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Okay, so basically, Alice comes back, and finds out that the White Queen and the Hatter are in love. And she has to watch from afar. So sad :(

Hopefully, this will end up longer! Right now, it's just a short drabble. A REALLY short drabble.

Alice PoV


What a silly little thing it is, how it tampers with your emotions, your life.

Like an hourglass, until it runs out of time.

And yet,

I love her.

As I watch him hold her in his arms, I feel jealousy in the pit of my stomach. I wish I could hold her that way. Her Majesty is more loved, more beloved than anyone knows, even her. Except for him, and me. But I, unlike him, have to watch from afar, never get too close.

And who is this him, you might ask? It is our beloved Hatter. I was the one to bring him and Mirana back together. Ever since the White Queen's sister had stolen the crown, and taken over wonderland, Hatter had drifted away from her, and his mind had become like a kaleidoscope, ever-changing. He went from sane to insane in an instant, but something about our queen calms him. Helps him. Ever since they had come from the Red Queen's castle, (which was ages ago,) he seems more sane, more... in control.

What they have, I fear I will never have. I'm afraid that I might always be the onlooker, watching everyone else fall in love. I have to watch the two people I do love from afar, as they have their happily ever after together.

Because, alas, I also love him, too.

It really is just a big game to some, isn't it?


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