Something was amiss, she knew it before she even opened her eyes.

She had returned to her time fomuch-neededed rest, Naraku had not been seen in a week. She returned and sealed the well,
keeping Inuyasha from coming to pull her back. She needed rest, all the jewel pieces were found, they had half and Naraku had half. It was coming, soon, so she deiced to return home for a weeks rest. Kikyo had joined the group, her power would be needed. Sesshomaru also started coming around, it would take them all to defeat Naraku.

Kagome's eyes darted to her window, there was a storm outside. It was not raining, but the hurricane force winds were enough to keep you from going out. It was not the storm that had her, it was the power she felt. It could not be though, or could it?

Kagome threw her blanket off of her, revealing her light pink pj bottoms, they were long pants. Her top was matching, tank top. She ran down down the stairs, her black hair waving behind her. She headed strait for the door.

"Kagome dear your not going outside are you?" Her mother called

But Kagome didn't answer she swung open the door and ran out into the harsh howling wind, the door slammed shut behind her.
She didn't run to the well house, nor the tree, she ran to the shrine steps. She froze at the top, her hands together in front of her, her shoulder held up, trying to protect herself from the harsh winds. He was looking at her, his eyes set hard. She stared back at him, he still wore the clothes he had in the past. Odd, it was strange and it took her breath fro her, but then again if things were not odd or strange in her life it would be, well, odd, she was used to it being complex.

He walked slowly up the stairs, her body didn't move, only her eyes as he walked closer to her. He stopped before her, towering over her. Her pj's felt cold against her skin as the wind blew, their hair both blowing in the same direction. She didn't know if the goose bumps were from him, or the wind. His claw hand reached out and held her chin, she didn't protest or stop him.

"Why is it that you are afraid of me now, when you were not so long ago"

A noise came from her mouth, but no words, she could not speak. He smirked, something she never recalled him doing. He leaned down closer to her, her breath went in, what was he doing? His lips brushed hers "Come with me?" It was more of a statement that was awaiting protest than anything. She shook her head yes, still not able to speak. His arm went around her, then they were no more.

When Kagome opened her eyes they were in a room. A big room, it looked like a bed room. She stood in front of the foot of the bed, his arm still around her. Kagome looked to the window, it was massive, and it had long sheer drapes, the wind still blowing outside, the tree swaying, the leaves flying. His claw rubbed her side, reminding her she was with someone, she quickly looked back up at him.

She was about to ask how he was here, but his lips pressed hard to her, in what she would call a passionate kiss. Her heart stopped and raced at the same time, she didn't even have time to think about it. But for some reason she did not find herself stopping him, instead she found herself kissing his warm lips back. Her body was instantly hot, maybe because she was almost 20 and a virgin, or maybe because he was not bad looking, at all. As he kissed her he removed his shirt, he would start with himself, just to see what she would do. He hands remained at her side, that was in till he grabbed them and placed them on his chest. Kagome stayed frozen, not knowing, and not being rash. Her finger nails moved just a inch, just that inch of touching him felt good.

He broke the kiss, and looked past her "Are you afriad?"


He looked back down at her, she was not afraid of him, he knew t t, she was confused and fighting with her rash side, this was not Kagome. "Do not think on it" he told her.

His lips came close to her again but she stopped him "What are we doing? what are you? who are you?"

He eyes looked deep into hers "Does it matter? will you stop me?"

Not that she could stop him, and that ran in her mind. Why was he kissing her, had it been so long? Was it her because he knew her? He told her not to think on it. Kagome eyed his chest and then his arms, he flexed, she was sure. Her eyes met his again.

He removed her top, she wore no bra, her removed her pants, she stood frozen again. He stepped back from her, his eyes on her,
he removed his pants, she tried hard not look, she kept her eyes at his. He walked close to her, she gasp as he laid her down on his bed and put himself above her.

His kiss kept her from her mind, his lips were hot, thought it maybe a good thing because this was a little more complex than her mind was use to.

Her mind didn't work, she could only feel, her eyes stayed closed, making her feel more, her being a miko and all.

She felt his claws remove her last bit of clothing, she felt his kiss on her lips, she felt his hair brush up against her and she felt as he took her, he took her slow, his body moving slow, hers moving right with his. His kiss grew harder, his mouth searching her body, it was as if, as if he were trying to change something, she felt his concentration.

"Come with me" His eyes were shut tight, his word coming out in almost a growl. Her hands held on tight, her fingernails going into the back of his arm, it didn't both him though, he welcomed it as they came together.