~Kyuubi No Amaterasu~

Chapter: Seven

"You have to the count of three...Three!" With that said, Kyuunaru vanished from his spot at the edge of the Pool. Leaving behind a dazed Moka propped against the fence which surrounded the Pool. The Mermaids were so terrified with what was happening, that the few hostages who were still in the Mermaids loosened grip, managed to get free and swim to safety.

Sayiro didn't know what to think with the situation at hand, first she had entered the pool looking for a male she could digest. But she had come across a little girl in the pool trying to swim by herself, once Tamao plans were started, she found herself still without a male. So she had randomly decided to put all her frustration on the girl who was still attempting to swim properly in the pool.

But all of a sudden, some amazingly handsome male had appeared, glaring bloody murder into her eyes, letting loose doses of killing intent she thought nigh impossible to reach. He had stopped that stupid excuse of a Monster from falling into the Pool and had held her in such a familiar manner, he looked so delicious...But the thing that had really startled her was when his whole arm was suddenly enveloped in black and green flames.

She was still staring at the spot the teen had just vanished from in shock and fear, not even noticing that she had let the relieved yet crying girl out of her grasp.

Yuuka tried her best to doggie paddle as fast as she could, she really wanted her Daddy right now. He always made things better, he would never smile, laugh or show any kind of emotion for that matter. But she knew her Daddy, she could read him like a book,well she still couldn't read but she could somehow read her Daddy. Even though he never showed any outwardly care of emotion towards her, just by a glance in his eyes she could see all the care he had for her.

So it was with those determined thoughts that she picked up her doggie paddling pace, and reached the edge of the swimming pool. She lifted herself out of the pool and ran towards the last place she had seen her Aniki.

"If you ever lose site of me, just go back to the place you saw me last."

So there she stood tears pouring down her amber eyes, standing right in the centre of where she had last seen him. She could even see small cracks in the cement from where his feet had been beneath her own, he must have been very angry to cause cracks. She attempted to place her own little feet in the exact same position as his, judging from the cracks which outlined his rough foot shape, hoping that he would have an easier time finding her again.

She was startled out of her trance, as a demonic signature blossomed behind herself. Looking over her shoulder, she saw one of the most spectacular sites she had ever witnessed. The pretty pink lady her Aniki had held was turning into another pretty lady with long silver hair. But what really caught Yuuka's attention was the fact that the lady had her Daddy's eyes, and with only that thought plaguing her three year old mind, she ran towards Moka and jumped into her arms seeking the comfort only a parent could give.

"It's a well known fact, that to cook a Lobster one must boil it." Kyuunaru hissed as he suddenly appeared in a flicker of after images over the pool, gravity seemingly ignoring him and not announcing the law of physics to his face.

"I wonder, is the same needed for Mermaids?" Kyuunaru smirked, as he watched the Mermaids beneath him gain looks of horror as they connected the dots of his intentions. Lifting his right arm up, and stretching it so that it was behind his head. With an arched back, he suddenly flexed himself forward and brought his right arm down...Like one might do with a Whip.

"Amaterasu No Muchi!" Kyuunaru exclaimed, as the burning flames around his arm suddenly shot forth and entangled all the Fish Monsters into a tight flaming loop, the Mermaids shrieked as their scales were burned to crisp almost instantly. All of a sudden the flames that still held a tight hold onto them seemed to get stronger and started spreading like wildfire, it wasn't long before the Pool started steaming and hot heat filled bubbles started rising up onto the surface.

Yuuka sniffled as she heard the tell tale roars of the flames of Amaterasu, knowing that her Aniki was causing harm to people brought tears to her eyes. But the soft cooeing of the person who was currently hugging her made her tears turn into naught but faint sniffles.

"It is okay young one, everything is fine..."

Kyuunaru snorted in anger, as his blood lust sated itself from the harm he inflicted upon the Mermaids, he had just lost the will to kill the creatures. He landed heavily onto the boiling water, while making sure that none of the heated water touched any bare skin he may be exposing. He then took his time to walk back towards the patio which surrounded the pool, while also using demonic chakra on the soles of his feet so he was granted to ability to walk on water.

Yuuka felt herself be roughly pulled out the soft embrace as she let out a little "Oof" after feeling herself collide with something hard. Opening her red rimmed eyes, she saw that her Aniki had swung her onto his back. She quickly wrapped her small arms around his neck and shoved her face into the crook of his neck, all the way whispering;

"Daddy, I want daddy, please Aniki. I-i..Want Tou-chan!"

Kyuunaru's anger filled eyes gained some remorse and guilt for not being able to give Yuuka what she wanted at the moment, but perhaps...He could. In a few days time, once he got settled in and got comfortable.


Kyuunaru felt a hand clasp onto his shoulder halting his march towards the Academy. Peeking over his shoulder for no longer then a second, he vanished. Moka stood there, hand still up as if she were still holding his shoulder. Her pupils had shrunk to tiny proportions...

'Those eyes, that hair...Those whiskers. Although he doesn't radiate the same lust for blood and power as Kyuunaru, he still looks identical to him. But...No. Naruto had died, being consumed along with the Kyuubi to become Kyuunaru, a whole new entity. My mate has 'died' there's nothing to it, I will never have him back and there is no point in following along false hope trails which shall lead me to a dead end...' Moka scolded herself, her hands balling up into fists of anger and shame, shame for not being able to do anything as her mate sacrificed himself for both her and her sister. And anger for actually hoping he we still alive...

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