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Did Tristan survive? Who was the woman in the forest? Was Isolde able to find help? You will find the answers if you read!

As soon as I regained consciousness, I realized that I wasn't in the forest anymore. Instead, I was in a tent.

"Oh, where am I?" I asked as I rubbed my eyes.

"He lives!" a man's voice said.

I slowly sat up, and then tried to remember what I could before I passed out. All I could remember was Isolde pouring water onto my wound and screaming in pain. For some reason, I wasn't feeling any pain in my abdomen.

"Who are you, sir?" I asked.

"I am Gouvernail, at your service. I am a retired knight and some of my friends and I travel across France, helping those in need."

"I am pleased to meet you, Gouvernail. I am Tristan," I said.

His eyes widened. "It is a pleasure meeting you, Tristan. We found you and that young maiden in the forest one night and we healed your wound," he said.

"What? One night? How long have I been unconscious?" I asked.

"Three days," Gouvernail said.

"Three days! Why didn't you wake me? I'm on a tight schedule, and I've just wasted three days, all because I had to heal from a wound! I could have traveled while the wound was healing! I am performing my final test in order to become a knight!" I said with anger.

"Tristan, calm down. You needed to heal. Besides, you'll have plenty of time left because we will help you with your mission. That young maiden told me that you had a month for your mission," Gouvernail said.

Then it hit me. "Isolde! Is she alright?" I asked.

I didn't wait for him to answer my question. Quickly, I threw a tunic over my head and girded my sword to my waist. I ran from my tent.

"Tristan! Wait!" Gouvernail yelled.

"Isolde! Isolde where are you!" I yelled.

"I'm right here," she said calmly. She was sitting by the fire pit with another woman with silver hair and pale skin, who was cooking.

"Are you alright, Isolde?" I asked.

"Yes, I'm perfectly fine, Tristan. I'm glad to see that you have recovered," she said.

"I'm well again. We must not linger here, we need to get to the fountain as soon as possible," I said.

"Ah, do not be hasty, Tristan. Sit down and eat. You haven't eaten in three days after all," the woman said.

I looked around at my surroundings and realized that we were on a beach.

"How did we get here?"

"We brought you two here. It is safe here by the beach. Hardly anyone knows that there is a passage to the ocean in this forest," the woman said.

"That's a shame. It's so beautiful out here. Whoever knew that the forest would lead to a beach," Isolde said.

The woman stood up and walked to me.

"I should have introduced myself earlier. I am Brangwayne," she said.

"I am pleased to meet you, Brangwayne. I thank you for taking care of Isolde and I," I said.

"Ah, that is my job now. I am glad to see that you have healed properly," she said

"Yes, thank you for curing my wound," I said.

"Oh, I didn't do that, my concubine cured your wound," Brangwayne said.

"Where is she?" I asked.

"She is not here at the present moment. She had to leave right after she cured you, because she had some business to take care of," she said.

"Oh. Please tell her I will be forever grateful that she cured me. Without her, I would have been dead," I said.

"I will, but I probably won't see her for a long time," Brangwayne said. She then placed some green beans on a wooden plate for me.

"Here, I just cooked these. You'll need your strength," she said.

I sat down and ate the beans, which didn't taste that bad. Eventually, Gouvernail caught up with us.

"So, I believe that after everyone is done eating, we can continue our journey to the fountain," he said.

"Do you really know where the exact location of the fountain is?" I asked.

"Why of course. We always go there. We work there," Brangwayne said.

"How do I know that I can trust you?" I asked.

"Oh, you'll learn to trust us. We have proof of how you can trust us," Gouvernail said.

"Then prove your worthiness to me," I said.

Gouvernail showed me his sword. On the hilt was the symbol of Cornwall.

"Did you really come from Cornwall?" I asked.


"How do I know that you're not lying?" I asked.

"Tristan, I am holding in my hand the sword of a noble knight of Cornwall. The only way I could get one of these is by becoming a knight in Cornwall. Surely you know that," he said calmly.

"Yes, I do, but I'm just being cautious. I myself am from Cornwall and-"

"You are trying to learn the truth about King Mark's wife," Gouvernail said.

"Well. . .yes. I have been given the mission of learning the truth of Queen Iseult as my final knightly challenge," I said.

"I'll tell you now, Tristan. When it comes to learning the truth of the Queen of Cornwall or of another person's heritage, no one will know more than Brangwayne and I," Gouvernail said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Will you trust us?" he said as he held out his hand.

I didn't know what to do. Part of me wanted to trust him while the other part of me didn't want to trust him. However, he seemed to be telling the truth, and had proven that he was a native of Cornwall.

I made my decision and shook hands with him.

"I'll trust you," I said.

"Very good. Now, just follow us and we'll arrive at the fountain in no time," Gouvernail said.

Isolde stayed close next to me. I wondered if she didn't trust Gouvernail.

As we walked across the shore, Isolde pulled on my arm.

"Tristan, do you see that in the distance?" she asked.

I looked straight ahead. A boat was washed up on the shore.

"It's a boat," I said.

"Yes, I wonder why it's here. Maybe someone was following us," she said. I ran towards it, and Isolde tried to follow me. I inspected the small rowboat, looking for symbols. There was nothing inside of the boat, but I eventually felt something on the right side.

"I've found something," I said.

"What is it?" Isolde asked. I looked closer at the symbol engraved into the boat. It was the symbol of Cornwall! Just then, I fell backwards.

