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Terri :D


I was just getting ready to go meet up with everyone at the cafeteria to grab something to eat and then I heard a knock at my door. I answered the door to see Adrian standing there grinning at me. If I didn't know better I would have said he looked nervous. I said,

"Hey Adrian, What are you doing here?" With the grin still on his face he answered, " I am here with dating proposal you requested." OH SHIT!!!! The proposal. What was I to say and that was when I looked at Adrian. I mean REALLY looked at Adrian. He is gorgeous

and he has proven himself to be a genuinely good person. Although I am not ready for anything right now, I could see him as someone I could fall in love with. If I were willing to open my heart again, maybe I could give him a shot.


As I handed Rose the envelope, my hands were shaking. I really hoped she hadn't noticed. She took the note and looked at me with raised eyebrows. "You want me to read it now?" she asked. I told her I did. I stood there shuffling from one foot to the other

wishing I could read her thoughts. She finished reading and looked up at me. "Well?" I asked. She didn't say anything. She just walked over, wrapped her arms around my neck and pushed her lips to mine. I instantly froze. OH GOD….Rose was kissing me. My heart

stopped beating and my mind stopped thinking. It was as if time had stopped and only Rose and I existed. I wrapped my arm around her waist and reached my hand into her silky hair and pulled her into the kiss. Our kiss was filled with so much intensity. I slid my tongue

against her lower lip and she opened her mouth for me to enter. Our tongues touched and I hear Rose moan softly. Rose moaning from my kiss, I could die right now and die a happy man. I have dreamt of this moment and my dreams never did it any justice. It was

perfect, everything I could have ask for and more. Sure, I've kissed dozens of women, but not like this. There was love in this kiss whether Rose was ready to admit it or not. Rose quickly pulled her lips away from mine. We were both completely breathless. I looked at her

and asked, "Did I do something wrong?" Rose waited a minute and replied. "No Adrian, I care for you. I really do, but I'm just not ready to give myself yet. I don't want to hurt you. I……Please just give me some time." I was not expecting that at all. Shocked I say, "I

would never rush you Rose. I am a patient man. I would wait an eternity for you." She kissed my cheek and told me it was time to meet Lissa and Christian. I still didn't get an answer to the date question. I guess she will tell me when she is ready.


As Adrian handed me the envelope his hand was shaking. I guess he really was nervous. He was just standing there looking at me and I raised my eyebrows and asked,"You want me to read it now?" He said he did. So, I opened the envelope and started to

read the letter. I couldn't believe what I was reading. I always knew Adrian had a "thing" for me, but this way completely unexpected. Please don't get me wrong, I am totally flattered to think he could care for me so much. I didn't deserve it. My heart was somewhere else,

it's with Dimitri. Actually, I feel as though I don't have possession of my heart any longer. It's gone, broken. Adrian broke me out of my thoughts. "Well?" he asked. I just looked at him and for reasons I can not explain, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed my lips

to his. I felt Adrians lips freeze beneath mine. I must have sent the poor man into shock. Without notice Adrian wrapped his arm around my waist and reached his hand in my hair and pulled me into the kiss. At that point he was reacting and boy, was it intense. I've never

kissed Adrian before and it was amazing. He slid his tongue along my lower lip and I gave him access to my mouth. Our tongues touched and I let out a soft moan, enjoying the moment. As if a switch was pulled inside me, I pulled away from Adrian. I couldn't catch my breath.

When I was kissing him my mind suddenly went to thoughts of Dimitri. Dimitri, how could I betray him like this? I Love him…..OH GOD, Please help me. What am I to do now that he is gone. Please, Please….Adrian asked, "Did I do something wrong?" Christ, I can't tell

him the truth. It would crush him completely after he just poured his heart out to me. I responded, "No Adrian, I care for you I really do, but I'm just not ready to give myself yet. I don't want to hurt you. I…..please just give me some time." God knows I don't want to hurt this man.

It's just a tough situation all the way around. Adrian said to me, "I would never rush you Rose. I am a patient man. I would wait an eternity for you." I leaned in and kissed his cheek. I told him it was time to go meet with Lissa and Christian. As we were walking, I

couldn't help to think if I could heal just a fraction. Maybe, just maybe I could give a piece of my heart to Adrian. He really is a good man and he deserved to be loved. I just hope its enough, I'm enough.