~Kyuubi No Amaterasu~

Chapter: One

"Aww, fuck it!" Minato Namikaze cried out, as he felt his recently born son, Naruto Namikaze kick his hands. Sure, some parents would find that sort of action coming from a sleeping baby to be very cute. But Minato did not find it amusing, he was currently attempting to use a sealing Jutsu to seal a great demon into his son. But as he started the seventh hand-seal, his son decided to kick an imaginary being in his dream. The result; Naruto kicking Minato's hand-seal, thus de-forming it and making Minato give an accidental Rude gesture to the great demon. Needless to say, the demon didn't seem to take the gesture too well.

'Ouch' Minato winced as he watched one of his men get crushed by one of the demons nine tails. Minato shook his head a little before resuming the sealing, fourteen hand-seals to go. Gamabunta, the toad boss from Minato's summoning contract, had to restrain himself from face palming himself with his webbed hands as he watched how Minato was dealing with the whole situation.

'-ake seal, Rat seal, Tiger seal! Finished!' Minato mentally exclaimed to himself. He sent a small prayer to any God that would listen to him, that the sealing Jutsu would still work even though it held a messed up Hand-seal.

"SHIKI FUUJIN!" Minato bellowed as he held the Tiger seal, he waited, and waited. He was about to release the seal, and give up, allow fate to have its way with him. But the cold and deathly aura that suddenly sprouted up from behind him, made him stop his attempt of failure.

Nothing needed to be said, or at least that's what Minato figured, as he both saw and felt the ghostly arm of the Shinigami pass through his body. Moments later the arm was being pulled back the way it came from, it the hands grip was the soul and power of the Kyuubi No Kitsune.

It was at that moment, as the snout of the Kyuubi's soul was passing through Naruto's body, did Minato feel an unbearable amount of pain. His body shook as every cell in his body was seemingly turned into ash.

The next few moments passed agonizingly slow for Minato as he felt his soul being ripped out of his own body, payment for bothering the Shinigami if you will, greedy bastard. It wasn't long until Minato found himself on his knee's, using Gamabunta's head as some sort of surface.

Minato looked at his son for the last time, noticing the marks, which labelled him as a certain demons host, on his cheeks. His son was sleeping once again, even after all that had happen tonight, his baby still managed to find the time to rest his eyes. If only Kushina was still with them, maybe Naruto would be in her arms as they both said farewell to him.

Thy time is over mortal...

Minato nodded his head sadly, signalling that he had heard the Shinigami perfectly clear. Closing his eyes as if tired. He allowed himself to be taken away, in an epic battle which would last...Forever.

A few minutes had passed as little Naruto continued to doze alongside the corpse of his Father. It was at this very scene that, Sarutobi Hiruzen along with his ex-student Jirayra., arrived upon. Picking the sleeping infant up, Sarutobi observed the infants whiskered cheeks.

"The sealing was successful, my only regret is that I didn't manage to persuade Minato to allow me to take his place." Sarutobi explained to his Ex-pupil. Keeping a tight hold on the infant, Sarutobi placed his hands into a well known seal before vanishing in a plume of smoke.

Jirayra sighed sadly, as he looked down at the corpse of his own student. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen, Minato was supposed to become Hokage, get married and have a nice family that would've live together till the end of their lives.

Placing his hands in a similar fashion his Ex-sensei had done, Jirayra too was gone in a plume of smoke. He reappeared in the Hokage's office, his face resembling a chunk of grim stone. But the sight of Sarutobi placing Naruto into his crib reminded him that, there was still a piece of the Namikaze couple left in the world.

He walked up next to Sarutobi and looked down at the infant, his eyes warm. But his warm eyes seemed to freeze over in shock as he noticed something he had yet too.

"Umm, Sarutobi-sensei. I think we may have, a err small issue." The Toad sage stuttered out, he was treading on fragile ground here. The retired Hokage looked towards Jirayra with a raised eyebrow, he had been observing what was left of Konoha, from his window.

"And what would that be?" Hiruzen asked, grandfatherly smile in place. He was defiantly not prepaid for what his idiotic excuse of a student was about to blurt out.

