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~...Shonnie POV...~

"Have any of you figured out what we're going to do about this thing?" Shonnie nervously asked his dispatch team. The five of them have been sitting outside the doors to City Hall for 10 minutes thinking of a plan to stop the robot and save Shonnie's little brother.

"Nothing yet, man, give us a little more time." Travis said, texting someone on his phone. Aran was doing nothing of particular interest, but Candy had been staring at her mp3 player for the past 2 minutes and something in her eyes told Shonnie she had an idea.

"What's on your mind, Candy?"

"Maybe if we had some sort of giant speaker, I could play my music really loud and it might interfere with the robot's frequencies or something."

"That's crazy enough to work, but where would we get a speaker with that kind of amplitude?" Aran asked her.

"From the man who started all this trouble: Dr. F. I'll run over to the Industrial District and get a speaker. You boys stall that thing in whatever way you can." She got off of the bottom step and sped off in her Heelies. During all this talking, REBOOT had made it all the way to Evelyn Gray's apartment.

"Damn, that thing moves fast." Cheeko growled. "We're going to have to move faster; Aran, why don't we team up and start throwing our best punches?"

"I'd thought you'd never ask." the two started running at full speed and pelted REBOOT with everything they had, but it didn't even seem to phase it.

"Guys!" Jimmy shouted from the robot's claw, "Try hitting it at its joints. They don't seem well put together!"

Cheeko instructed Aran to keep hitting its feet, but he took a few steps back, rolled into a ball, and flung himself at REBOOT. Once up in the air, he stretched his body out and threw one punch at the robot's knee.

*Chink* its whole right "shin" fell off and the metal contraption started to sway.

"Do that again, Cheeko! That way it'll be easier to hit!" Jimmy shouted. Once Cheeko landed, he immediately rolled back up and repeated his actions on the left knee, with a bang, REBOOT fell to the ground. Jimmy was able to squeeze out of its grip while it tried to stand up.

"Jimmy! Get out of its way! If it falls, you'll be crushed!" Shonnie yelled to his brother. He listened and ran to the steps of City Hall; the minute he got there, he started to cry.

"I'm sorry, Shonnie! I never should've left the house! I just wanted to help you with this mission!" Shonnie took a deep breath before telling his brother it was ok...just as long as he never did it again.

"But will I ever be able to go on a mission with you?" "The next time a cat is stuck up in a tree, I'll let you know. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go help my team break this thing down until Candy gets back."

~...Industrial District...~

Candy had reached the doors to Dr. F's laboratory. She hesitated to knock; she'd never been inside this place even though her warehouse club was right behind it. Nevertheless, she'd agreed to come here for a speaker and she wasn't leaving without it. *Knock-Knock* It had echoed throughout the district. She heard Proto-Makoto's voice from the other side.

"Hey, Candy, what do you need?" her voice was shaky and quiet.

"I was wondering if Dr. F has a huge speaker I could borrow. Is everything ok? You don't sound like yourself." The metal door slid open to reveal a sad PM.

"To tell you the truth, I'm not feeling too good. I think it's my fault that REBOOT is on his rampage."

"How could it be your fault?"

"Well, there was a wire missing in his control panel. I called for Alexa and Dr. F; neither of them answered back. So I asked TOBOR what we should do. He told me to ignore and close him up. When the doctor turned him on, everything turned to chaos! And it's all my fault!"

"It sounds like TOBOR is to blame, not you. He should've replaced the missing wire."

"But I shouldn't have listened to him!"

"Proto? Who are you talking to?" the doctors voice called from the lab.

"DJ Candy, doctor. She wanted to know if we had any spare speakers lying around."

"Why would she need one of those?"

"To try and stop that robot that's tearing the town apart. I figure if we can blast music loud enough, its frequency will be disrupted and it'll fall apart."

"That could work!" he exclaimed while joining the two ladies. "Why don't you take Proto and TOBOR with you? They have speakers built into their systems."

"Hell no." came a monotone male voice. TOBOR wouldn't show his face.

