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Illogical Turn of Events chapter 3

Dr McCoy left the laboratory in a hurry, almost causing two collisions in its way to Sickbay. He wanted to brief Jim about his discovery. Something that might lead to a cure for what he had. He would have to discuss it with Spock as soon as he was back from the planet survey, although sometimes they had their different, Spock was the one with the most knowledge about this disease, or at least its consequences.

Nothing had prepared him to what he saw when entering Sickbay. His nurses were panic stricken, a new patient was lying in a biobed while another one was missing.

"Where's Jim ? What happened here? For God's sake, I can't leave you for an hour whitout the sky falling down on us! Christine, what happened to you? Its a mess here without you!"

Chapel looked up in McCoy's worried eyes. Anyone else would have taken his speech for complaints. She was keen enough to see the concern he had for her and Jim in his voice and look.

"Captain Kirk was up when I came back. He was thirsty he said. Then I motioned him back to bed while I would get his glass of water. Then it hit me: the Captain was leaving Sickbay... And then he hit me on the head and I lost conciousness. I don't know where he is sir. " She answered his silent question.

"That's ok nurse, he can't have gone far. I'll search for him while you rest."

"I don't know sir, with his luck he could have been brought down with the other Vulcans."

"Dammit, this kid will have me die of exhaustion before my time, I tell you he knows what he's doing!"

McCoy left for the turbolift chamber and asked if someone beamed down with Spock. The ensign in place said there was another Vulcan that asked to be beamed down with him but was refused the permission. The Vulcan beamed down alone, just before you came in the room with the Ambassor's family.

McCoy supposed he waited for them down there for Spock if he couldn't beam down with him, so he asked Uhura to make communication to the Captain's tricorder.

"Spock here. What is the matter Doctor ?"

"McCoy here, why do you have the Captain's channel if Jim is with you?"

"As you must be aware Dr. McCoy, if I had seen the Captain down here, I would have escorted him back to Sickbay myself, for his health situation does not permit planet exploration. I would not endanger further his life by permitting him to come planetside with the search teams.

"Well excuse me but I think you both stubbornly go to the most dangerous places and put yourselves in danger. You do that more than the rest of the crew when you know you are the two most important men of the ship. So I got a hard time believing you now"

"You just implied I have the human flaw stubbornness and that I would purposedly endanger the Captain's life, on top of lying to you, things I am most certainly incapable of. Did it occur to you that the Captain is well able to do everything you name on his own, regardless of your opinion, or mine?


"Your Vulcan senses must see me roll my eyes right now, if not, feel it in my tone you bloddy stubborn elf! Anyway, you know how his life signal is mixed up since his transition. And the computer is not picking up any signal remotely close to a Vulcan aboard the ship. The logical=god he hates using that word=assomption would be that he is somewhere down on the planet with or without you. Find him alive please, God only knows I'm no shaman able to bring back the deads."

"You are being overly dramatic Doctor, as to find the Captain, I will certainly do. Alive. Spock out."

When Kirk woke up, he was cold and thirsty. He also couldn't help but notice the sky was dark and no sound came from the outside of the cave. The smugness he felt when leaving the ship was now but a memory. Kirk wasn't in good enough shape to try to find where the temporary camp would be until the right place was found for the next Vulcan city. He instead went in search of wood to build a fire and water to quench his thirst.

He hoped someone up there noticed he was gone from the ship, or else he would be traped here without means of communication to anyone. This planet was not inhabited, it was not in Starfleet's habits to force upon a civilisation the cohabitation, even of an endangered race. Then he thought of the last words Spock spoke before they were all gone. He had a month to live before his imune system would attack his own blood and he would die of an allergic reaction to the Vulcan blood forming in his vein.

Kirk was so lost in his thoughts he almost missed the faint rumble of water on rocks. It wasn't that far from the cave. At least he had a secure place to get some heat and sleep, even if it didn't compare to the Enterprise's room. He brought back pieces of wood and branches that felt from trees, dried herbs and some pointy stones he could use to start a nice heat source.

He tried to find something able to hold water. That wasn't an easy task on this planet with a much too arrid climate for a luxurious forest to grow. He still managed to make a bowl out of leaves and roots he tied together. He went back to the small river and drank water with it before it emptied itself through the small holes left. He then used the bowl as a basket to put a fish and a frog he managed to catch. The two moons of the planet were high in the sky when he was comfortably set in the cave entrance, making dinner.

