Illogical Turn of Events

World: Star Trek 2009, with some changes

Summary: What if Spock's mother didn't die and was aboard the ship like everyone else? What if Spock was emotionally compromised with something else? What if Kirk had seriously changed since they brought back Pike from Nero's ship? And what if those separate facts were linked?

Rating: T for the first chapter (some bad language) and M for further ones, as this is going to be a slash (homosexuality warning, means you go away if you don't like it)

Disclaimer: I do not own any Star Trek character or make any money out of this crazy fan writing, this has nothing to do with the real series and stuff like that ;).

Author note: This is my first English fic, (as I'm a French Canadian and prefer to write in French) and also my first fic in a long time. This doesn't mean I'm going back to writing full time, just that I took advantage of the spring break to indulge in my ST fantasies. This was supposed to be a one shot but it'll probably have 2 or max 3 chapters, posting will depend on my beta and how much time I can spend on this ;)

Author note 2: Big thanks to Amycoolz for beta reading me and correcting my English mistakes (few I hope). For those interested, she writes beautifully so don't miss her Kirk/Spock fics, they are good ;)!

Illogical Turn of Events: chapter 1

Captain's Log: star date 686.759

First Officer Spock in temporary command. We spent one month of shore leave on Earth so that Starfleet could announce Kirk would be replacing Captain Pike as the next captain of the Enterprise and to restock and repair the Enterprise while Kirk's wound were attended to. Our first mission is to help the Vulcan elders find a suitable planet for the remaining population. Only a planet with a similar climate and without a population would fit, for the Vulcans do not seek the annihilation of a planet's inhabitants nor do they wish to risk internal wars happening between natives and cohabiting Vulcans.

The safe nature of our first mission was directly linked to keep the first year empty of stress with duties to help the captain's health. His combat with Nero greatly damaged his body, both physically and mentally. As the files from the Starfleet hospital state, number HR22451018-02, Kirk should rest for 3 months without mental and physical strain of any sort and the stress level of the patient should be maintained at a minimum after that. After 3 months of the interdiction of joining the landing parties on the planets, Captain Kirk was gradually becoming lousy: pushing the crew, being intolerant, having trouble sleeping, and his stress was rising due to the lack of activity. After a check-up of his vitals in sick bay, Dr. McCoy said it would be better that he had something to occupy himself rather than turning in circles on the ship. He would be accompanied by medical assistance and get the permission to join the landing parties on the planets known to the Federation.

Five days ago we entered the unknown south space and permission to leave ship was taken back. Note Captain's Log star date 672.6 for details of that day.

Three days ago we found a planet that could be suitable to be New Vulcan, and beamed down a landing party. Kirk overruled his interdiction to go out and was brought back a few hours after beaming down, unconscious. He hasn't woken up since then and the crew is showing signs of agitation.


"Yes, Mr. Chekov?"

"'Vorries' vould be a more appropriate term zhan agitation in my opinion…"

"I do not recall asking for you personal opinion on the log book, Mr. Chekov."

"Sorry, Keptein, but zhis is ze opinion of all of us."

"Apology accepted, Mr. Chekov." It was a clear message that he wanted no more complaints, and Chekhov returned to his console with faint grumbles.

Resuming Acting Captain's Log number 394: the crew members express their concern and worries for the well being of their captain. End of report.

Chekhov glanced over to Sulu; both were smiling widely and the other crew members were abashed to see Spock take into consideration a random comment. They were at that point in their reflection when a comm. from Sickbay interrupted their flow of thought.

"Sickbay to Bridge."

"Spock here. How may I be of assistance, Dr. McCoy?"

"Jim has awakened…"

"I am on my way, Spock out. Sulu, you have the conn."

"Aye, Captain."

Smiles and sighs of relief were what Spock last heard when he entered the Turbolift. It seemed like he was the only one not to rejoice over the fact that his captain was awake. Relief would be most illogical for him to feel, and the tone in McCoy's voice bothered him, as if the good doctor was not sure what to feel about the situation. It was good enough to make him go check up on the man he gradually accepted as a friend.

"Mr. Spock," said McCoy, slowly turning to greet whom he was sure to be Jim's First Officer when he heard the door swoosh open.

