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Chapter 4 meeting uncle Nagato and Aunt Konan

It has been a week since the invasion attempt by Orochimaru the Leaf village as buffed up security and the Anbu that were just sitting at their posts playing games like go fish and other

card games were sent to Ibiki since Anko was at the hospital looking at her secret crush his name was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Anko, Kurenai, and Hana all had a crush on him and they

told each other they would share since he was put on the C.R.A to help rebuild his clan so They were all there watching over their crush. They planned on telling him when he woke up

and hopefully he would accept. They were talking about what to do if he accepted like go on a date with all his other girlfriends and him, get in the big ass hot tub at his mansion, or sex

this is what Anko said that is when they heard a groan from behind them and they looked to see Naruto sitting up looking at them with curious eyes. "Hey Naruto-kun we just wanted to

ask if you want to be going out with all three of us we like you a lot and we are bisexual so we don't mind sharing" Kurenai asked. "Sure you are all very beautiful but you should know

that I have 8 girlfriends that you have to get permission from first they are Tenten, Hinata, Mei Terumi, Kitana, Morrigan, Raven, Haku, and Sukina or as you know Sasuke who is actually a

female. Kurenai, Hana, and Anko were Gobsmacked at how many girls he already has and even more that Sasuke was a girl since they did not know only the Hokage, Kakashi Naruto and

his girls knew this. The three girls said they would talk to them and hope they approved of them they left the Hospital and about 3 minutes later two shadowed figures walked in and

asked the Receptionist what room Naruto Uzumaki was since they knew that most of the village did not know his full name yet and others denied it. The receptionist looked up and said

he was in room 398 and told them to make it look like he died of Natural causes so the Hokage would not think they did anything. The next thing she knew is she was sent flying through

a wall and into 5 more walls before falling down with only an inch of life left. The shadowed figures walked up to the woman and took off their hoods revealing themselves to be Nagato

and Konan Namikaze. Nagato bent down and said "don't ever try anything against my Nephew or I will kill you understand" the receptionist nodded and laid there waiting for someone to

help her since she could not move but she did not expect anbu to get her and take her to the T&I department to be tortured by Ibiki. The pair reached the room and opened the door to

see Naruto up and putting on his Clothes when he turned around he blushed because his pants were unzipped and unbuttoned because his girlfriend Haku was giving him a blowjob and

she was on the floor behind him. Haku had slipped into the hospital room via ice mirror to get to her boyfriend and make him "feel better" in her words. Nagato and Konan both had

amused smirks on but then they both became serious and told Naruto that they needed to talk about his dads side of the family. Naruto asked "How do you know about my dad and his

side of the family" with narrowed eyes. "Because I am your uncle Nagato Namikaze and this is my wife Konan Namikaze we are both only twenty years old because I was born 13 years

after your dad and she was born 4 months after me we met each other in rain country and I slowly started to fall in love with her we were happy when we were little but we had to live by

stealing because in rain country there was a war going on at the time and we were war orphans your grandparents mine and minato's mom and dad were killed by a group of anbu called

root run by a man named Danzo he was planning on getting our bloodline for his ne soldiers saying that he was going to rule the world with an iron fist and shit like that" "I knew of your

dad my brother but with the border patrol in fire country during the war time I knew I would not be let through but I did contact him through a chameleon summon that had a scroll telling

him that he was my brother and that after the war I would try and get to Konoha but tragedy struck a few months after the war the Kyubbi started on its path to Konoha I knew we could

not make it to see my brother but I did tell him that I would watch over you from the shadows every time you were about to die I would use my Rinnegan to heal most of your wounds

that the fox could not get to in time." "Do you forgive us for not being their in time to help raise you Naruto we are sorry but we knew the council would send someone to either kill us and

take you to become a weapon or kidnap you and make it look like Iwa did it to get back at the Yondaime" "I forgave you when you asked for it and I don't care that you weren't there

before I am just glad you are here now so lets go to the Namikaze estates and key your dna into the house so you can get in Oh yeah and you get the bedroom on the second floor third

door on the left because there is no way in hell that you are getting the master bedroom that is my room along with the girls who are already living with me the only one who is not is Mei,

Kitana, Raven, and Hinata the others are in the same room as me because we are trying to revive our clan since you said you are my uncle and aunt does that mean you have the same

bloodline as my dad Gaias fury" "no Naruto I was gifted with a rare Doujutsu that may not be as powerful as both of your bloodlines but it is in some aspects like letting me have dead

bodies to use like a puppet master only without chakra strings I use chakra rods and use them like piercings to make them work for me I did this to our best friend Yahiko when Danzo

killed him because we were against the rain villages tyrant Hanzo" "Hanzo had promised Danzo that he would make him ruler of Konoha after the war and even help him kill the third

hokage so he could rule with an iron fist of course after Yahiko died we took his body and made it one of my bodies so far I have 6 other bodies that I do not use unless need be but your

aunt also has a bloodline it is the paper element bloodline her name in the bingo book is the Paper angel of rain she is also 5 months pregnant with your cousin Naruto we are naming him

Yahiko after our friend to honor him we also will be training you in some things and also since we missed so many of your birthdays we will give you the Juggernaut hammer which I got

from a huge man from Iwa its sentient and picks its wielder and We are pretty sure it will pick you since its original wielder was an ancestor of ours his name was Cain he was a behemoth

of a man and stood at nearly 9 foot tall he was back in time when the titans roamed the earth infact he is Gaias first human son (made up character might appear in later chaps not sure if

you want him vote in review if you do) and also first to ever best Hercules in a battle of human strength vs. god strength he could break a titanium block just by tapping it with his pinky

finger and was the only one able to wear the Tartarus Armor that cursed anyone else who put it on with either death or disease but you will have to be tested by the hammer to see if

you are worthy now lets get out of hear and go see the hokage to get you training and meet your girlfriends and fiancé's.

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