingly. My coffee buzz began to kick in and it gave me a second wind. I hadn't got much sleep the past few days and I didn't know how much longer I could go without a nap.

The elevator opened and it was empty so we stepped in together and Edward pressed the button for his floor. As the door slowly closed, Edward wrapped me in his arms and peppered me with kisses all over my face and neck making me laugh as his beard tickled my skin.

We arrived on Edward's selected floor and I followed closely along side him down the narrow hallway until we found his room. He slipped the room key through the lock and opened the door. The bed was not slept in and his clothes hung neatly in the closet. I stood in the entrance of the room a moment not really sure what I should do next.

Edward was smiling from ear to ear and I saw once again the carefree man I met five months ago on a plane to Chicago. We were starting all over again and I don't think either one of us could be happier.

"Edward stretched out his hand to me and whispered, "Come to me, please."

I reached for his hand and stepped towards Edward. "I need you." I pressed myself onto his hard warm chest and buried my face into his neck.

"I thought we would never be alone." Edward hugged me tighter than he had ever held be before. His long lean fingers stroked my hair that was falling down my back and he began to hum a new song as we began to sway together in a slow dance.

I loved it when Edward sang and shared his music with me. He had an ability to reach inside of me and touch places deeply hidden in my soul. I continued to cling to him while my mind was blissfully floating.

Edward scooped me up in his arms and placed me on the bed and I pulled him down with me and we made out like teenagers. We got so lost in each other that we almost forgot we needed to check out of the hotel.

Edward's lips were so soft and warm and his sweet tasting tongue wasted no time dancing with mine. The brush of his several day-old golden beard tickled me and I caressed his face with my cheeks. Our pulses raced and our limbs tangled together on top of the firm hotel bed. Edward's callused fingers played under my shirt and over the top of my bra rubbing my nipples as he tried to leave a love mark on my shoulder.

I stroked his beautiful hardening cock over the thick denim he was straining against. Edward moaned into my mouth each time I would press my hand along his fly. I wasn't trying to tease him, but it was fun limiting how far we were going to go. I had Edward breathless.

"Lets get you packed up and back to the Valley." I knew I needed to stop at the market before settling in for the rest of the day and I wanted to get back in bed with Edward as soon as possible.

"I want to get you home and get naked." I couldn't agree with Edward more. We both ran around the room packing up Edward's belongings so he could stay with me for a week or more.


As soon as I retrieved my beloved guitar from my bunk on the bus, we bid farewell to everyone returning to Seattle. We went up to my room and Bella and I made out like crazy kids for a little while before I packed up my things and checked out of the hotel. I was looking forward to staying in one place for a while and being exclusively with my love.

Before we returned to Bella's apartment, we made a stop at Trader Joes to pick up a few food items to sustain us. She stocked up on her beloved coffee, orange juice, eggs, several frozen meals, wine, beer, chips and other assorted items to nosh on.

I knew Bella hadn't gotten much sleep last night, and I began to see dark circles forming under her eyes as we stood in line to pay for the items we selected. I was thinking to myself that Bella should get some rest, it had been a long weekend for her and we had plenty of time to talk and make love.

As soon as we entered her place, she turned on the air conditioning because the afternoon heat of the day blasted into the small apartment. It was always 10 degrees warmer in the Valley and this was the first time I really felt how hot it could get here. It definitely wasn't anything like the weather we have in Seattle. While we put the groceries away I got an idea, "How would you like a massage?" I knew that a deep massage from me would get her to slow down and rest.

"That sounds lovely." Bella smiled warmly and started to make her way to the bedroom with me only steps behind her.

"Strip down and lay on your stomach," I took a bottle of lotion off of Bella's dresser. "Relax and let me do my magic." I removed my clothes, leaving my boxers on while Bella made herself comfortable on top of the comforter and placed her head at the foot of the bed so I had easy access to her naked body.

Bella's skin was smooth and lightly sunkissed leaving behind faint tan lines from her bikini that I hadn't seen her wear yet. I pumped a dab of lotion in my palm and rubbed my hands together to warm it up before I touched her bare back. I stood along the edge of the bed as I pressed both of my hands on her shoulder blades and I caressed her body hoping to relax Bella and release the tension I felt in her muscles. I began thinking of our future together and we still had a lot to talk about before I would propose. Perhaps we'd be able to have a discussion later tonight.

"You're hands definitely have magic in them," Bella moaned in pleasure as my hands kneaded the back of her thighs and returned to her spine, slowly pressing the knots out except for a big one between her shoulders.

