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Byakuran – 2

Tsunayoshi Sawada was the most devious manipulator that he had ever met. Her skills were far greater than that of Mukuro Rokudo, and after a few years they surpassed even the great Reborn until there wasn't a single person in the Mafia who would not bend to the will of the tenth Vongola boss. Sadly that included him too. In fact he was so utterly under her power that for her he had committed the seven deadly sins. Like most of them he hadn't realised the extent of her powers until it was far too late and he was already under her spell.

It was difficult to pinpoint the moment he fell into her power but if he was completely honest with himself it had happened sometime in the future that he had tried to create and she had risen up to defeat him.

Wrath – inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger

Each time he saw the boss of the Vongola Famiglia his rage at her only seemed to grow and grow. Who was this woman to refuse him? Who was she to stand up and stare at him with those annoyingly piercing brown eyes? Twice, twice she had rejected his offer of merging with the Millefiore! He had not given any other Famiglia such a privilege; they either joined him or were destroyed.

It was not like he needed her either, he already had enough strength to fulfil his goal, he had only offered because it would so much easier to have her on his side then against him. After all they were similar weren't they? Like him she carried one of the sky components of the Tri-ni-set, she was the only one that actually had a chance of being his equal. The little doll, Yuni, was far too young, too inexperienced, and too naïve to really stand against him but the 24 year old woman across from him had the potential to. She must have known that; it was the only reason why she could sit across from him without flinching or glaring, just sitting there with a blank face steadily holding his gaze.

Yet the woman infuriated him, everything about her made his skin itch and his playful mask that had been so carefully constructed shattered under calm brown eyes that would occasionally flare with a lesser form of the fury growing within him. It was hard for him to understand what, apart from her ungrateful rejection, it was about her that caused this rage. She wasn't exceptionally beautiful though her face was pretty, she didn't walk with the sultry elegance that some of the woman in the Mafia did but her stride was confident and strong, and at first glance she was meek, innocent, and completely dependant on her guardians.

So why did she make him angry? Why was it that whenever she left the room, and the door had closed with soft click, did he want to obliterate his surroundings? Tsunayoshi Sawada was the only woman...the only person who made him feel this wrath, made him feel human.

Perhaps what made her more infuriating was the utter disregard which she had for him; she wasn't scared, respectful, submissive, antagonistic or placating towards him. It was as if he didn't even register in her mind, he was nothing to her, him. He was becoming more and more focused on her and she didn't care about him at all. He was prepared to wear her down, to break that blankness that angered him, to discover the reason why.

Then she destroyed the Vongola rings.

Then she became his enemy.

Then she died.

He would admit to being slightly shocked when the rage inside him only seemed to increase when he watched her get shot. That strange fury seemed to roar up inside him as he watched her precious rain and storm guardians scream over her rapidly cooling body. Maybe it was because in her final moments those eyes had finally become alive, full of emotion directed at him, and it had been pity.

His anger only disappeared when the 14 year old Tsuna stood in front of him with brown eyes blazing with emotions all aimed at him. He was no longer alone in his obsession, he was not alone.

Greed – excessive or rapacious desire and pursuit of wealth, status, and power

If there was one word that Byakuran hated it was restraint. He despised it and decided that he could live his life quite happily without the interference of that loathsome word. So he did.

When he was given his second chance the image that was burned into his brain was of her eyes before she defeated them. Eyes that stared at him constantly and haunted his dreams. The wrath was gone for now, burned away by her sky flame, and a fascination had replaced it. A teenage girl had beaten him and said teenage girl was now firmly planted in his head. He wasn't quite sure what he wanted from her so for a time he became content with just having her. More specifically he wanted power over her the way she had power over him. It was only fair after she had invaded his thoughts.

His goal clear he set about making it come true with all of his power with a typical lack of any boundaries or rules.