"The seals fuck up, I swear it wasn't me Sensei!" Jirayra exclaimed before raising his arms above his head, waiting for the blow that he was so sure to come. He was seriously spooked when Sarutobi found out something was bad and he was to blame. He even remembered what happened during a mission they had received as Genin when he had-....


"..." Tsunade stared at him, a blank look covering her young and pretty face. She along with Orochimaru couldn't believe how much of an idiot their third team mate was. Sarutobi was not fairing well with the news either.

"So let me get this straight, Tsunade passed the explosive seal to you, so you may place it in Area 'B' correct?" Sarutobi asked, his voice hard and accusing . Jirayra nodded mutely, too scared to speak to his Teacher and father figure.

"But then you decided you had time left over before you had to place the seal in the area. Thus why you ended up peeking in the woman's bath house?" Sarutobi asked, his voice not having changed at all, if anything it had gotten harsher. Once again Jirayra nodded without saying a word.

"But, you noticed that your 'peeking' hole was too small, was that it?" Sarutobi questioned, his face resembling a furious tomato. Jirayra nodded again, albeit a little hesitantly this time.

"So then you got the smart idea of, rolling the EXPLOSIVE SEAL UP AND PUSHING IT THROUGH THE PEEK HOLE, THEN LIGHTING IT UP TO MAKE THE HOLE BIGGER?!" Sarutobi burst out, his rage was at it's peek right now. Jirayra's hair seemed to have gotten even whiter in shock at his sensei's rage.

A few moments passed and Sarutobi seemed to have regained his emotions back in check. Jirayra seemed to be a little less paler then what he was a few moments back, but he was still needlessly pale.

"You could have harmed people Jirayra, and you know what the punishment is for such foolish acts." Sarutobi announced, an evil glint appearing in his eyes. Jirayra on the other hand nearly soiled himself twice over.

"No daddy, please no!" Jirayra cried out, anime like tears pouring down his red tattooed face. Sarutobi pulled his fist back before bringing it back down and smacking Jirayra into the Hotel rooms wall, all the while screaming.


Flashback End

The old and retired Hokage couldn't believe his ears, was the Kyuubi able to escape then? Well he didn't think so, wouldn't the demon take the first chance to get free if it had the possibility too? Sarutobi attempted to organize his thoughts, which were flying all over the place.

Sarutobi walked briskly towards the crib which held a sleeping Naruto, and low and behold. A seal was on his little navel. But now that he thought of it, he couldn't really recall a time when Minato mentioned that the seal would resemble the Sharingan. Turning his head slowly towards Jirayra, Sarutobi whispered harshly; "And you call yourself a Sennin, a Seal Master?" Jirayra sweat dropped.

"Blame Minato!" Was the first thing he said in his own defence. He didn't do the sealing, and he didn't know if Minato had intended for this to happen. He could of sworn he heard a voice resembling Minato's yell;

"Damn right I didn't intended for it to happen, you fucked up excuse of a Hippy!"

Jirayra sighed, he knew he would have to take a closer look at the seal in his own time. If the seal was a danger to Naruto, he would make sure to secure it for his safety. Village be damned, Naruto was the last link he had to the person he viewed as his own son, the Gaki first, Village later.

"I'll take him away with me for an unknown amount of time, it may take a day, or up to a month to figure out this seal. Minato left his work easy and simple to understand." Jirayra told his Ex-sensei, Sarutobi looked a little surprised that his idiotic student was taking on responsibility. But he agreed nonetheless.

"Hai, that would be a good idea, just do not take to long." Sarutobi cautioned out, a few days he could accept, but any more and he would probably start getting paranoid and assume that Jirayra had yet to fuck something up again.

Picking Naruto up, Jirayra took a few extra blankets from the crib, and made sure he had his money on his person. He didn't want to starve the kid. Sending Sarutobi a final nod, he was gone in a smog of smoke.

'I get the impression that the next couple of years are going to be...Hectic.' Hiruzen bemoaned in mock anguish.