The last person to beam back up on the ship was Spock.. Even though his stoic mask was on, McCoy could tell he wasn't in the best mood. The Captain was not found but they would put a search party to it tomorrow morning. They had to beam down material to help for the construction of facilities for New Vulcan. Soon another ship would come with more people to build up the village and bring more material.

Spock left for his quarters at the end of the Beta shift. He tried to resolve himself to meditate, he knew the thoughts in his head would not leave him alone long enough to sleep.

Around 300 hour, the red alert was engaged, followed by a communication from the bridge.

"Spock here, what is happening?"

"A Klingon ship sir. They hailed us, threatening to open fire if we didn't leave the planet's orbit in the next hour. Shields are up and we noticed Starbase 13 of the situation."

"We will await orders. I will be on the bridge in an instant. Spock out."

Spock sat down in the Captain's chair exactly 7.3 minutes later and 30 minutes had passed when they received a message from Starfleet comand with new orders. The officers for Alpha shift who where in the secret over Jim's situation would not come to the bridge for another 2.4 hours, hereby explaining the lack of reaction when Spock announced the immediate course change to reach Starbase 13.

"As you all know, supply and officers were to rendezvous with us here in three days with more material. Starbase 13 is located very close to Klingon territory and what was known as Romulan territory. No need to mention that much Klingon activity has been noticed from the base, we have the proof here that they have moved in neutral zone. This is but one ship we have come across. There is report of at least three more ship that either crossed or stayed in neutral territory."

"We have orders to join Starbase 13 as the small vessel equiped to bring men and supply would never stand a chance against any Klingon ship. Instead we are to take the material and the men with us and bring them back to New Vulcan. The situation also dictate that we think of the Klingon ship as an ennemy called here to take over the planet while we are gone or to patrol and intercept the supply ship. The orders are to destroy them if they don't leave.

"How do you propose to convince them we are a threat to them more than they are to us, Comander?"

"We have the official paper attached proving this planet is to become federation territory. It will then expand the federation space up to these coodinates, hence they cannot stay without exposing themselves to a breach of law that could lead to intergalactical war. Plus we have two patroling ship not far by, fully armed and capable of disabling easily four ship like the one here. Klingons know better than remain where their enemies prevail. I think those would be sufficient arguments for us to escort them to their territory! "

"Change layed in Captain, we will reach Starbase 13 in approximately 3.5 days. "

"Thank you. We will leave in an hour. I have to accomodate a team made of Vulcan and officers to beam down right now and set camp before we depart from orbit."

"Waiting for your comand sir."

Starfleet was obviously not up to date with the Captain's status, and Spock would not explain the situation any further for the Captain would be sent for quarantine on Starbase 13. It was almost fortunate that he was not on the ship, Spock would not have to fabricate a story to hide the fact that he was too ill to assume command of the Enterprise.

He made all of the arrangement for some of the Vulcan to beam down on the planet to help directing the work. Twenty officers and two nurses also beamed down under the direct orders of leutenant Britt from engineering section. When the last details were done with and the materials beamed down to the planet with the officers, Alpha shift was almost beggining so Spock returned to the bridge and they left New Vulcan at warp 4.

They escorted the Klingon ship to their own space which was mostly in the direction they were going. When they went their separate way, Spock made sure to warn them that patrol would be here in no time and that the space beyond the planet was now Federation territory. They should not try anything suspicious like going out of their space if they want to avoid war.

Spock was not worried about the Klingons when they left them, they were far enough from their base that reinforcement would take as much time as they would going to and back from Starbase 13. They would not survive the two patroling ship and the Enterprise's fire. Klingons knew how to chose their opponent: weak for an easy win and control.

He was in fact worrying about Jim, left on the planet, sick and without medical aid or even a communicator. They have to leave him there for almost 2 weeks. He hoped he would still be alive when they came back. He didn't have time to secure his location before leaving. He knew McCoy and Scotty would be upset the Enterprise left without knowing the whereabouts of its Captain but Starfleet would not allow any delay without a valid reason. He could not speak that reason without disclosing the Captain's disease and all the mess surounding it.

He hoped he chose the situation with the least consequences on his Captain well being. He would not forgive himself otherwise!

To be continued