Naruto the Zetsumei Musha

But Kakashi Sensei you have to help me I need training to beat Neji for trying to kill Hinata. I am sorry Naruto but I need to train Sasuke to use his Sharingan besides even if I did train

you you would still lose to Neji because you suck at being a ninja I mean Sasuke almost died because he jumped in front of those senbon needles that Haku Chick launched at you.

Kakashi Sensei Sasuke is a I don't want to hear it Uzumaki. Kakashi then punched Naruto in the face sending him out the doors to the Hospital. Unknown to Kakashi and Naruto a certain

Kage and Raven haired Female who was henged as a guy saw and heard this and became very angry. The Kages name was Mei Terumi she has russet red hair in a bun but if it is taken

out of the bun it goes to her ankles and a DD cup pair of tits very curvy in all the right places and wore the traditional Mizukage robes and hat. The raven haired one was Sasuke but he

had a huge secret that only Naruto knew of and that was that he was really a she named Sukina after her mom. Without the henge Sukina looked hot she had c cup pair of tits and was

very curvy her hair grows out to her but and her rough features soften up to really smooth skin. The reason these 2 very hot Kunoichi were angry is because Kakashi just hit their Secret

boyfriend or supposed dead Fiancé. Mei left to go find Naruto and tell him everything and Sukina went up to Kakashi and said take your training and shove it up your ass you fucking

hypocrite. What are you talking about Sasuke. Sukina said I am not really a boy you retard I am actually a girl and my name is Sukina and you just hit my Boyfriend and told him he was

not good enough to be a ninja because I jumped in front of those needles to save my boyfriends life. His other chakra you know from his friend did not hurt me infact it made my

Sharingan better than that of the Eternal Mongekyou Sharingan infact it made my Sharingan so it is not a cursed bloodline anymore our kids will not have to kill their best friend to get it

nor will they have to take their siblings eyes to obtain eternal and no going blind for using it. And your a hypocrite because those who break the rules are trash but those who abandon

their friends and comrades are worse than trash. Kakashi looked shocked that Sasuke thought he was a girl and said Sasuke you are not a girl that demon must have altered your mind

when he let his red chakra envelope you during that fight with Haku. Sukina grit her teeth and said I have been a girl since I was born my father did a secret Uchiha ritual that would

make me look like a boy until I do a blood ritual with my soul mate which I already know is Naruto we are doing the blood ritual tonight and then Konoha will witness the birth of a new

legend something stronger than the sage of six paths. You will wish you were nice to him Kakahsi teme. Oh and don't even think about the council getting new Sharingan babies because

my father also put a seal on me so that only my soul mate can impregnate me. With that Sukina left and went after Naruto not knowing that Mei had heard the whole thing because she

left a probe in the room to hear what might happen when she left she knew Sasuke or Sukina was getting angry. Mei found Naruto sitting under a tree meditating he heard her walking in

and said what can I do for you hot stuff(Naruto called her hot stuff because that is her name in the bingo book because of her magma and boil affinities) Mei said is it true your name is

Uzumaki Naruto. Yes it is are you here because you found out the council lied to you about me being dead so that you could not marry me and take away their weapon as this ass hole

named Danzo keeps trying to get the Hokage to turn me into one. Mei was surprised she thought he did not know and was going to tell him everything. Mei said yeah I was going to tell

you that and then ask if you want me to train you and give you your bloodline scroll which was given to my father Yagura(Yagura was not evil in this story he to had a bloodline aside from

being a jinchuriki his was boil and his wife's was magma that is how Mei got both.) by your father the 4th hokage Minato Namikaze and your mother Kushina Uzumaki who is living in Mist

because she was told you were dead by Koharu Homura and Danzo. She cried for years and is living with your twin sister Naruko. Naruto was shocked his mom was still alive and he has

a twin sister. Mei coughed to get his attention okay Naruto I have 3 different summoning contracts that you can choose from 1 is the Mantis contract 2 is the OniTenshi contract and 3 is

the hell hound contract you get 1 to choose from right now and later you can sign the others okay. Naruto nodded and took the hell hound contract and did as Mei told him then did the

hand signs and said summoning jutsu a huge cloud of smoke appeared and Naruto found himself standing on top of a huge black dog with three heads. "What the hell the only ones who

can sign my contract without dying after their name dries on the contract are from the clan blessed by Hade's himself the Uzumaki. Who summoned me the great Cerberus."

