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Chapter 25

Immortal Hearts

I will love you for all of eternity

Two Years Later

Moonlight streamed into the King's study as he sat wide awake that night and on his desk with a small black journal with Jiro's name on the front. Yami was normally not someone who would hold a grudge against anyone, but after everything Jiro did to his family and lover. In Yami's mind he felt that he could never forgive his dead son even after reading everything written in that journal.

It was a year after the battle that Yuugi had gotten up the courage to tell Yami about the journal. It seemed Yuugi had finally read the journal and he thought it was now Yami's turn. Even Taylor and Ethan had read a few things out of it, but the pain never went away.

Two years it took before the King to decided it was time to see what had made Jiro's life so horrible that he would betray his family. What Yami found in the journal was quite a shock.

All of Jiro's pain at being turned into a vampire was written at the beginning. Then the pages moved on to where he tried to accept his life and try to love his family, but something kept eating him up inside that being a vampire was wrong. Later the pages told of Jiro's plans of suicide, but he could never go through with it. The ending of the journal is what really made Yami's blood boil, because it told of his deal with Anzu and the final plot Jiro had come up with to end his life.

The last page of the journal is one Yami knew he would never forget no matter how hard he tried. Reaching over he opened the book and turned it to that last page.

To my family:

Father- I know you only wanted to save my life, but I cannot live with being a vampire. It's hard to explain the reasons behind my dislike, because I have seen how strong you can be for the humans. Not all vampires are bad, but something about living forever like this has turned me to want to kill myself. I'm sorry for all the pain I will cause you at my death. I know nothing will make up for my betrayal.

Ethan, Taylor, and Jason- I am proud to call you my brothers. I'm sorry if I was not a good enough brother to the three of you. However know this, I have learned so much from you guys and if things had been better I would have spent more time with you.

Kotaro and Chan- You two are becoming stronger every day. I know sometimes it may be hard to live the life as a child forever, but if anyone can do it I know you two can. Watch out for the family and make sure to smile for them, because you two are the best at making others feel better.

Yuugi-There is nothing I can say to make up for the pain I have caused you. I may never have told you this, but I can tell you are the best thing to have ever come to this family. I wish in some way you could have saved me, but if you are reading this, then I made my choice and I'll no longer be a burden to anyone. My father loves you Yuugi and I know you love him. Together you will be able to protect and rule over this city with love and devotion. Welcome to the family…


Yami quickly closed the journal and looked up to see his future husband standing in the doorway with a smile. He was dressed in his cute star pajamas.

Yuugi closed the door behind him and made his way to his lover's desk. "I figured you would be in here. I thought we were going to have a late night movie with the kids after supper."

"I'll be there in a minute Yuugi there was just something I forgot to do before supper." Yami told Yuugi as he placed his hands over the small book to hide what it was.

However there was no hiding what it was from Yuugi. "I see you have been reading it again." He informed his lover as he moved Yami's hands and picked up the journal.

Yami sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. "No matter how many times I read it, I still feel like I never really knew Jiro. He was my son for hundreds of years, yet after reading that I feel like he was a stranger to me."

Yuugi moved around the desk and placed the journal in the top drawer of Yami's desk, before embracing his fiancé. "I sometimes think Jiro might have been scared to show the real him to you. He didn't want you to reject him for not liking his lifestyle of being a vampire. In some twisted way I believe Jiro wanted to put as much distant between you and him as a family so it would hurt less in the end when he finally was able to end his life."

"It still does hurt this family, because he was a part of it whether he believed it or not. I changed him to give him a second chance at life. He would have suffered a horrible death if I hadn't helped him." Yami pulled Yuugi on to his lap and hugged him close. "I'm just grateful he didn't kill you. I don't know what I would do without you."

Yuugi smiled. "Well you certainly wouldn't be getting married in a week if he did."

Yami chuckled and looked at the ring on Yuugi's finger. He couldn't believe they were only a week away from their wedding. It was finally going to happen after all the struggles they went through and the wait for Yuugi to go through his process of the vampire change.

The King kissed Yuugi's hand before running his lips down Yuugi's neck.

The newly turned vamp purred under the treatment, but pulled away before things got heated. He turned to face his lover and gave him a chaste kiss. "Save it for the honeymoon sweetie, we have some children who are dying to watch some late night movies with us."

"Alright if you say so…" Yami replied as he allowed Yuugi to get up. He followed after him as he headed for the door.

However before he opened the door Yuugi turned back to Yami and wrapped his arms around him. They shared a good long kiss, before pulling away.

"What was that for?" Yami asked slightly out of breath.

Yuugi grinned showing off his cute vampire fangs. "Just to say I love you so much and I can't wait to get married."

Yami had to agree with that. "You've already been a part of this family, but I'll enjoy being able to call you my husband, my mate, my aibou."

"Let's get going before the children start to worry."

After that being said Yami grabbed Yuugi's hand is his as they left the office and started down the hall hand in hand.