"Relax baby, let go of whatever it is you're holding onto." Something was still causing her to be tense, and I hoped she would share it with me.

Bella sighed and I felt her finally release herself, "I'm afraid this is a dream and if I close my eyes you'll be gone." Her unnecessary worry was causing her muscles to be so tense because she was still upset about our recent break up.

"Baby girl, I promise this isn't a dream and I'm not going anywhere." I stroked her arms and shoulders until I heard her breathing deepen and she was asleep. Bella was peaceful now and it was nice to watch her dream again.

I tiptoed away from the edge of the bed and quietly pulled my notebook out of my bag that was sitting on the floor. I gently sat beside Bella asleep on the bed and I began to jot down an idea for a new song. The notebook pages were full of songs and prose dedicated to Bella that was where I turned to when I had been missing her these past seven weeks. The new song was coming from a special place in my heart and it was pouring out of me onto the page. I continued to compose for little over an hour while Bella slept unmoving at my feet.

"Edward?" Bella began to awaken.

"I'm here." I tossed my notebook on the floor and moved closer to her. She was still facedown in the nude.

"Hmmm…how long have I been asleep?" Bella rolled to her side looking up to my face.

"A while. You needed the rest." I could feel her fingers pulling down on the waistband of my boxers.

"Hold me." Bella was barely whispering. She was so damn sexy and I could feel myself growing hard as I placed my arms around her.

"Does this feel alright?" I squeezed her tightly against my chest.

"I wish we could stay like this forever…" Bella spoke gently into my skin. "I have to go to work tomorrow."

Bella's mind had already begun to worry about tomorrow and I needed to distract her so that we could enjoy the time we had now. "We do have forever." I glided my hand up the silky smooth skin of her back and clasped my hand around the nap of her neck to draw her into a kiss. Bella melted quickly in my arms and began kissing me back.

Her skin was still moist from the lotion I applied during her massage and she glided over my body. My fingers had a hard time holding on to her as I tried to pull her closer to me.

Bella's hands pulled at my boxers and I finally squirmed free and kicked them off the bed. I placed my hand between her thighs and slipped my fingers into her hot wet folds until I found her entrance. Two of my fingers probed Bella while I proceeded to kiss and bite her tender breasts.

Bella's hand stroked my throbbing hard cock as she arched her back up pushing her nipples closer to my face. "I love how you touch me…"she moaned softly.

"I love touching you," I licked her breast again before positioning myself between her legs pulling her right leg up to rest on my shoulder.

Bella was wet and ready for me and I slowly placed the tip of my cock into her and pushed deep. I needed to feel her tight velvety muscles consume all of me. I kissed her calf that was resting next to my head.

Bella screamed out and surrendered herself completely to me. I rocked my hips in a fast rhythm that caused Bella to hang on to the comforter with both hands to brace herself. "Oh, yes, yes…" Bella hissed over and over signaling me that I was pleasing her even when I was feeling guilty for thinking of my own pleasure.

All I was thinking about was how much I needed to be inside her and how it made me feel when we were connected.

This position was as close as we could get to each other and I couldn't go any deeper. The tension was building in my stomach and I was getting close to coming, so I rubbed my thumb over Bella's clit so we could come together. She wiggled under my touch.

"Come for me Bella," I pushed harder and faster into her wetness and both of us panted for air.

"Now Edward, now…" Bella gasped and moaned out in ecstasy which pushed me over the top and I spilled into her. The orgasm washed over both of us completely and I fell backwards into the pile of pillows and panting for air. Bella stayed motionless until the both of us recovered.

"Fuck that was amazing," Bella wrapped her fingers around my ankle that was resting near her knee.

My heart was pounding out of my chest and even with the air conditioning blowing down on us we were both covered in sweat. "I love you Bella…I will always."

We remained silent for a few moments and I was surprised that it was still daylight after all we had been through already today.

"Now I'm famished. Would you be interested in me heating up that Margarita pizza and having a beer?"

"You don't have to wait on me, we can get it together." I loved how Bella was always playing the hostess, but I wanted to show her I could be her partner. I crawled up to her side and kissed my way up her ribs.

I had given our future a lot of thought while I was alone on the road and I was hoping that I would be able to share that with Bella without giving her too much information ruining a proposal surprise that I had planned.


I jumped out of bed and grabbed my robe to wrap around myself to go start our late lunch. "You should put on your boxers if you don't want your sexy bits to get burnt." I believed the kitchen was no place to be naked no matter what fantasy you are playing out, and especially when an oven is involved.

Edward found his boxers on the floor and followed me into the kitchen. His hair was a wild mess and his beard was taking over his sweet face and I loved it.