If he wanted power over her he needed to know what she wanted, what lived in her heart that he could take control of it. It took him 2 seconds to come to an answer: her friends, her family, Vongola. She wore her heart on her sleeve and an idiot could see how much she cared for them, even the ones who had tried to kill her (which made his chances much better).

So he became Vongola's benefactor, her father quickly found him and after a brief, but tense, conversation he was free to carry on. Of course if Iemitsu why he was really helping he doubted the man would have let him leave unscathed. Then came the attack of the Shimon Family and Takeshi Yamamoto was in hospital with severe injuries that could remove him from her side forever.

He stood over the boys bed and two instincts warred within him. The need to have more power over her and the need to eliminate any competition. The swordsman may have been foolish but he occupied an unchallenged place in her heart along with the other guardians, and they had a huge hold on her. One which he was not sure he could release.

It was that very hold which prompted him to heal the boy, knowing any action towards her guardians had twice as much effect as any towards her. At least that was what he gambled on.

When he (finally) saw her again, on the eve of the arcobaleno battle, he knew that his obsession had not lessened in the slightest his eyes were once again drawn to the slim plain-looking girl standing in front of him.

She didn't attack him.

She didn't scream.

She didn't flinch.

Instead she told him that her school life was not always fun and wanted to know why he was there. Unseen to anyone a spark of triumph lit inside of him, he was no longer her enemy.

However, watching the others crowd round her, watching her hug them and talk to them with a smile on her face made him greedy for more. He wasn't going to stop at no-longer-an-enemy. He didn't know when he would want to stop.

Sloth – habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness

He remained quite stagnant regarding Tsunayoshi-chan for some years after that. Though he would never admit to fear, he was nervous about pressing too hard. He didn't want the wrath that had nearly consumed him to swallow her. The power he had over her was that of an odd friend. She still jumped around him occasionally but she smiled at him sometimes and there was a nice lack of tension around her.

The desire for power over her (to figure out the why about her) was still strong and fresh but he was reluctant to see it through, telling himself that his current position would be enough; her friends had the most influence in her life though it was frustratingly clear that (at the time) Reborn held the most power over her. So for a couple of years he did nothing about her, kidding himself that what he had was enough.

Yuni privately wondered how long his restraint would last, she knew he would never be able to sustain it.

He contented himself to strange phone calls with her at random parts of the days, she was usually annoyed but always answered him. He settled with odd visits to Namimori and riling up her guardians, which she always scolded him for but never banned him from coming. He placated himself with standing by her and the tenth generation Vongola in battles, she blinked sadly at him when he was hurt but smiled at him when they inevitably won.

Over time these moments piled up, teenagers grew up, and the dead weight of sloth on his shoulders became harder and harder to carry.

The girl became a woman, but not one that stared at him with blank eyes. The boys that surrounded her became men, and their feelings towards their boss were not all platonic. The arcobalenos were curse-free and very grateful, and protective, of the girl who had fought to free all of them and had succeeded.

His breaking point appeared when he found Yuni giggling at a monitor with a picture on it. He would admit to being stumped for a second by the image on the screen. Tsunayoshi Sawada was no longer a child; she stood in a knee-length dark turquoise dress with silver embroidery with a soft smile that made her beautiful. She looked stunning. His eyes took in the whole picture and his mood shifted instantly; cooled and sharpened.

Standing next to her was some gawking idiot in a suit who had his eyes glued on her, and his hand was on her waist. The chain of Sloth snapped into millions of particles.

"According to Uncle Reborn, Tsuna-chan was quite happy with her prom date. Though her guardians were a little annoyed and Uncle Reborn mentioned something about a sniper. Doesn't she look pretty Byakuran-san?"

His eyes snapped down to the grinning girl and then narrowed.

"Yes Yuni-chan, she does look very pretty. I guess Tsunayoshi-chan has finally grown up eh?"

Plans had to be altered. Sloth had to be dropped.