"Is the captain all right, Doctor?"

"How peculiar of you to ask this question when you just heard me say he's come to consciousness for the first time in sixty-six hours."

It was merely a statement of the situation from the doctor, but Spock noticed that he was trying to bait him to show his emotion, as usual.

"It gets old with every second passing, Doctor."

"Well, you can't blame me for trying to get a reaction out of your half-human body."

Spock cocked an eyebrow, clearly not amused.

"The weather is nice out there."

"If you could spare me your temperature jokes and tell me how is Captain Kirk is, I would be more inclined to show you my emotional relief with thanks to your good medicine."

"I'm afraid it doesn't look so bright Spock," McCoy began, his answer going toward a whisper more than the lively voice he had two seconds ago.

"Bones, I hear Spock's voice. Could you two bring your asses back here so I can be a part of the chat?"

The doctor glanced at Spock, silently telling him to come see for himself. The two men walked toward the room where the captain was resting, Spock's hands joined behind his back while following McCoy. The doctor turned toward the First Officer when they were both in the room and able to see their captain. McCoy was astonished to see the look on Spock's face and could only stay silent, too surprised to be smug about it. Spock looked bewildered, his eyes reflecting surprise and fear while trying to hide his emotional state. When he came to his senses, he wore his cold Vulcan face yet again.

"So, Mr. Spock, do you agree with me...?"


"If you would let me finish, Mr. Spock…"

"Well, if you will excuse me, Doctor, Captain, I have duty to attend to and do not need to be laughed at any more by you two."

"Bones, what's the matter with him? I've never seen Spock act that way. He interrupted you, not once, but twice!"

"Nothing, Jim, stay as you are. You need rest. I thought maybe Spock could help me with what you have, but bloody hell, it seems I'm gonna have to find it by myself."

"But what's happening to me, Bones? I can't even sit in my bed for Christ's sake! I feel useless! And by Spock's look earlier, I can tell that there is something you are hiding from me, grave enough for my First Officer to show worry. I'm sure you know what that means, Bones. You have tried to elicit an emotional response from him so many times and now you have it. I demand an explanation."

The captain's accusatory tone wasn't really helpful for Bones, who was his friend before his doctor.

"I will explain it when I have more information on this, now sleep."

"Damn it, Bones, you will…pay…mmmm."

"I'm sorry, Jim…"

McCoy's apology wasn't noticed by Kirk, as the sleep-inducing serum the doctor had shot him with took effect. The worry was visible on McCoy's forehead as he left the room to search for a certain Vulcan. He had gone a couple steps when the nurse opened the Sickbay door and said he had a communication from Spock.

"McCoy here."

"Meet me in the briefing room, Spock out."

Well, that saves me the time to look for the pointy-eared ice cube, Bones said to himself while walking toward Spock's location. When he arrived, Sarek and Amanda were already in the room, but no traces of Spock. Amanda remained silent, letting her husband talk through this.

"Hello, Doctor."

"Hello, Ambassador. Where is Spock?"

"He left in a hurry not too long ago, but he asked me to explain what I could do regarding the captain's disease."

"But I thought…" McCoy began.

"Yes, we all thought it was not serious, and you can imagine what it is like when you are being told something you know is impossible. You should not judge Spock, as he made the same mistake as all of us. We consulted with the ancients as they have much knowledge, but were still unable to ease our concerns. Unfortunately, a lot of the written documents that could have been helpful were lost with Vulcan. We shall research on our own, but I will say what I told my son: If we fail to find a cure within the month, the transformation will advance and he will die."

"But how? Have you seen Jim? He looks miserable, yet he's in perfect health. How could he die?"

"He will die by Vulcan blood."

"What are you talking about?"

"You have seen his face, his hair, and his body, Doctor; does that not remind you of someone?"

"Sarek, what are you trying to say?"

"I merely stated changes, Doctor, and the conclusions are easy to get, even by you."

"He's turning Vulcan…"


"He's going to die..."


"And Spock knows it…"

McCoy left the room, leaving Sarek bemused as to why Spock's knowledge of Kirk dying was of any importance.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------To be continued