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Caitlyn saw the sun almost disappearing in the lake as she stepped outside the cabin. She liked this time of day – the end of the day. She usually spent it alone – doing something she loved – which allowed her to relax and empty her mind for thoughts. Most of the campers spent the hours, before they had to be in their own cabins, together in small groups. They were either at the lake – if it was a nice night, in the mess hall or in someone's cabin, so when Caitlyn arrived at the dance studio it was empty. She only turned a couple of the lights on so the lighting in the room was dim and it felt comfortable.

Caitlyn had a lot on her mind. Her friend Mitchie was acting all different. She had started talking more and more to the camp's drama queen Tess – Caitlyn's rival. Every time Caitlyn and Mitchie were doing something together, Mitchie suddenly had to go and meet up with Tess. Was she bored of Caitlyn? Just because she wasn't as girly as her… maybe Tess was a better friend for her. Or maybe Caitlyn was just overreacting to it all… Mitchie was allowed to have other friends. Like she had Nate – he was her best friend and had been since she first came to camp years ago. Mitchie knew that… it didn't bother her – did it?

Caitlyn shook her head. She worried too much. Hopefully some dancing would clear her mind, she thought as she walked over to put some music on.

Nate sighed as he walked through the quiet camp. He heard laughter from the few cabins he passed. He could be in their – if he wasn't so deep. He felt like he wanted to step into another world – just go into himself. So he had decided to write a song – but when he had found a quiet place and sat down with paper and a pen, nothing was written down. He had decided to go for a walk searching for some inspiration but nothing really happened in camp at this time of night.

He had almost given up as he saw that the light was on in one of the dance studios. Someone having a late night practice? He decided to have a look – just to see who it was – as he had given up on the idea of a song anyway. Through one of the windows he saw a girl… was that Caitlyn? It was – with the familiar curls in a messy bun. Why did he always notice her hair?!

Caitlyn was sitting on a chair taking off her shoes, before she walked over to put the music on. Nate decided to go inside and stay for a while to watch her dance. He knew that she wouldn't mind, and it had been a while ago since he had spent time with her. But when the music started Nate was so surprised that he didn't move to go inside but instead just stood watching Caitlyn from the window. She was slowly moving at the spot where she stood. She lifted up her arms and moved them gracefully to the slow music. Nate had expected her to put on upbeat music and start dancing the hip hop moves she was known for. Was she just warming up or something? – What did he know about dancing… Nate was curious, so he decided to stay outside and watch for a moment. He saw Caitlyn reach out her leg in front of her on the floor with a pointed foot. She swept it behind her in a big half circle using the force to make a perfect turn while her hands were reached to the ceiling. As the music became louder and the tempo rose a bit, Nate saw Caitlyn suddenly moving across the floor. She was now dancing gracefully to the music using her whole body. Her arms and legs were creating beautiful shapes as she twirled and twirled and stopped with the music before reaching out her arms and slowly rising on her toes. Her head was slightly tilted towards her right arm and Nate caught a glimpse of her face. Her eyes were closed and she had a peaceful expression on her face.

Caitlyn already felt better. All thoughts about Mitchie were gone. She was in another world, where only her and her dancing existed. It was so simple.

The graceful movements across the floor were her gateway to this peaceful world. Nothing was on her mind as she in her dancing stopped and breathed in slowly. It was as if this air around her cleared her mind even more – if it was even possible – and gave her a new amount of energy. Before she knew it she was flying across the floor again twirling while jumping as she reached the middle of the room. She landed perfectly with grace before lifting her hands in the air, pushing her arms up looking towards the ceiling, while leaning back slightly. Caitlyn was dancing with her eyes closed and every single step was perfect. It made her stay inside of this peaceful world and she could do any moves feeling completely relaxed.

She would never dance like this with an audience though. It was her thing and it was as if she was only dancing inside of her mind. She didn't even know if it looked good from the outside, but she didn't care – it felt good.

Nate didn't know how long he had been standing there watching Caitlyn. It was as if time had stopped. He had never seen this side of her before – never seen her dance like that. It was beyond beautiful, he thought. He suddenly wanted everyone to be able to see this Caitlyn.

It was as if she created some kind of power that dragged him to her – he wanted so badly to walk in there and join her. But he knew that he would never do that, he wasn't the type to dance. It seemed like she was in her own world – a perfect world – and there was only the window between Nate and this world of hers. Just watching her made him feel like he was a part of it.

Nate forced his eyes away from Caitlyn's dancing as he decided to walk back to his cabin. He had a song to write.

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