Envy – a desire to deprive other men of theirs

Byakuran quickly came to the conclusion that when it came to members of the opposite sex Tsunayoshi-chan was completely blind. She took no notice of the way men from other (weaker) families came and showered her with gifts and attention, she only saw it as "improving relations" between the two famiglias. There was nothing as satisfying as watching another hopelessly besotted fool leave her office with an aura of gloom around his (sometimes her) head.

It helped that anyone with any romantic inclination toward her were seen off by either the curse-free arcobaleno, who had developed an annoying habit of visiting her often, Reborn hardly ever left her side (really he was becoming worse than Iemitsu when it came to protecting her), or her guardians who took every proposal as an unforgivable step onto their territory.

That was unacceptable. She was his, not theirs. His equal, his opposite, his balance. She surpassed all her guardians and stood eye to eye with him. The second player in the great game. So why her Cloud, Rain, Storm, and Mist guardians thought she belonged to them he had no idea.

Their impudence enraged him. It was a much darker and fiery rage that filled him; the way they found excuses to touch her, speak with her, look at her. When it was clear that she was his. The message would have to be re-affirmed.

"Byakuran!" He looked up from his computer, marshmallow in his mouth, and saw an infuriated Tsuna striding towards him with death in her eyes. Through the door he could see a quivering Zakuro on the floor and Kikyo's legs were shaking. However, his entire being was focused on the steaming woman in the centre of his office.

"What the hell were you thinking!" He clapped his hands together and spun to face her.

"At the moment I'm thinking that these marshmallows are divine and that Zakuro may need extensive therapy." Her eyes flared brighter and he thought he saw smoke come out of her ears.

"Don't give me that rubbish. You came to Vongola mansion this morning and started to fight my guardians. Three of which are now in hospital and the others have minor injuries. You better have a damn good reason as to why."

Oh. That was an easy question. He had seen a flash of that old hatred in her eyes mixed with worry and he wanted to reassure her.

"Because they have you and I don't."

Huh. He'd actually managed to stun her speechless. Her jaw seemed to try and make contact with the floor.

"That's not a cute look Tsunayoshi-chan."

That seemed to snap her out of it. Her gaze was now cautious and that anger was replaced by confusion.

"W-What do you mean by they have me?"

Now he was disappointed, surely she must have received his message. Perhaps she needed a reaffirmation as well. Pushing himself to his feet he walked towards her and noticed the tension in her shoulders. A strange kind of giddiness flooded his veins and his head inched lower to hers.

To her credit she didn't move, though now she looked like a rabbit, and met his gaze warily. Their foreheads touched and she still didn't move, refusing to give an inch as usual.

"I meant exactly what I said Tsu-chan." He breathed, still meeting those intriguing brown eyes. "I want what they have."

Achingly slowly he moved his head lower until his lips were just a breath away from hers.


She left in a storm of emotion, blushes, and confusion. He sat quite happily at his desk with a red mark on his face humming a silly tune.

She had been the one to move forward.

Gluttony – Indulging in something, such as an activity, to excess

Anyone who knew Byakuran knew that he loved marshmallows, he adored the soft, squishy white treat and was hardly ever seen without a packet or bowl of them. Strangely his teeth never rotted and he somehow maintained his figure. When he had first tasted the sugary confection a hunger was born that could never be satisfied. He indulged in it whenever he could and nobody stopped him.

He had found another thing that created hunger within him.

Tsunayoshi Sawada's lips were even tastier than marshmallows and he intended to indulge in them just as much.

Whenever they met it became inevitable that at some point he would pull her towards him and taste her mouth once again. Her reaction was always new and interesting. Sometimes she pushed away quickly and ran away, other times she slapped him and resumed the conversation, and very rarely she would melt deliciously against him and kiss back.

Her lips were soft and squishy and when she kissed back they sent bolts of electricity through his body stronger then any lightening flame.

They were still friends but there was now a heated tension between them. She always made sure to speak to him alone, not wanting to face their Famiglias yet. So when they were in groups he would find a way to drag her off somewhere and indulge in his new favourite taste.

