Chapter 26

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Song: Safe place to hide

Artist: Melissa O'Neil

As the house began to collapse, Levi jumped out of the way of the falling debris as he leaped outside just in time before most of the house crumbled on top of him. He morphed back to his human form as he stared back at the house knowing that Amelia still lay inside somewhere. Hellboy, Liz, Kelly, and Abe rushed towards him as they watched the house collapse only half way.

"Amelia's still inside!" Levi cried and he spotted Trent trying to crawl his way out of the ruble he was trapped under. Hellboy took the honors of going towards him as he yanked Trent out of the ruble by the throat.

"You got some explaining to do, mister" Hellboy said and Trent was too shocked and weak to reply. Suddenly without warning, Trent closed his eyes in defeat as his body began crumbling as it turned to dust and dirt and he finally seemed to disintegrate as he disappeared beneath Hellboy's hand.

"What the…?" Hellboy said and he turned to the others, "I wasn't holding him that hard"

"We know, Red" Abe said, "He simply wasn't strong enough to continue living anymore, you didn't do anything wrong"

Hellboy nodded as he returned to the others and Levi turned to them, "What about Amelia? She's still in there; we have to get her out!"

Felix suddenly squeaked as he had been sitting on Kelly's shoulder and he now jumped down as he raced towards the remains of the building and Levi followed as he raced after him. Felix scurried in through a big enough hole for Levi to remove some of the pieces of wood to be able to fit in a he attempted to follow Felix.

"Amelia? Amelia, where are you?" Levi called as he tried to keep Felix in his sight.

I know that it's been hard for you

It must be killing you.

Amelia slowly opened her eyes but it didn't do any difference as she was surrounded by darkness and debris. Amelia took a small deep breath as she tried to figure out exactly what had happened. She heard a small scuttling sound and she was suddenly face to face with the small entity she had befriended. Amelia attempted to smile at the small creature as it moved closer and nudged her cheek as it made the small squeak/purring sound.

"You're very brave" Amelia quietly said to the small creature and it crawled up and curled up beside Amelia's neck and it stayed with her.

And I can feel how it pulls at you

It pulls at me too.

I would run away to the world I left behind

I will find a way back to you.

Levi dug through the debris as Felix led him to the hole where Amelia fell through. Levi lifted as much of the debris and wood out of the way for him to be able to climb down.

"Amelia? Can you hear me? Amelia!" Levi called.

"L-Levi?" Amelia gasped out and Levi could just barely hear her.

"Amelia! Where are you?"

"Down here"

And when you've got no where to turn

And you're all alone

When your walls are all breaking and there's no escaping.

I, I fly through the night

To get back to your side

I'll be your safe place to hide.

Levi leaped down into the hole as he glanced around trying to find Amelia. He finally spotted her not too far away and he quickly rushed to her side.

"Oh god, Amelia!" Levi said as he reached out and touched the side of her face as he smoothed back a few strands of her hair, "Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah, just a little bruised is all" Amelia replied and it was then that Levi spotted the small entity as the small creature looked up at him.

"Found a friend, I see" Levi said with a slight laugh.

"He's not evil, just curious" Amelia explained. Felix jumped down into the hole and scurried over to the two teens as he spotted the small entity and the two small creatures stared at each other for a moment before touching noses briefly and Felix climbed onto Levi's shoulder.

"We're gonna get you out of here" Levi said and Amelia slightly managed to nod.

"What happened to Trent?"

"He's been defeated. Don't worry; he's not going to bother us anymore"

I was always there for you

Always cared for you.

And I'm still right here guarding you

Watching over you.

Though I'm miles away from the world I left behind

I will find a way back to you.

Amelia began to feel very weak as her eyes wanted to close but she didn't want to just yet. She forced herself to stay awake as she heard other voices being said but she couldn't quite make out who they were. She could hear Levi talking back to the voices but she still couldn't exactly hear what they were saying other than it had something to do with getting them out of the hole.

And when you've got no where to turn

And you're all alone

When your walls are all breaking and there's no escaping.

I, I fly through the night

To get back to your side

I'll be your safe place to hide.

Amelia was just able to stay conscious as Levi carefully pulled her into his arms to try and carry her out of the hole as Hellboy and Abe lowered a thick rope down into the hole to pull the two teens up. Amelia used as much of her strength as she could to hold on to Levi as she wrapped her arms securely around his neck as Levi took a firm hold on the rope with one hand as he wrapped it around his arm. As soon as the two were securely holding onto the rope, Hellboy and Abe pulled them up and out of the hole. As soon as they were able, Abe relieved Levi of Amelia as Abe lifted Amelia out and held her in his arms for a moment before carrying her out of the crumbled building and out to the truck. Hellboy gave Levi a hand as he pulled Levi out of the hole and Felix and the small entity followed all of them out at Levi's feet.

I'll be there by your side

The safe place that you hide.

Cause nothings really changing

I'm just a few more miles away and

When you've got nowhere to turn and you're all alone.

Your walls are all breaking and there's no escaping

I, I fly through the night to get back to your side.

