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Prologue: The Legend of Musashi and Crisis Approaches Allucaneet Kingdom

Many years ago, without warning, a monster of epic proportions appeared in the Thirstquencher Empire destroying it quickly due to the randomness of the attack. This beast, known as the Wizard of Darkness, was made of almost entirely of a powerful crystal known as Binchotite and with its power, quickly destroyed the unprepared Empire, afterwards setting its sights on the Allucaneet Kingdom. The monster destroyed everything in its path and as a result contaminated the land, causing many mutations to the surrounding plants and wildlife that would later cause a great deal of problems.

Scouts hearing of the kingdom quickly sent word back to the palace and upon hearing the news, King Allucaneet ordered a Hero Summon spell to be cast in order to bring forth a champion that would be able to take down the beast. The Hero Summon spell was a special magic that was handed down amongst the generations to the princesses and was only to be used as a last resort when the kingdom was faced with overwhelming danger. Once the spell was performed, a two-sworded fencer named Musashi appeared and with the task given to him, went to battle with the powerful Wizard.

Once they locked in battle, Musashi and the Wizard battled endlessly over quite a period of time. As formidable as he was, even Musashi found himself hard pressed to defeat the Wizard. Finally, after many days of fighting and with the help of his sword Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence, Musashi emerged victorious and sealed the Wizard away.

After this it was said that Musashi sealed away the power of the monster into seven different elements and then sealed them within seven crests. These crests became known simply as the Seven Scrolls and they passed into myth just as the legend of the brave fencer had.

Over 150 years had passed when things began to happen quite suddenly. For a few years, diplomatic relations between the Allucaneet Kingdom and the Thirstquencher Empire had been breaking down, finally ceasing when the Empire attacked. Unfortunately, with the king and queen absent at the time of the attack, Allucaneet found themselves quickly overwhelmed, and as such, had to fall back into a defensive position.

It seemed the Empire had timed their attack well and their goal was to acquire Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence. As Thirstquencher's army was quickly approaching the castle, the senior members of the castle realized that their only hope was to have the princess perform the Hero Summon.

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