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Cal got back to the Brown's Hotel by midnight. He had a look of shame on his face. Not to mention he was soaking wet from the rain. He was getting a lot of dirty looks from the other patrons, but he didn't care. He walked up to the elevator and lazily pressed the button. It opened up to Gerald the elevator man. He was smiling as he said, "Good evening Mr. Rigby! Not such a lovely night is it?" Cal didn't say anything. "Where is your lovely wife? You two couldn't keep your hands off of each other a few days ago." The elevator stopped at his floor. "Sir, I hope you have a wonderful night." He bowed and Cal was out of the elevator.

Cal put the key card in and the door unlocked. He came in with his head down, looking ashamed. He looked up and he saw that Gillian was not sitting on the sofa. He looked in the bedroom and in the bathroom, but she wasn't there. It looked like nothing had been touched. Cal started to worry. He yelled, "Okay Gillian you can come out of hiding. I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean what I said earlier. Where are you?" But no one called out.

He walked to the desk with the telephone on it. He was about to ring the front desk when something caught his eye. It was a folded piece of gold paper. On the front it said, "To Cal, with Love". It was written in Gillian's handwriting. Cal closed his eyes and said, "This can't be happening. I was only gone for an hour." He opened the note. The note read;

"Dear Cal,

We have Gillian. You will not get her back. We told you to back off but you wouldn't. Too bad for you, she is very beautiful. I hope you said your goodbyes.


To London, with Love"

He slammed the note down. Then he punched the wall. He left a hole in it. Cursing at himself, he called the only person that knew they were there.

"Hey Ben. Our cover has been blown. They have Gillian." He didn't have the heart to listen to Ben give orders. He hung up the phone and went over to the couch. He put his hands over his eyes and started shaking. He spoke to no one in particular. "Why? I was gone for only an hour. I had your life in my hands and I threw it away like it was a piece of trash. I'm sorry, Luv."


Meanwhile, Gillian was just starting to wake up. Her head was a little foggy. She felt the warm room with the plush carpet underneath her. She smelled the air. It smelled like strawberries. "Ello? Is anyone in here" she said very groggily. She looked around the room with clearer eyes. It looked familiar to her. She tried to pull her hands around to wipe her eyes but they were caught on something. Her eyes widened when she realized that she was tied up. She tried to squirm her way out but the ropes seemed to get tighter.

"Now, now, Gillian don't try and escape. You will get caught. I have so many things I want to do with you." Gillian looked up in horror.

"It's you! I knew I couldn't trust you. Let me go now!" She started to move even more with no luck of getting out. He bent down and put a hand on her shoulder. She shrugged it off very violently. "Get away from me! Cal will find me! I know he will. What are you doing?" He crashed his lips onto hers. She was trying with all of her might to push him off of her body. She then bit his lip very hard.

He pulled away, trying to nurse his bloody lip. He looked at his fingers and he saw the blood. He started to get angry. "You bitch!" he yelled and slapped her across the face. She fell to the ground. "You will never deny me! You will do any bloody thing I ask." He pulled out a silver .38 pistol and pointed it at her head. "Or I will make your bloody boyfriend suffer. And you will meet your end."

Gillian looked up, a little frightened but very angry. She spat on him and yelled, "Fuck you!"

She was hit yet again by his backhand. He straightened his jacket and said, "You will learn to obey me." He picked her up and put her on the sofa.

"I have a party to attend. Don't think you can leave. I will be watching your every move. Plus why would you want to leave paradise?" He smiled at her and kissed her lips. He got to the door and said, "You can get out of those ropes. There is a knife over there. I will see you later, Luv." And he walked out.

Gillian immediately got up and walked over to where the knife was. She cut herself lose and ran over to the door. It was locked from the outside. She tried hitting it and yelling but no one came to her rescue. She started to cry. "No, don't cry. Don't give in to his satisfaction. Toughen up, Gillian." She wiped her tears and looked around to her surroundings.

She recognized the décor but not the room. She looked over to the desk. There was a phone! She picked it up but there was no dial tone. "Damn!" She slammed the phone down. Then she went to the television. She decided to turn it on. At first she couldn't believe it. It was Cal! Cal was on the screen. She was looking a live video footage. "That bastard has been spying on us all this time!" She went down to the screen. Cal looked defeated with his hands over his face.

Gillian touched the screen and said, "Don't give up, Cal. I am right here with you. Don't give up on me." This time Gillian couldn't help it, she started to cry. But her eyes never left the screen.

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