To be your safe place to hide

To be your safe place to hide

*~Two months later~*

It had now been a whole two months since the final encounter with Trent and everyone had seemed to recover from it since then. Amelia had taken to spending as much time as she could in her greenhouse adding more plants and constantly taking care of them or designing and picking out new containers and pots for other plants. Kelly and her mother had found a new house not too far from the BPRD so they could visit whenever and as much as they wanted. The small entity that was with Amelia during the encounter had been allowed to stay so long as Amelia would train and take care of it which she happily agreed to. She named the small creature Oak as Amelia knew that the plant called 'oak leaves' meant 'bravery' but she just shortened it to Oak instead to make it easier. Felix and Oak soon became best friends as Oak was almost always full of energy and Felix was more than happy to play with the small creature. It had also been announced among the others that Levi's birthday was coming up and everyone wanted to do something special for him. No one told Levi what they were going to do as they wanted to keep it a surprise until his birthday.

The big day finally came as Liz and Amelia led Levi down the hallway but Liz had her hands over Levi's eyes so that he couldn't see what his surprise was yet. Felix and Oak followed them excitedly at their feet as the two ran a short ways ahead almost like they were leading the way.

"Where are we going?" Levi asked as Amelia held his hands and led him through the halls.

"You'll see!" Amelia simply replied as they continued to lead the temporary blind Levi down the halls.

"Okay seriously, what did you guys do? You're freaking me out a little here"

"You have to wait until we get there" Liz said.

They soon reached the garage but Levi didn't know that as the others had been waiting in the garage for Liz and Amelia to arrive with the birthday boy.

"About time you got here" Hellboy said.

"Can I see what's going on now? This is a bit of a pain" Levi asked.

"Hold on a sec"

Hellboy did a very brief check before standing up straight and smiling.

"Okay, now you can look" Hellboy said.

Liz dropped her hands from Levi's eyes and Levi let his eyes adjust to the light for a second before gazing at what lay in front of him.

"Oh my god! Seriously!" Levi cried. Right in front of him was a black 67 camaro ss! "You got me a freaking car?"

"Well you just got your 'N', didn't you?" Abe asked.


"Then it's all yours" Abe tossed him a pair of car keys and Levi caught them, "Go ahead, check it out"

Levi didn't need to be told twice as he rushed forward and circled his new car in excitement, looking at everything the car had. After circling the car, he opened the driver's side door and climbed in as he sat down in the driver's seat. Amelia smiled as she rushed forward and opened the passengers side door and sat down inside with Levi as Felix and Oak also rushed forward and jumped in as they sat in the backseat.

"So what do you think?" Amelia asked and Levi laughed.

"This is so awesome!" Levi replied, "I can't believe you guys did this, oh man this is so cool"

"C'mon, let's go for a test drive"

"What… you mean right now?"

"Duh, yes right now" Amelia poked her head out the car window, "we can go for a drive, right?"

"Of course" Abe replied, "Just make sure you buckle up"

"No problem"

Amelia pulled her head back into the car and Levi laughed again as he started the car. The garage door opened and Levi pulled his new car out of the garage and onto the street and Levi cheered as the car sped down the road.

"Let's go to Kelly's, we need to show her too" Amelia said. Levi nodded as he couldn't stop smiling as he drove down the road loving every minute of the drive as they finally reached Kelly's house. Levi pulled into the driveway and Levi honked the horn as Amelia opened her door and got out. Kelly appeared in the window upstairs and her eyes went wide with excitement when she spotted Levi's new car. Amelia waved her arms and called for Kelly to come down as Levi honked the horn again. Kelly disappeared from the window and soon appeared in the front door as she rushed out and ran to greet Amelia.

"Levi got a car?" Kelly asked excitedly.

"C'mon, we're going for a ride" Amelia said. Kelly nodded and she rushed inside for a moment to let her mother know what she was doing and she was quick to rush back out and climb into the back seat. As Levi began to pull out of the driveway, Mrs. Parkings waved at them from the front door with a smile on her face.

"I can't believe you have a car" Kelly said.

"I still can't believe it either" Levi replied, "Somebody should pinch me just in case"


Kelly reached out and pinched Levi's upper arm and he slightly yelped.

"Ow, hey I'm driving here"

"Sorry, but you asked me to"

"You guys are so funny" Amelia said as she laughed, "We'll go around a few more blocks and then head back, Liz made us all supper for your birthday, and Kelly and her mom are invited"

"Do we have to go back?" Levi whined.

"Do you want dinner?"

Levi gave in as Kelly laughed. They soon returned to the BPRD and everyone gathered into the kitchen for the special dinner Liz had made. The evening was even complete with a large cake that had a picture of a fierce tiger on the top. By the end of the night, everyone had their full of food and cake and they all decided to retire for the night. Liz and Hellboy left to their room while Abe went to the library to sleep in his tank. Kelly and her mother returned to their home leaving Amelia and Levi to take their time walking back to their rooms with Felix and Oak at their feet.

"This has been the best birthday ever" Levi said, "I don't know how it could be better than this"

"I think I can come up with an idea" Amelia said as they stopped in the hallway.

"How so?"

Amelia just smiled as she wrapped her arms around Levi's neck and kissed him. Levi wrapped his arms around Amelia's waist holding her closer as he returned the kiss and they soon pulled away from each other.

"Okay, now it's the best birthday ever" Levi said and Amelia laughed.

*~The End~*

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