The Vampire City

Genre: Romance

Rating: T for language, violence, and suggested themes

Pairing: YamixYugi (other pairings may come later)

Summary: A simple human stumbles across the 'vampire city' while on a dig in Cairo, Egypt. The Vampire King takes a liking to this human and decides to make him his mate. Can the human handle the pressure of being the King's mate or will he fall under the pressure?

Small Notes

Sakura: This story came to me in a dream after going to see Alice and Wonderland. It is not a twisted remake of the movie, but another idea that I think is awesome.

Yumi: Also we are doing the disclaimer in the first chapter only because it is perfectly clear we do not own anything but the plot. This one disclaimer is for the whole story.


Chapter 1


Life used to be so simple at first until it was turned upside down

Five thousand years ago there was a great and terrible power that threatens to destroy the world. One pharaoh took it upon himself to rid the world of this power and take it as his own. The power consumed him and in turn turned him into a monster. The people feared this almighty pharaoh and tried to rid the world of him. It wasn't until three thousand years later that a group of human warriors were able to find a way to kill the pharaoh. Once the pharaoh realized that his life was in danger he began to change his ways. Things however did not become better, the warriors didn't care if the pharaoh changed his ways they wanted him dead. A war of survival broke out between the human warriors and the vampires, as the humans now called them.

During the battle the pharaoh became badly wounded and his chances of living were slim. The pharaoh's followers took it upon themselves to protect the pharaoh and compromise with the warriors. A deal was decided and the vampires were given their own city to live in. Some humans decide to follow the vampires whether it be because they were loved ones or for protection. They went to the city to live in peace with the vampires. Some even became donors for the vampires, since that is what the vampires needed to live. Two major rules were developed to ensure peace between the vampire city and other cities of the world.

1. Vampires are not allowed to leave the vampire city. Only humans may leave and enter if they wish.

2. Vampires are not allowed to change a human unless the human wants to be changed.

Nothing was finalized until a year later when the pharaoh recovered from the battle. The pharaoh agreed to these terms and with the help of the people of the world a city for vampires was built. The city was built in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean and a barrier was placed around it so that if anyone sailed the ocean they would go right through it. The only way in and out of the city was to go through one of the many portals placed around the world. Some portals were hidden in secret locations, because one day the humans, who hated vampires, hoped to be rid of vampires forever. If the portals were to be carefully closed over time, the vampires would hopefully lose their supply of humans and die off. Years passed and most humans had forgotten about vampires and the so called vampire city. Only a few portals reminded open because they were guarded by a few human families that the King of the vampires trusted.

Our story begins two thousand years later after the vampire city was built with a young human boy named Yuugi Mutou.

Cairo, Egypt 2010

Twenty-year old Yuugi Mutou stood before the entrance to the famous Nameless Pharaoh's tomb. This young man looked short for his age and the child and feminine like features did not help him. His height was about five one and he's weight was ninety two. He has extremely extravagant hair that has multiple layers including long blond crooked, pointy locks for his fringe, the rest features five large spikes colored black with magenta sheen along the edges. Doe like amethyst eyes stared at the surroundings taking it all in, before he began his decent down the many stairs leading into the tomb.

This young lad was on a trip with his archeology class from Cairo University. He was one year away from getting his degree and this happened to be his last assignment for his junior year. Field experience was always the fun part for Yuugi, because he got to discover new things and it kept him out of the classrooms.

Two of his other fellow juniors rushed over with flashlights. One handed Yuugi a flashlight and they began their walk down the dark tomb. It was against the school rules for students to go into any tomb until they got their degree, but Yuugi didn't care. He had been on many digs with his grandfather, Solomon Mutou, when he was younger so he knew what he was doing. The only thing the three had to worry about was getting caught by one of the superiors on the site and so far everyone was having lunch in their tents.

Yuugi shined his flashlight in front of him to keep from tripping over anything. "Watch your step and keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. This tomb is known for its traps."

The other two juniors agreed and kept the light from the flashlights in front of them.

Yuugi couldn't understand how the tomb was so dark after most of the team upstairs had already been down there. He was sure they would have already set up some touches or some lights of some kind.

Before long they were deep in the tomb and Yuugi's thoughts were broken when he no longer heard the sound of his classmates' footsteps behind him. Turning around Yuugi found that they were no longer behind him. "Where did they run off to?" He shined his flashlight straight ahead to see if they were coming, but found the path completely empty. Hoping that they did not get lost, Yuugi retraced his steps to see if he could find them.

However, when he got back to the stairs he found something more shocking. Sunlight no longer poured into the tomb from the top of the stairs. Panic began to set in his stomach as he ran up the stairs to find his only way out sealed off. Yuugi began to yell for help and pound on the rock. "Is anyone out there? I'm one of the students and I'm trapped in here!"

Unfortunately his voice was falling on death's ear.

Outside the tomb the two gentlemen who had been with Yuugi were outside the tomb laughing their asses off while relaxing. They had tricked Yuugi into going into the tomb with them and when the boy was distracted they turned back around and left the tomb. They made sure to seal the exit off good so it would be a good few hours before Yuugi was released.

Some would wonder why the men were being so mean to Yuugi, because it would seem Yuugi could not even hurt a fly. The truth is Yuugi had unintentionally gotten their older brother expelled from the University. The brother had been stealing artifacts from the University museum to sell on the side. Yuugi had been at the museum taking pictures of some of the artifacts and caught the boy on camera by accident. When the teacher saw the pictures, the dean was left to investigate and the truth was found out. Yuugi was awarded for finding out who the culprit was and the brother was expelled, and then later arrested on charges of theft.

One of the younger brothers pulled two bottles of beer out of his bag. "Once the superiors open the tomb back up and find Yuugi inside, Yuugi is sure to be expelled."

The other brother took one of the beers and popped the cap. "I say we celebrate for a job well done."

They kinked the bottles together before taking a drink.

Yuugi lead against the blocked entrance holding his throbbing hand close to his chest. He could not believe what was happening to him. If the superiors of the dig found him in there he would be expelled and then he could kiss his degree goodbye. Standing up he made his way back down into the tomb, holding the flashlight with his one good hand. It was possible that his other hand was broken from all the pounding he did on the doorway.

"I refuse to believe that was the only way out." Yuugi said to himself. He wanted to keep his hopes up that he could make it out without losing his degree.

He walked down many hallways before coming to a fork in the road. "Something is not right about this tomb. There are way too many hallways." It took Yuugi a few minutes to decide which hallway to go down, but after a good inter debate he picked left. He knew one of the ways must come to a dead end, so if the left one did, he would retrace his steps and go down the right path.

However Yuugi did not come to realize some of the secrets the tomb carried. One secret happen to be a way into the vampire city. Yuugi had happened to choose the path that had the portal so once he came to the so called 'dead end'. He lean against the wall to take a break and was sucked into a whole new place.

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