yes / no

It was drizzling outside and the pitter patter of gentle rain was lulling Makoto to sleep. She was slumped against the bus stop post, eyes half-open, too tired to bother checking if the bus was even coming up the hill.

She heard the metallic grind of pedals and the squish of mud under rubber tires before she saw it – the bicycle moving slowly in the mist, the rider bent forward over it. She contemplated calling out just to say hello, recognizing the plain uniform, but decided not to.

A few minutes passed and the rider, now in her direct line of vision, got off the bike, stretching. He turned to face her. Makoto blinked, her lids heavy.

"Makoto?" Chiaki grinned as he strode towards her, drenched, his hair plastered over his forehead. "What are you doing here?"

"My bike got stuck," she replied sourly, expecting him to laugh at her and then leave. He didn't, and then she readied herself for a well-delivered insult. He shoved his hands in his pockets, his gangly tall form leaning over her as always, smile stretched wide. But no stinging remark came and she shifted, catching him bite his lip as he gazed back out to his bike.

"Well mine was kind of stuck, too. I had to really dig it out of the swamp in the lot. But now that it's free, I don't know where to ride it without battling the mud."

"The path near the Yoshimuras right there," she pointed vaguely slightly to the right. "The back-lot leads to a paved private road and from there, a nice sidewalk. It goes to my house and I'd take it if my stupid bike wasn't stuck."

Chiaki looked back at her, brows raised in amusement.

"Wanna ride?"

"I'm too heavy, I'll get your bike stuck again," she yawned.

"Oh come on, we just tease you about the weight," he laughed. "Let's go," he said, taking her hand despite her half-hearted protest.

"You know you love me for this," he nudged her as they approached the bicycle and Makoto sighed, hiding a relieved smile as she clambered over the back-seat, her feet dangling.

"Oh, of course I do," she rolled her eyes and he winked before pushing off.

(a/n) This set is inspired by LiveJournal's 10iloveyou fic challenge and so in every shot, there will be an opportunity, realized or missed, for a character to say an "I love you" confession. Hope you enjoyed!