The Wedding

Yuugi paced around nervously in Yami's office which had been converted to a dressing room, waiting for when the wedding would begin. The night before Yami and Yuugi were not allowed to see each other so Yuugi kind of missed him. They had never gone so long without being with each other. Chan on the other hand had enjoyed letting Yuugi spent the night in her room, because it was like a fun little sleep over.

Joey chuckled from his spot on the sofa. He was dressed in a nice tux, but would have preferred to be wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Since Yuugi's grandfather had passed away all those years ago, Joey took on the role of big brother and was grateful to be the one to walk Yuugi down the aisle.

"You might wear a hole in the floor if you keep this up." He said with a smile.

Yuugi grinned at him but did not quit his pacing. "I'm ready to get this over with. I don't do well in front of huge crowds and since this is the King getting married there are going to be live cameras catching all the action for those who couldn't get into the wedding."

Joey stood from his spot and stopped Yuugi so he was looking at him. "As I'm sure most have already said to other brides out there. Don't worry about anyone else and focus on the groom. Yami may be the King, but he is your future husband and he is all that matters."

"Your right, but I still can't believe I'm marrying the King of this city. I thought I would just come here to start over," He replied and took a seat in Yami's desk chair when Joey led him to it.

Joey patted his shoulder hoping he could get Yuugi to relax before he had a break down from nerves. "Well I never thought my best friend would end up a vampire. This is one strange world we live in, but at least you are happy."

Yuugi flashed his friend a smile. "I remember when Yami finally said I could see you again. I knew you would flip when you found out what happened to me."

"I'll admit I was a little freaked out…" Joey admitted. "However I knew deep down and could see you were still my best bud."

Without warning Yuugi wrapped his arms around Joey's waist and hugged him. "Thank you so much for always being there for me."

Joey hugged Yuugi back. "I'll always be there for you and if Yami ever hurts you he'll have to answer to me."

Laughter filled the room, but Yuugi had no doubt that Joey would follow through with his promise. However in his heart Yuugi knew Yami would never hurt him on purpose. They had such a connection between them that Yuugi knew they were made for each other. Yuugi would never regret stumbling into the city all those years ago and meeting the man of his dreams.

A knock on the door broke the two from there laughing fit. Joey hurried over to it and opened the door to find Ethan and Taylor standing there all dressed up in their tuxes. Taylor grinned as Yuugi walked over to the two and they both got a look at Yuugi's outfit.

"You look great!" Ethan exclaimed. Taylor and Ethan had spent a month with Yuugi trying to find the right outfit that would be perfect for the wedding.

Yuugi blushed and looked down at his clothes. He had a pair of black bell bottom pants that flared out at the bottom and hugged his legs in all the right places. His shirt was a nice dark purple button up with the top two buttons undone and black vest to go over it. He had a red rose placed in his hair and around his neck was a new rose necklace. After the one he had before got destroyed, Yami made it his mission to make Yuugi a new one minus the shadows that lived inside the old one. The shadows had a new home inside the sword Yami kept locked in their closet until he thought of a better place to keep them safe. Neither of them wanted anyone to get control of the dangerous shadow magic.

Joey looked up at the twins. "So is everything going okay?"

Ethan nodded. "Yeah the ceremony is going to start in five minutes, so we thought it best if Yuugi head on down."

Yuugi took a deep breath and linked his arm with Joey's. "Let's get this show on the road."

The wedding had been set up beautifully in front of the newly built white gazebo in the garden near the fountain that had been restored thanks to Yuugi. There were rows of black chairs with white cushions on either side of a long red carpet. The gazebo had been decorated with lights and red and purple roses with a coffin set up in the middle of it. The coffin had a sterling silver candle holder that held three lit candles and one gold goblet filled with red wine sitting on it.

Mahado, who was serving as the priest, stood behind the coffin in traditional Egyptian robes, which were a sign of Yami's Egyptian culture. Yami was standing in front of the coffin quietly talking to Mahado as he waited for the ceremony to start. His outfit was of a black tux with crimson shirt and black tie. He also had on his mask again, but it was there for a reason that Yami kept secret from everyone. He said all would be explained in the wedding.

The guest witnessing the wedding up close mostly consisted of Yami's sister and her partner, along with the council, the children, and friends while Yuugi had just friends attending both from his hometown and new ones he made in the vampire city.

Lastly there were two news crews one set up at the back to capture the wedding from afar and another crew set up near the front to get a better shot of the King and his mate.

It was the wedding no one in the city wanted to miss.

Ethan and Taylor hurried down the aisle and up to their seats in the front as the wedding music started to play. Everyone who had been sitting stood and turned to watch Chan walk down the aisle throwing rose petals. She was cute in her little pink dress and clearly stood out from all the dark color clothing everyone else was wearing. Once she made it to her seat, Kotaro walked down the aisle carrying a red velvet pillow with two gold rings. After he made it down the aisle he took his place up in the gazebo by his father given he had the rings.