"Hell yes, TOBOR, cause this is ALL YOUR FAULT!" Proto blurted out and then quickly gasped.

"Is what she just shouted true?" the "doctor" coyly questioned. One would think he knew this whole time.

"...Yeah, it was me. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again either! MWAHAHA!"

"You are getting more like me everyday...I couldn't be more proud! But you are responsible for this and will help put an end to it. Just have them back before bedtime, Candy." he chuckled.

"Can do, doctor," she chuckled back," let's go, you two!"

~...Back on Main Street...~

The scene on Main Street had intensified: officers Ewan & Walker were firing bullets from their guns, distracting REBOOT from advancing any further. Fire Chief Ginny and her brigade were blasting the metal contraption with their fire-hose, trying to short out its circuits.

Aran and Cheeko were now throwing punches at the robot's "elbows", despite the fact that it was firing laser beams. Shonnie made sure that Jimmy was safely in side City Hall before joining the fight.

He jumped in by whacking the torso with a staff. Sparks started to fly out and the team retreated for a breather while everyone else kept working.

"Guys!" a female voice called to them.

"You guys hear something?" Shonnie asked. Travis shook his head yes, but the others didn't.

"Maybe it's Candy with her 'speaker'." Arab chuckled.

"That's...almost what it is." Shonnie responded. It was indeed Candy, but she didn't bring a speaker with her. Instead, she brought two robots.

"Dr. F let me borrow TOBOR and Proto to help." she panted. "They have powerful speakers built in. He said they should be strong enough to break REBOOT apart with my music blasting."

"That doctor never ceases to amaze me. Are we using both of them?" Travis wondered.

"I couldn't imagine why not..." she shrugged her shoulders.

"Do you what song you're going to use?"

"Oh, yeah, I got something good." she smirked. "TOBOR, Proto, do what you gotta do to use your speakers together."

"...Fine." TOBOR mumbled. Both robots' arms hooked together and side speakers appeared where their arms used to be. Candy went over and plugged her mp3 into the jack on the side of Proto's head. Feedback blasted through the air, causing everyone to clap their hands over their ears.

"Sorry!" she apologized, turning the volume down causing the feedback to stop. She went through all her songs until she found the right one.

"RAH-RAH AH-AH-AH! ROMA ROMA-MA! GAGA OOH LA-LA! WANT YOUR BAD ROMANCE!" one of Lady Gaga's songs rang through the air. The dispatch team started to laugh uncontrollably, except for Candy.

"You think this songs going to bring the robot down? You must be crazy!" Travis shouted over the music. Just then, REBOOT started to twist, turn, and completely spaz out. It went from one piece to many in an instant. Candy pushed pause on her mp3 player and turned to the boys, whose jaws were just about touching the ground at this point.

"Never underestimate the power of Gaga." she took the jack out of

Proto and told them to switch back to normal. By now, all the other helpers had left, except for Sheriff Ginny; she was talking to Shonnie.

"I just wanted to say sorry for the other day, you know. When you tried to get Violet's cat out of the tree. You looked pretty mad at me." she blushed.

"Well I was pretty steamed, but the feelings cooled off free I thought about it. The important thing was that Weather was safe, not who got the praise for saving her." he responded to her apology.

"Yeah, safety comes first!" she giggled while she squeezed all the air out of him with a bear-hug.

"Ha, always."
Everyone that had evacuated to City Hall started coming out one-by-one. Patrick, Poppy, Gino, Shirley, Rhonda, Luis, Evelyn, Mike, Buddy, and Mayor Skip himself looked around to see the damage done.

"That thing stepped on my car! How am I going to explain this to Morcu- I mean, my sponsor." the Mayor yelled.

"I'm sure Morcubus can buy you another car." Shonnie growled, hating the relationship Skip and Morcubus have. You think the Mayor of your city would stay away from corruptive leaders…no, ours gets closer.

"Hey, who wants-a to come-a to my pizza parlor? Free slices on-a me!" Gino shouted. Everyone, including the dispatch team, joined him. I mean, come on, free pizza! Yep, a great end to a difficult mission.