Stephanie looked over at Vicky her best buddy then looked back at Doofenshmirtz her crush and between the two she had never felt so loved.

She wiped away a few happy tears "...of course i forgive you and im sorry for all ive done"

Vicky embraced her in a hug "oh my god im so relieved!"

"R-really? You like me that much?"


They both laughed Doofenshmirtz smiling at them both

Perry the platypus swung onto the balcony noticing the two girls streaming happy tears and his nemesis standing idly by "oh there you are Perry the Platypus, we're just having a little reunion"

Perry looked up at him suspiciously 'being good are we?'

"And," he continued smiling at Stephanie "I think I just got a new evil assistant"

Vicky grinned "oh yeah that's right! We're working together now!"



The girl's high pitched happy squeal made Doofenshmirtz and perry cringe but smile anyway "comes on girls how about some hot chocolate?"

All four of them walked back inside "what is it with you and hot chocolate?"

"Doofenshmirtz now where were we…?"

"Hey HEY easy!! One's enough! VICKY THE FANGIRL HELP ME!"

"haha no chance!"


End ^-^