A/N: ...I have no idea. Nonsensical drabble.

...Funny though.

The boy hit him like a sack of potatoes. And not baby new potatoes, but fully-grown baking potatoes, too.

Potatoes are incredible things, you know. You can boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew (and I'll not quote that anymore), fry them, bake them… You can turn them into chips or crisps, or you can make salads with them. Who hasn't heard of fish and chips or bangers and mash? They go great with vinegar, gravy, tomato and whatever other toppings you can imagine (except cream, as the potato is not a fruit). Potatoes are good things.

But they are not good things when you were struck by them. They are heavy, as are most objects, and at the right speed can be transformed into great weapons. Of course they have to be rather solid to do so, but all the same, potatoes can become murderous – which is exactly why I stated that it was a bag of potatoes that struck him… or rather, a word with the weight and force of a bag of potatoes.

Roxas is a nice enough boy, kind of like a stationary potato. His hair sticks up to the point where it looks starched, and his face and hair are similar colours to a stripped potato and its skin. Like a stationary potato, he expresses very little, and yet at the same time embodies so much it is difficult to fathom whether something such as a potato is unimportant.

But Roxas, also like a potato, can reach violent speeds if dropped or thrown. And this particular sack of potatoes was travelling at a very dangerous speed.

And so Axel found himself bowled over by the 'sack of potatoes', before dusting himself off, picking Roxas up off him and giving him a look that said, "What the heck just happened?"