Rosetta! How could I have forgotten you?

"NO!" I yelled.

"What is the commotion?" Gouvernail asked.

"This boat came from Cornwall, and was possibly carrying someone who is very important to me," I said.

"Well the boat is stuck in the sand fairly well, so I think that whoever was in the boat made it to the land," Gouvernail said.

Just then, I noticed something sparkle in the boat. I bent down and saw that it was a blue gem. Picking it up, I soon discovered that it was a bracelet.

I examined the bracelet for a moment, and tried to look for any symbols on it. But I found nothing; it was merely a golden band with a blue gem in the center.

"Gouvernail, I believe that you are correct. This bracelet obviously belongs to a women and there is a chance that she is the one I am looking for," I said.

"Now Tristan, you must focus on your knightly duties first. We will probably find your friend as we travel," Gouvernail said.

"That isn't good enough. Part of being a knight is saving those who I truly love," I said.

"Tristan, calm down for a moment. I just saw footprints in the distance, and they looked fresh. They probably landed here last night or the day before. They shouldn't be far from here," Gouvernail said.

"Alright, I hope that they aren't far. But I will never stop searching for her as we travel," I said.

No matter how Gouvernail seemed to reassure me, I wasn't convinced. I wouldn't be able to rest until I found Rosetta and saw that she was safe.

As we continued, I examined the footprints. I could definitely tell they were the footprints of a woman, and footprints of a man wearing boots. They seemed to be fresh; Gouvernail was right about that. I just needed to convince my companions to follow their footprints, so that I could find Rosetta. After all, we shouldn't get that of course, since Gouvernail and Brangwayne knew how to get to the fountain anyways.

I purposely got ahead of everyone, continuing to seek out the footprints. As we entered the forest, they became more difficult to see, since the ground was hard and footprints weren't made easily.

Eventually, I couldn't see the footprints anymore, and my hope began to dwindle.

"I know that you were trying to lead us away from the planned trail, Tristan. These woods are rather simple, and I promise you that we will find your friend," Gouvernail said.

"I wish I could assure myself that you are telling the truth," I said.

"Tristan, everything I saw is true. I know these woods because I travel them often. Your friend will be found before you know it," Gouvernail said.

I hung my head low and didn't respond. I was feeling rather depressed right now. I could only wish that Rosetta was safe. What worried me the most was that I didn't know who the knight was that traveled with her.

"Tristan, look," Isolde said as she pointed into the distance. I looked up and saw a fire pit, with smoke coming from it. I ran to the pit.

"The fire is still fresh. It must have been put out this morning," I said as I felt the rocks around it. They were still very hot.

"Well, maybe Rosetta is around here," Isolde said as I tried to cool off my hand.

"Do you think that we could spare some of that water?" I asked Isolde.

Just then, Brangwayne walked over to me. "This will work better than ordinary water," she said. She pulled a flask from her sack and poured a potion on my hand. Instantly, the burn was healed.

"Wow, what was that?" I asked.

"Just a little potion," Brangwayne said.

When she turned her back, I examined the ground to look for footprints. I didn't see any.

"Ah, I hope that the former travelers didn't turn to the left. That is very dangerous. Anyone who turns left could die from the poisonous air that lingers in that part of the forest. If they are fortunate enough to survive they will be rescued by healers like us. If we find anyone who is hurt, we bring them to our private camp to be cured," Gouvernail said.

"We will be visiting the camp on our way. Perhaps I can teach you two some simple healing tips," Brangwayne said.

So, we went right instead of left. The path was very simple, but boring. After a long time, I began to feel myself starting to sleep. But I couldn't let myself be tired; I was in a coma for three days and I needed time to catch up. I couldn't waste time.

However, the day whizzed by, and the forest became dark once again.

"We shall stop here, for it is safe to make a fire," Gouvernail said.

"Alright, I can sleep," Isolde said. Just as it was the last night I could remember, the forest was extremely cold. Once the fire was lit, Isolde sat right next to me and laid her head on my shoulder. I began to feel a bit awkward at her advance, but I didn't think that she meant any harm.

"Tristan, I'm cold. I don't mean to be impolite," Isolde said.

"No, that's fine," I said. However, I knew that Isolde had feelings for me after these few days together. It was rather obvious, because she would follow me everywhere, and her eyes widened when she looked at me.

Isolde was an extremely kind girl, but I didn't have feelings for her as I did with Rosetta. For some reason, I could only think of her as if she were my younger sister.

After Gouvernail and Brangwayne found places to sleep, Isolde stayed by the fireside with me. She seemed to want to tell me something.

"Tristan, you really do love Rosetta, don't you?" she asked.

"Yes. I want her to be my wife someday. That is, if she's safe. After I finish this mission and become a knight, I will propose to her. Once we get married, we'll find a beautiful place to live in the mountains. I'll build her a house, and then we'll have children," I said.

"Wow, you seem to have your life planned," she said.

"That is, if everything falls into place. I need to find Rosetta first. I'm not quite sure if she loves me. However, she accepted me when I asked to be her knightly protection," I said.

Isolde was trying to hold back tears at this point. "Tristan . . . What do you think. . ." she trailed off. She couldn't tell me.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Nothing, it's nothing," she said. I sighed

"You should get some rest, you're just exhausted," I said. She nodded and stood up to return to her tent.

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