It was by accident that his third gluttonous habit was discovered. He had pressed her up against the wall exploring her mouth with his tongue. The hot wetness of her mouth was a sultry paradise that made his thoughts hazy and sluggish. Her hands were around his neck and she was enjoying it, which was happening a lot more often.

She was wearing a blouse and because of the heat two buttons were undone. He moved back and as he did his hand fell from her cheek to her neck, to the skin on her upper chest. They both froze, unsure what to do. He moved his hand back up to her neck in order to erase the moment.

Then it happened.

A little sigh, the slightest hint of a moan passed Tsuna's lips. A noise which Byakuran heard and wanted to hear again, and again, and again.

Kisses led to tentative touches over clothed skin.

Occasionally fingers would brush soft patches of bare skin and that little sound, a shiver, would betray Tsuna to her body. As innocent as she was her body was that of a woman, complete with certain needs that had been awakened.

Since he was the one to do it she considered it only fair that he would be there for her as her hormones finally awoke.

When they were alone clothes began to get thick and burdensome. For the first time she wanted to explore another's body and let her own be discovered.

As with marshmallows and kisses he was always hungry for more.

Lust – intense or unbridled sexual desire: lasciviousness

Watching other people crawl all over and attempt to suck each others faces off had never appealed to him. He hadn't understood why they would do it. He had never experienced that torrent of heat and attraction that turned men's blood into lava and women into puddles.

To be honest from he'd heard it sounded sticky and unpleasant.

Then it was his own blood that became lava, his own heart that started to race, and his own hands that traced over the skin of a woman. And he completely understood why.

Soft skin with scars; a contrast of comfort and pain, her body was a map of valleys and mountains that continued to amaze him. He wanted to discover every secret place that she had to offer. Every patch of skin that made her gasp, or moan, or simply sigh with pleasure.

Her breasts were very sensitive and if he wanted to get the best results his tongue lapping at one produced a series of breathless gasps as she pressed her arching body closer to his. The skin there was very soft and he was always very careful in case he bruised them. Pain had no place between them, pain had marked their first encounter and neither wanted to revisit it.

She was just as curious as him and at times when they were together the power shifted. Sometimes he would have power over her as the worshipped boss of the Vongola became putty in his hands. Then there were times like this.

She grinned at him from her position on his legs. Her eyes gleaming with heat and wicked intent. Her hands, her oh so clever hands, were wrapped around his member with a deceptive softness and with a pattern of strokes and touches she had him completely at her mercy.

With a gargantuan effort he managed to meet her gaze, just in time to see a dark delight and a chuckle escape her lips, right before she moved lower and her mouth replaced her hands.

He let out a curse and his body became tight and stiff. The moist cavern of her mouth surrounded him and oh hell was that her tongue? Up and down, Up and down. She took all that she was able. Her tongue licked and sucked until his mind was nothing but a pink and red haze of erotic feeling. Soft lips surrounded him and her hands took hold of his lower cock and resumed their stroking.

This woman was going to kill him.





Their eyes met once more and he saw her enjoyment. Her own lust staring back at him, revelling in what she had done to him. A growl passed his lips and he lunged at her.

Pride – the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins – an inflated sense of one's personal status or accomplishments

It was no surprise that the greatest sin would be the one that got him into the most trouble.

Tsuna had finally decided to tell her Family.

There had been yells and screams and weapons drawn but it seemed like she had managed to contain the oncoming explosion.

Until he had become so proud of her, of what they had done, of finally having her by his side he had turned to her still fuming Family and said for some reason unknown to him:

"Tsu-chan is such a good speaker, though I do prefer her mouth doing other things."

Deadly silence. A sword drawn. A gun cocked. A door hastily opened by one of his men.

He doesn't really have time to finish this sin because he can hear a certain former sun arcobaleno, a certain angry father, and two certain irate guardians heading towards his hiding place.

The only thing that compared to this pride was the pride of making her smile so brightly and cry so happily when he told her that he loved her.