Yes! I did three chapters in three days! I know this one is really short, but these first three chapters have been pretty much just set-ups.

Percy and Annabeth were walking down the hall, on the first day of summer, when they met their first friends at the Olympian Hotel: an Olympian Solar Energy intern named Grover Underwood and the son of Hermes Us, Luke Castellan.

Apparently, Annabeth had met Grover and Luke in a chess club, the daughter of Z.E. Us, Thalia Grace, who was in a coma at the time.

Grover, Annabeth, Percy, and Luke became quick friends. The four then went to the pool for a swim.

Their fun was interrupted when Percy's iPhone rang, vibrating on his recliner.

Percy got out of the pool, and pressed the green button.

"Hello?" Percy said. A sullen voice answered, "Percy, it's Dad. Y-your mother h-has been kidnapped by Tar, Min O. Tar."

Min O. Tar was the deranged ex-assistant, who had been

"W-wha-what?" "I'm sorry, Percy, but Tar said that you h-had to rescue her f-from Harry's headquarters in LA, at Olympian Recording Studios. Oh, and you have to walk or take a form of free public transportation, because he said that if you did otherwise h-he would k-k-ki-kill your m-mother."

P.O. sniffled, and said, "Take two of your friends. And you must reach it by June 21st, in eight days."

"Grover, Annabeth, Luke: my mother's taken by Min O. Tar, and Annabeth and...Grover, I have to take you with me."

Annabeth, who knew Percy's mother well, looked pretty sad, Grover looked sorry, and Luke, for a second, grinned evilly, and said, "For K. Ron Us!" He got out of the pool quickly,."Bye-bye, losers." A helicopter flew in, and he ran up the ladder.

K. Ron Us was the deranged brother of Hermes and Z.E. Us, and he, along with Min O. Tar and other psychos, like M.E. Dusa, wanted to bankrupt Olympian, Inc. and kill the Olympians.

The only thought on Grover, Annabeth, and Percy's minds were: Oh snap.