By: Hitokiri Musei

Rated: T

Summary: There are many words that encompass the relationship that they have, but only one constant; they will never leave each other. A word of the week series, warnings in chapters, but mostly K/S.

Alright, since I can't seem to write anything substantial, I've decided to start doing this because it's a good way to give myself a writing outlet and get you guys some stuff from me. I've been wanting to/working on write/writing Star Trek fics for a while now, but I can't seem to get them far enough for posting, and I don't want to leave you guys hanging for too long while I try to pull my muse out from under my bed (its where he likes to hide when he's run out of ideas…)

I got the title for this story from a random word generator, just the first one that popped up (quite good too, I like it!) and that's what I'll be doing. Just every week (most likely Saturday or Sunday) I'll load up a word generator and write something based on the first word I get, no matter how weird. Some may be related, most probably won't, and some will be longer, others shorter. I'll try to post some of the shorter ones together, but I might not be able to, I am a working college student after all.

Ginormous introduction is ginormous …. Onward!

K/S romance in these three, that's really it. A bit of artistic license in the first one.

I don't own Star Trek. I cry.



of, pertaining to, or noting two; composed or consisting of two people, items, parts, etc., together; twofold; double

It was a strange feeling, Jim thought absently.

Lying in the dark of his quarters he stared up at the ceiling, one hand absently moving over his chest and abdomen. His eyes were closed so he could focus all his attention on the feeling in his torso, his breathing quiet and even.

A moment later there was an extremely warm hand gliding across his hip and then up to his hand, fingers gliding over the back of his hand before slipping between his own and grasping tight. Jim allowed his eyes to open in the dark of the room, turning his head to meet bottomless brown eyes watching him silently.

A smile spread across his face, and Jim turned his hand over, intertwining their fingers. "Good morning."

Spock raised an eyebrow. "I do not believe that statement is accurate, as it is 2300 hours at the current time."

Jim chuckled softly. "You and your accuracy. You can't expect me to remember what time it is after what we did. I can hardly remember how we got here at the moment."

Again another raised eyebrow, but this time Spock said nothing. He was quiet for a few moments, and then his fingers trailed absently over Jim's chest, tracing the lines of his ribs. "What is it that you find so strange, Jim? I cannot seem to discover this from your thoughts."

"This." Jim replied, slipping his hand from Spock's and shifting the Vulcan's hand to press his palm over his chest. He was quiet, not saying anything, and then he smiled slightly. "Can you feel it?"

Spock tilted his head slightly before levering himself up on one elbow so he could lean over Jim and meet his eyes. "I feel your heart beating, t'hy'la. I fail to see what is so strange about this."

Jim sighed and rolled his eyes. "I can feel my heart, and I can feel yours." He shifted Spock's hand down slightly, laying it where a Vulcan heart would be, pressed against his side.

Spock blinked and then a faint smile twitched at his lips. "We are bonded now, Jim, you will be able to feel my presence. This is quite normal."

"Oh." Jim murmured. "It's still kind of weird, having two heartbeats. It's not as… loud as my own, but I can still feel it. Will I be able to feel it all the time?"

"I do not believe so. Perhaps only in close proximity, but I truly do not know. I have never spoken to my parents about a bonding, nor have I ever encountered this phenomenon in my studies. I had not expected it to occur at all."

Jim laughed softly and leaned up to drop a kiss on Spock's nose. The Vulcan blinked at the action, but didn't withdraw. "I suppose I could get used to have dual heartbeats. Love you, Spock."

The Vulcan smiled slightly. "As I love thee, t'hy'la."



Usually, lips.these parts as organs of speech

Spock found that out of all of Jim's features, he had a particular attraction to his lips. Jim was very attractive all over, of course, but those lips were his favorite parts. He loved to watch Jim talk; eat, anything, if only to watch those beautiful lips move in whatever particular activity he happened to be a part of.

Full, pink, and delicious looking, Spock could look at Jim's lips all day if time would allow it. Some part of Jim had to have known it as well, because he took advantage of it all the time. Since they had become a pair Spock had never observed Jim lick his lips as often as he did now. The action left them moist and begging for his attention and had he been anything less than the Vulcan that he was, he may have been unable to resist.

It made his blood burn with arousal when they were alone in their quarters to watch those gorgeous lips, to taste them and tease them. Jim made the most interesting sounds when he sucked his bottom lip between his own, and those lips were so very talented when Jim put them to use.

Spock closed his eyes, and his mind easily conjured up the image of Jim, lying pliant beneath him, arching and moaning, those beautiful lips kiss-swollen, moist, and parted, shuddering in pleasure. Jim, blue eyes gleaming from underneath half-lowered lids, lips wrapped around him, his throat vibrating around his manhood while his fingers danced over his thighs.

There was a shiver somewhere in his thoughts, and he opened his eyes, turning slightly to see Jim slumped in the captain's chair, his eyes closed and gorgeous lips parted faintly, shuddering as Jim sucked in shaky breaths. Spock raised an eyebrow, and then he realized that Jim had been listening to his thoughts through their bond.

Jim's eyes were positively glowing when they slid open and met his, and his tongue darted out to wet his lips. "Sulu."

The helmsman turned slightly, blinking when he saw their Captain. "Yes, sir?"

"Take the conn."

He needed to say no more; Sulu's eyes glimmered as he recognized the look on Jim's face. "Of course, Captain."

Uhura's voice followed them out of the bridge. "Have fun!"

In their quarters, Spock made sure to show Jim just how much he worshipped him, and how very… fascinating he found his lips…

Oh, this one was fun… I like Chris Pine's lips, can you tell? –shivers-



the third month of the year, containing 31 days

Spock blinked in surprise as Jim came positively bouncing into their quarters, a wide smile on his face and a glimmer in his bright blue eyes. The Vulcan raised an eyebrow as he looked up from his lute, his hands stilling on the instrument before he placed it to the side.

Jim came closed, dropping down on the sofa beside his bondmate and grinning at him. "Do you know what today is?"

The Vulcan blinked. "Today is the 12th of March, by the Terran calendar. I assume that is the date that you were requesting?"

A sigh escaped Jim's throat. "That's not what I meant. I know what the date is; I want to know what today means! You know, right?"

Spock didn't say anything for a moment, and then shook his head slightly. "I am afraid that I do not know to what you are referring, Jim."

"It's our anniversary!" Jim said exasperatedly, a pout on his full lips. "I thought you'd know that."

"It has only been a month since we established the bond according to Vulcan customs." Spock replied, his eyebrows twitching together for a moment before resuming their neutral position.

Jim nodded. "Yea, but it's been a year since we told each other how we felt." A snarky grin traveled across the man's face, and he shifted, getting on his knees on the sofa and slinging a leg over Spock's lap and wrapping his arms around Spock's neck. The Vulcan responded by winding an arm around Jim's slender waist, looking up into the blond's face as he grinned down at him. "Since the day we first kissed…"

Spock couldn't restrain the shiver as Jim's full lips glided across his own, and his fingers slipped beneath Jim's shirt, dancing across the cool skin of the small of his back. "I would assume by your actions that you take this day to be a special occasion."

Jim's smile was filled with seduction. "Oh yes, Mr. Spock, a very special occasion indeed…"

"Perhaps I shall have to remember the significance of March from now on, Captain." Spock purred in response.

There was no response except for the cool, electrifying feel of Jim's body against his own.