I didn't realize how hungry I actually was until I read on the box that it would take 15 minutes to heat up the pizza. I preheated the oven and pulled two beers out from the fridge while Edward prepared the pizza to be placed in the oven.

I opened a bag of chips to have a quick snack while we waited for our food to heat up. My kitchen was too small for a table so we sat together on the sofa to wait for the pizza to bake.

"Bella, we need to talk," Edward took a swig of his beer and put his feet up on the coffee table to stretch out.

"Talk? Isn't that supposed to be my line?" I wondered what Edward had on his mind that we hadn't already talked about this weekend.

"I don't want you to go back to work. I want you to come back to Seattle with me." The way Edward spoke, it sounded like he had thought about this for a while. "I'm making good money now and there is no reason we should be apart."

I was taken a little off guard and it was a lot for me to think about. Was I willing to give up my career and move to Seattle? Did Edward just ask me to live with him? "Wow," was all I could manage to say.

"I know I'm asking a lot and I'm not saying you should give up your dreams." Edward took my hand in his and tried to reassure me that he wasn't only thinking about himself.

Almost everyone I loved was in Seattle now, Alice and most certainly Edward and his friends and family. "What do you suggest I do about my job?" I was curious what Edward thought I would do regarding my career. Working at LOUD was my first major position, and I wasn't comfortable leaving what I thought was a perfect job.

"Freelance. You'll be on tour with me and there isn't a better opportunity to meet people and get interviews."

"Freelance?" I never thought about that as being an option. LOUD was considering cutting hours on some of the staff because of the recession, and I could submit stories from the road and still contribute without effecting our relationship. I wouldn't feel right living off of Edward's money. Maybe I could request a leave of absence from the office and give it a trial run. "There is a possibility that this idea could work out."

"When you go into the office tomorrow, maybe you could speak to your boss." My heart was pounding because the thought of not having a job left me feeling a little scared.

"What about my lease? It isn't up until January." I wasn't trying to put up roadblocks regarding Edward's appeal, but there was a lot to consider.

"We can keep your apartment. I'll be having business here in Los Angeles and we can escape here if we want to," Edward was beginning to sense my concerns. "I'll help you with the payments if you need it."

I told myself that I trusted Edward more now than ever, and beside having to resign from my job, I wouldn't need much more than a suitcase for the next few months. I wouldn't have to pack up my whole life right now and do everything all at once.

"It's a lot to think about," I drank from my beer. "I'm not saying no to the idea." This was going to take a commitment from both of us and I wasn't sure Edward knew what he was getting himself into. We hadn't had any conversations about taking such a big step.

The oven timer rang and I stood up to get the pizza. I pulled the hot pizza out of the oven and placed it on the counter so that I could cut it into several manageable pieces. Edward stepped behind me and placed his hands on my hips and his chin on my shoulder.

"Bella baby, I don't want to push you."

"You aren't,' I wiggled my ass back into him. "I like your ideas." I finished slicing the pizza and we both prepared plates to take back to the couch to eat.

"We're stopping in Chicago during the next tour." Edward took a bite of his pizza trying not to let a smirk slip across his face.

"Really?" Chicago was not only my hometown, but it's where we met and fell in love. "Maybe that would be a good time for you to meet my dad."

"I would love to meet your dad." Edward surprised me with his quick reply. All my previous boyfriends seemed to hesitate when the subject of meeting my dad came up.

"You do remember that he is a Chicago police sergeant?" I was trying to tease Edward a little bit and I began to grin.

"Are you trying to scare me Ms. Swan?" Edward reached over and started tickling me.

"Nooooo…" I giggled and squirmed from his long fingers tickling my ribs. I fell back onto the cushions of the couch and Edward crawled on top of me to pin me down. Both of us were laughing uncontrollably.

"Say you love me," Edward continued to torture me.

"I love…" gasping for air between giggles, "you!" My sides were beginning to ache. "EdwardIloveyou." The tickling subsided and I was able to catch my breath. Edward was still positioned over me. "You don't play fair."

"Your dad is going love me," Edward kissed each of my cheeks. "You look cute all flushed."

"You do understand the huge steps we're making?" We hadn't even discussed where we were planning on taking our relationship and the type of commitment we were signing up for.

"Yes I do and I want to make them all with you." Edward stared down into my eyes and a deep look of sincerity washed over his handsome face and I felt myself falling deeper in love with him.

I wrapped my arms around Edward and pulled him down on me as we struggled to stay balanced on the couch. I whispered my answer in his ear. "I will go back to Seattle with you."

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