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~Kyuubi No Amaterasu~


The start of the World, nothing was clear on the subject. How had it all began? Was there really a cosmic explosion, as the humans had claimed? Or was it already there, just waiting for some sort of life form to make use of its graceful nature?

An entity of great surreal power and wisdom, is what many people believed who had created the World and all living things. Whomever or whatever it was that had blessed the Universe with the World had also blessed the World itself.

A guardian is what it was supposed to be, demon and monster is what the lower life forms accused it of being. One guardian had been birthed to keep the Worlds peace and swell around. As mentioned, many had accused it of being a beast for the immense power it possessed.

They feared what they couldn't comprehend. One creature couldn't have so much power, it was unheard of. They believed that, such power should be given to their very own race and not to some creature that was all but lazing around the continents.

And it was with those very thoughts, that sealed the seed of corruption in one of the humans mind. A man who's name was unknown, had decided it was time to add the power of the 'demon' to his ranks. Shinobi, is what his people were called. Humans with the ability to preform great feats, in human terms.

After having researched and experimented for many years, he was finally able to create a seal. This seal would forcefully seal the 'demon' inside of him, and allow him to gain access to it's powers as he pleased.

When the day came and he was finally able to corner the 'beast'. The man was able to use his seal, and seal the 'demon' into himself. He had then returned to his home village, his people welcoming him back with open arms. They had called him a Hero, a Saviour to the world!

Many years later, the man had become known to be the strongest Shinobi on the planet. Being able to use 'his' eyes to defeat heaps of armies and people. Many people, had wondered;

'What had happened to the corpse of the demon?'.

The newly named; Rikudou Sennin. Had merely pointed to the full moon high up in the sky. His people were shocked that the very beauty, which was the moon was the corpse of the 'beast' their leader had slain.

Many years had passed once again, and the spouse of the Six realms sage had given birth to two healthy boys. Everything seemed to be calm and peaceful since the 'defeat' of the 'beast', yet disaster decided to peek its ugly head up from behind the clouds once again.

The Spirit form of the Juubi was sick and tired of its life in this lower life forms body. It could clearly remember the day it was sealed, The guardian had allowed itself to be sealed. It was created to keep peace and harmony around the world, not wreak havoc in an attempt to kill a human who had attempted to seal it.

But after many years of being stuck in a ageing body, it wanted out and it wanted out NOW! And that is exactly what it intended to get as it forcefully ripped itself out of the seal.

Juubi or no Juubi, it seemed it had underestimated the seal. Because as it ripped itself out, it felt itself get ripped apart as well. The Juubi had howled, a spiritual howl of pain as it felt its particles rip away from its form forcefully.

In the end of it all, there no longer was a Juubi. But in replacement, Nine entity's were created as a result.

Entity's that decided they would live up to their former self, and protect the World. None of them resembled the Juubi specifically, The Kyuubi No Kitsune being the closest reminder of their former self due to its body structure.

The Shinobi were both outraged and scared of what had just transpired. But the loss of their leader had set a strong will of determination in their core. And so they chased the clueless Bijuu off into separate continents.

After a few more centuries, the Shinobi and their civilians lived in peace, ignoring the occasional wars between fellow Shinobi from other Villages. That is until...