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Creed raised his arm and pointed his gun at Sven.

He grinned and chuckled manically, like a deranged hyena making its kill.

He cackled continuously and Sven sweated profusely in fear. He was used to situations where his life was on the line but, this was different.

Creeds eyes shone with bloodlust and he pulled the trigger, a loud bang echoing throughout the large building.

As the smoke from his powerful handgun cleared, Creeds eyes widened in shock. Sven, not feeling pain, forced his eyes to open.

In front of him stood Train, his arm bleeding from where the bullet had entered

"You haven't changed a bit. Your ideals still tend to involve the innocent." he stated to Creed with a smirk.

No one knew how Train had got there so fast. It was theoretically impossible, but he wasn't feared in the underworld for no reason.

"Every time I see you I get this feeling", Train started quietly. "You…PISS ME OFF!" he yelled, punching Creed hard in the face.

Creed fell to the ground, shocked by Trains sudden outburst.

Train smirked triumphantly.

While Creed was floored, Train inspected Sven and sighed.

"This is embarrassing", he whined, "I assumed that you would be able to hold on for a while"

Sven fumed at this, but then noticed Trains wound from the gunshot. Before he could say anything though, Creed stood up.

"Train, do you know…just a moment ago…that bullet you were shot with was not a normal bullet…" Creed stated.

"It contained nanomachines that will transform your body. It was a special bullet filled with 'Lucifer'".

Train already knew about this. Creed had once mentioned that it would transform people into monsters, but he was a little vague on the details.

Train remained nonchalant. He didn't really care about it much.

Creed didn't accept that he was so cool with becoming a monster.

"Once 'Lucifer' has been injected into your body, it can't be stopped!" he yelled, "It will multiply relentlessly and soon transform your entire body!"

"Hng! If being unable to foresee the outcome bothered me…I wouldn't have interfered in this nonsense in the first place." Train explained coolly.

Creed was shocked to his core at his carefree attitude and turned away.

He quietly asked Echidna to open the gate for him and she happily complied.

As they left Creed spoke.

"Train, I believe that…you can't possibly turn into a lowly monster", he said.

"The Black Cat I revere…will not fall and disappear because of this. HE WILL NOT!"

With that both him and Echidna disappeared.

Later, when they are in the apartment, Rinslet, Sven and Eve are all grilling Train about how reckless he had been.

Rins was yelling some kind of lecture to him, but it was as if he couldn't hear her.

It felt like he was underwater and she was above the surface, her voice muffled be the soft murmurs of the water.

But…he wasn't underwater so it didn't make sense why he couldn't hear properly.

As he mulled over the possibilities, he began to feel dreadfully dizzy and every breath was like sticking a rake in his own throat.

He panicked slightly, but was glad to see that no one else had noticed his freak-out.

Even if he was a stray cat now, he didn't want to burden other people with his pain.

He covered it up and ignored Rinslets protests as he left the room to get a bottle of milk from the fridge.

"Shut up….." he moaned. Rubbing his temples. "I'm exhausted"

After narrowly avoiding being hit by Rinslet, Train had made it onto the roof.

He loved being on the roof.

He sipped his milk absentmindedly and noticed a small Calico cat approaching him cautiously. He laughed and offered the rest of his milk to the young cat. It mewed happily and gratefully lapped up the milk.

After the cat had disappeared, like a shadow in the night, Train lay back for a rest.

He sat back up immediately, coughing and retching violently.

Was he sick? He hadn't been sick since he was a little kid. He seemed to have steeled his immune system against almost everything, but then what was this?

He was still coughing and nearly fell of the roof due to his jerking movements.

One last cough rattled his lean frame, but it was excruciatingly painful and when he pulled his hand away from his mouth he saw red.

He paled.

He had just coughed up a load of blood.

Isn't it only seriously injured or ill people who cough up large amounts of blood? Train fretted.

Assuming everyone to be asleep, Train ran downstairs into their apartment and grabbed a towel.

Thankfully, they only owned red towels so the blood stains wouldn't be too visible. Of course, when the blood dried, it would be a completely different story.

The dark crimson would be easily noticeable.

Little did he know that Sven had stayed up in the lounge, worried at his incessant coughing fit.

Train came out of the bathroom and froze. He noticed Sven watching him with a concerned expression. Train never missed anything.

If anyone was 100 feet away from him he would know, yet he had failed to notice his partner sitting less than ten feet away. This worried Train to say the least and the sudden stress caused him to nearly black out.

He caught himself on the coffee table just in time, but Sven had noticed his lack of vigilance.

Train never dropped his awareness like that.

"Train?", Sven said quietly so as to not wake Rinslet and Eve. "Are you feeling okay?"

Creeds earlier words gnawed at the back of his mind and he was concerned about the distant look in Trains eyes. What's more, Train hadn't eaten dinner. He said he wasn't hungry. Train.

"I'm fi-", Train began, but was cut off by a powerful coughing fit that nearly knocked him over.

Sven was instantly worried. He had never seen Train ill before and he didn't seem like the kind of person to catch the common cold.

Sven's earlier fears worsened when Train retched and coughed twice as worse as before. Just as he was about to go to Train blood poured over the carpet.

Sven's eyes widened and he ran to wake Rinslet and Eve.

Crap, thought Train bitterly. He was so stupid, letting Sven see him like a sick dog collapsed in an alley. Now Rinslet and Eve had to see him too?

He growled at the pain that overcame his thoughts. He'd never felt anything like this before…

The pain ceased suddenly, as did the coughs. Train was confused.

He realised he was lying on the ground and stood up hurriedly to spare himself the abject humiliation of being found on the floor.

It was then that he realised that, even though he was standing, he was no taller than the small table at the side of the room. That was only a foot tall at most.

Sven entered the room suddenly, bursting through the door with Rins and Eve close behind him. They were giants to Train.

Confusion washed over Sven's face as he glanced around the room. He looked down and spotted Train, his face seeming miles away.

A look of horror showed on all three of the giants faces.

What the…?

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