Naruto stepped onto his middle heads snout and said "it was me Naruto Uzumaki." Cerberus was shocked but then nodded and said "very well you may summon me anytime you need help

Oh 1 more thing before I go you will need a partner for some of the hell hound clan jutsu so I will let my son Blazer be your partner." "Blazer get out here you have a partner to help."

Cerberus roared another smaller puff of smoke and a 3 headed dog with flaming fur came out and said "where is he so I can mark him as my Partner." Cerberus pointed at Naruto and

Blazer went over to him and bit his arm where a flaming paw print tattoo appeared "There you go now I am going to go to sleep near that tree." Cerberus had already left that was when

Sukina came over and said "Naruto we need to do the ritual so we can finally have sex." Sukina finally noticed Mei and noticed she was smiling at her "you do know that Naruto is my fiancé

and that he has to have multiple wives right" Sukina nodded about the multiple wives part but looked happy that she finally got to meet Naruto's fiancé. "So Naruto did you know that I am

bisexual and Mei looks super hot I just want to rip her clothes off and suck her tits and lick her pussy." Mei blushed at this because she was Bisexual also and thought Sukina looked hot.

They left for the Uchiha compound and started the ritual 5 hours later it was done and They were all making out in the master bedroom. Naruto was kissing Sukina while his clone was

kissing Mei he started to take of Sukina's shirt and bra and started sucking on her tits while his clone did the exact opposite to Mei he took of Mei's bottom half of her clothes and started

licking her pussy. Sukina was in pure bliss she loved this feeling and wanted more she said "Naruto lick my pussy to please" Naruto did as asked and ripped her shorts off and then her

thong he made her lay down on her bed and started licking very slowly teasing her. Sukina was moaning she loved it but then she felt someone sucking on both her tits at the same time

she opened her eyes and saw Mei sucking on her right tit and Naruto's clone sucking on her left tit she was in pure bliss she screamed "I'm cumming Naruto kun Mei chan" she started

spasming and sprayed her love juice all over Naruto's face he was drinking it happily then he went over to Mei grabbed her hair forcefully and kissed her full on the mouth and opened his

mouth slipped his tongue in and spit the left overs of Sukina's cum in her mouth Mei almost had an Orgasm because she found that even though she had never had sex she liked it rough

and when Naruto yanked her hair she loved it. Mei looked at Sukina and said "are you thinking what I am thinking Sukina" She shook her head yes and they pushed their tits together

and jerked Naruto off while taking turns sucking and then kissing each other Naruto quickly shot his load all over their faces and tits and Mei started licking his cum off of Sukina and then

Sukina did the same to Mei. Next Naruto made 3 Shadow Clones and 2 went over to Sukina and bent her over her mouth close to the one in front of hers dick and the one behind her

shoved his dick in her pussy forcing her to suck on the front ones dick Sukina was enjoying this. Mei was in the same position screaming on Naruto's dick enjoying being fucked roughly by

2 Naruto's at the same time. Naruto and his clones said at the same time cum for me my himes cum Sukina and Mei both screamed "Narutoooooooo!!!!!!!" At the exact same time and

came together they then felt Naruto Shoot his load in their mouths and womb unaware that Mei was now pregnant with Naruto's child and that a new legend was born in their sleep the

next day would be the rise of Naruto the Zetsumei Musha.

Next Chapter Rise of the Zetsumei Musha attempted rape and murder of Sukina and Mei

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