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* * * * *


Mummy dressed me in a small pink dungaree dress and a pale pink t-shirt, securing the matching sandals onto my tiny feet. She smiled up at me from where she crouched on the floor, tucking one of my brown curls behind my ear.

"There. You all ready, Bells?"

I bobbed my head, and Mummy kissed my forehead lightly.

She lead me outside, scooping me up in her arms and strapping me into my little booster seat in the car.

Mummy was taking me to Edward's house. He was my best friend in the whole wide world and I was always going to his house to play with him.

I live in a tiny little town called Forks. I like it – it's a nice place to live. Homely, and I guess your home should feel that way. Mummy or Daddy sometimes take me to the bigger towns, like Port Angeles. Those towns are amazing – all those long rows of shops and big crowds of people. Completely different to here. But I'd rather live in Forks – even if it does rain too much.

Mummy sang along to a CD she was playing, and I tried to sing a long too, though I don't really know the words that well. She played a different CD in the car every few days – sometimes it would be soft slow melodies. Other times it would be loud and very fast.

We had reached the familiar trail leading to Edward's house now. Mummy parked the car outside the huge beautiful white building, and we both climbed out.

Before Mummy and I had knocked on the large front door, it swung open.

"Renée! Bella!" Esme, Edward's mummy, almost sang. Her voice was just liked the people in the Mummy's CDs – like music.

"Hi, Esme," Mummy replied cheerfully.

"Hello," I said in my big-girls voice – loud and clear.

Esme smiled fondly at me, patting my head lightly. "Where's he taking you then? This date of yours." She was speaking to Mummy now, grinning at her.

I looked up at Mummy, confused. What were they talking about?

Mummy's eyes lit up, a huge smile appearing on her pretty face. "That new restaurant in Port Angeles – you know the one. It looks so expensive! I did protest, but Phil says I deserve the best. Gosh, Esme, he's so sweet. I know it's only a lunch date, but I'm a little nervous -"

Esme reached out to place a caring hand on Mummy's shoulder. "You'll be fine. Don't worry."

"And he's so much younger than me... almost your and Carlisle's age..."

Esme raised a finger to her lips, indicating that Mummy should be quiet. "Nonsense. Age is just a number, darling. Now, off you go before you're late."

Mummy shot Esme a smile, her expression somewhere between excitement and nervousness. She bent down to kiss me on my nose.

"Bye, Bella. Daddy will come and collect you later, okay?"

I nodded.

"Have a good time sweetheart." She wrapped me into her arms for a quick hug.

"Bye-bye, Mummy," I said quietly.

"Thanks again, Esme," Mummy said before climbing back into her car.

Esme held me in front of her by my shoulders. "Bye! Have a nice time!" We both waved as Mummy drove away.

I turned around and looked up at Esme.

"Esme," I began, then hesitated.

"Yes, dear?" She replied softly, her pretty caramel curls the perfect frame for her heart-shaped face.

"What's a date?"

Esme paused, her eyebrows raising slightly, her lips pursing into a small 'o' shape.

Her brow furrowed. Surely Esme knew what Mummy had been talking about. She and Carlisle, Edward's daddy, were obviously very young. But they were still grown-ups.

"Well, Bella... Your Mummy's going out to meet a friend."

That makes sense - that's what she had told me yesterday.

"Is that a date, then? Going to see a friend?"

Esme paused for a moment, then nodded.

"So are Edward and I going on a date now?" I questioned.

Her lips twitched at the corners into a smile. "I suppose you could say that, Bella."

I smiled.


I could always recognize Edward's voice; it was the lovliest voice I'd ever heard. I know that sounds strange, but I truly is. He always sounds so happy...

Edward ran over to us, then wrapped his arms around my waist and I hugged him back.

"Hi Edward!" I exclaimed as well walked into his living room and sat down on the little bean bags.

Edward ran a hand through his bronze hair. His hair always looked like he'd just woken up and hadn't even brushed it yet, but it looked cool; like it was supposed to be that way. It suited him.

"Hey, Bella!" Alice, Edward's sister, called. She was very small - even smaller than me and much smaller than Edward – and had short black spikey hair. She reminded me of one of the pixies in my storybooks.

"Hi, Alice," I grinned at her. Alice was my best friend too. Edward was my best best friend, because we did everything together - but Alice was like my girl best friend. Edward didn't like playing dollies, so I sometimes played baby dolls with Alice instead. I liked to look after the little dollies – pretend to feed them and play with them and put them to bed. Alice liked to do their hair and dress them up in a million different flowery dresses – but then she always wanted to do my hair, and dress me up in her little clumpy dress-up heels and over-the-top dresses. I tended to call for Edward and ask if he wanted to play hide-and-seek at that point.

We spent the morning playing with Alice and Edward's toys. Emmett played a game of football with us too, and Alice insisted that he played on her team to make it fair because he's so big and she's so tiny. Emmett is big, (for a second grader, anyway) with short black hair and a constant smile on his face.

Esme fixed us some sandwiches for lunch, and baked some cookies for after. While Alice tried to convince Emmett to let her do his hair, Edward and I sat on the grass in the Cullen's back garden, munching on cookies.

"Mummy's gone on a date today," I stated after finishing off my cookie.

"Has she?"

"Yes. Do you know what a date is?" I answered my own question without waiting for his answer. "You see, it's where you-"

"I know what a date is," Edward said casually.

I pouted. Of course Edward knew – Edward knew everything.

"Your mummy said that me and you are having a date too," I told him.

Edward looked surprised. "Really? I thought the only people who go on dates and boyfriends and girlfriends..."

I frowned. "But Mummy doesn't have a boyfriend."

That was true. Mummy and Daddy weren't married anymore, not since I was a baby. They both lived in Forks though, so I got to see them both each week. Neither Mummy or Daddy had had a boyfriend or girlfriend since, though...

Edward frowned too, obviously confused.

"Do you think Mummy's got a new boyfriend, Edward?" I asked, my voice no more than a whisper. "She hasn't told me-"

"Don't cry, Bella," Edward said softly, putting an arm around my shoulder.

"I'm not crying!" I protested as Edward wiped a stray tear away from cheek.

"If your mummy does have a boyfriend, then she'll tell you later. You shouldn't worry about it."

"But what if he doesn't like me?" I sobbed.


"Mummy's boyfriend."

Edward sighed, hugging me closer. "Silly Bella. Everyone likes you! Why wouldn't they?"

I rolled my eyes at Edward, but lent in closer to his body, needing his comfort.


"Yes, Bella?"

"When we're older, will you be my boyfriend and go on dates with me?"

Edward laughed happily before leaning his head towards mine. "Okay. But only if you marry me when we're grown-ups."

I giggled. Being a grown-up seemed like such a long way away!

"Okay, Edward. I'll marry you when we're grown-ups!" I tapped his nose once, still giggling.

Edward smiled my favourite crooked smile, and took my hand before the two of us ran off to get some more cookies.

* * * * *

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