Everyday he went to the same coffee shop, and everyday she was there, working behind the counter.

He didn't know much about her. They'd never actually had a conversation… All he knew was that her name was Quinn, she had long brown hair, and the greenest eyes he'd ever seen.

He would always order the same thing at that coffee shop, a tall coffee with ten creams. She would always make it for him, smiling sweetly the whole time.

He liked to think that the sweet smile she wore was for him, but if there was one thing his ex-wife taught him, it was that people (women) could be mean, cold, and heartless underneath their kind exterior.

But still…

He took a sip of his coffee, his eyes wandering to the pretty brunette he'd started looking forward to catching a glimpse of everyday.

…Sometimes appearances can be pretty dead-on impressions of a person's character.

She suddenly looked up, catching his gaze. Instead of frowning or glaring like most women he knew would, her full lips curved up into a warm smile.

He held her stare for a few seconds before dropping his eyes and focusing on his coffee.

He couldn't talk to her. No matter how confident he was talking to other people he didn't think he could think of any other words to say besides how he takes his coffee.

His phone rang and he exhaled deeply. Sometimes his job called at the most inconvenient times.

He flipped his phone open and held it up to his ear.


The person on the other end talked for a few seconds.

"I'm on my way."

Author's Note: I'm not sure if I should make this into an actual story or not... Right now it's really simple and to the point and I'm afraid that if I elaborate and make this into a story then it wouldn't feel the same, ya know?

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