Then all eyes once again turned to see Yuugi at the end of the aisle with Joey. Joey linked arms once again with his friend and gave his elbow a gentle squeeze before they started a slow walk down the aisle.

Yuugi looked at no one else but his lover hoping to calm most of his nerves. He wasn't really nervous about marrying Yami it was more or less his fear of messing up the wedding. This was his first ever vampire wedding. He had seen normal human weddings before and Yami had offered to give him a normal wedding, but Yuugi wanted to have a wedding that all the vampires were having. He was after all now a vampire. At first it seemed like nothing was different about a normal or vampire wedding, except Yami explained that in a vampire wedding you are bonded for eternity. He had explained that there was a deeper connection since the two who are being wedded take blood from each other. Only vampires were allowed to have this ceremony or a vampire and human partnership, since most times the human wanted to be changed into a vampire. Humans could not bond with other humans for eternity because they were not immortal.

The wedding had sounded simple enough and Yuugi wanted more than anything to be bonded with Yami for eternity.

All too soon the two had reached the end of the aisle and Joey let go of Yuugi. As Joey went to take his seat, Yuugi continued up into the gazebo and stood before Yami. Yami gently took Yuugi's hands in his.

The music ended and everyone took their seats. Mahado cleared his throat before he began the ceremony. "Today we have gathered to unite these two in a bond that can never be broken. Our King has chosen his life mate and we will witness their bonding as a new start for this city as we welcome a second kindhearted ruler. But before we begin the bonding, our King would like to say something to his mate."

Yami let go of Yuugi's hands and carefully took the mask off his face, glad to have it off once again. Today was a new beginning for the two of them and he wanted to make a statement. "Yuugi…" He looked into his lover's eyes and could see nothing but love in them. "I used to be this distance and heartless ruler who only cared for himself. I would still be that man today if it hadn't been for your arrival into this city. I count every day we have together as a blessing, because so many times I have almost lost you. I never want to have that fear again and with your rebirth I hopefully never will. Today we are to be bonded for eternity and I pray that I will live up to be the best husband and mate for you."

The King held out his mask to Yuugi, who looked at it confused as he took it in his hands. As Yuugi turned his confused gaze up to Yami, did he continue speaking, "That mask will be a symbol of my past self and I want you, Yuugi Mutou, to do as you will with it so that I too may be reborn."

A smile formed its way onto Yuugi's face. "Anything…?"

Yami chuckled and nodded. "Anything you want."

Without a second thought to it Yuugi used all his strength to throw the mask behind him to land somewhere that neither of them cared to find out. However by the sound of part of a wall crumbling Yuugi and Yami figured it just took out a wall in the garden somewhere.

A quiet laughter broke out with their guest and Yuugi blushed. Sometimes he really didn't know his own strength. Yami did his best to keep a straight face as he once again took Yuugi's hands into his.

Mahado took a minute to compose himself and cleared his throat again to gain everyone's attention. "After that little show, it is now time to perform the bonding ceremony."

Silence followed as Mahado said a few words in an old Egyptian language and Yuugi and Yami took turns sipping from the goblet.

Yami then pulled Yuugi closer to him and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips before he moved down to Yuugi's neck. Gently he let his fangs pierce Yuugi's neck as he drank some of Yuugi's blood. After he removed his fangs he allowed Yuugi access to his neck so Yuugi may do the same. Yuugi, who was still a new vampire, wasted no time in allowing his fangs to pierce Yami's neck to allow the sweet blood he had come to know and love run into his awaiting mouth. He had been on a very strict diet of only blood bags so fresh blood was always a sweet treat. Only when Yami squeezed his waist did Yuugi let go a few seconds later.

The King kissed his mate again to wipe away any blood left behind on his lips. The two were consumed with bliss.

It was when they heard some wolf whistles from the crowd did they break apart. Yuugi had a nice dark blush on his face as he looked to see Joey, Ethan, Taylor, and Jason all grinning at them.

Mahado smiled at the two and continued with the ending of the ceremony. "The two have accepted each other's blood. It will serve as a symbol of their bond as will these rings."

Kotaro held up the pillow for his father as Yami reached for one of the rings. Yami turned to his mate and slipped the ring onto Yuugi's finger. The process was then repeated with Yuugi putting a ring on Yami's finger.

The two finally turned to their friends and everyone had looks of happiness on their faces.

"I'm pleased to present Yami and Yuugi, our Kings of Vampire City."

The small audience in the garden stood and clapped for the two and Yuugi could swear he could hear the whole city cheering for them.

The citizens of Vampire City did have something to cheer about because they had not one but two great rulers to rule over this great city. It was a place where vampires and humans could co-existence without fear.

The King looked down at Yuugi as Yuugi looked up at him. Yami pulled Yuugi in for one more kiss and whispered. "I'll love you for all eternity."

Yuugi in no way doubted his words as he whispered a sweet 'I'll always love you too' back to Yami.

Together hand in hand the rulers of Vampire City walked back down the aisle to begin the celebration of their newly formed bond that would forever last.

The End!