What's wrong with world?

We are the parents whose son shot and killed us, because we gave him chores.

I am the mother who's house was broken into by a group of kids who hacked me to death for fun, then cut off my daughter's toes.

I am the girl who hung herself because everyone at school made fun of me and picked on me, just because I was "the new kid".

I am the girl who got straight A's and had everything going for me, but people bullied me online and it continued even after I took my life.

I am the girl who was killed by her drunk father, because he needed someone else to blame for his own problems. My mother never stopped him. Now, she's with me in heaven.

I am the boy who never told my dad I was gay, because he and his friends liked to "teach fags lessons".

I am the girl who was rejected and friendless in high school and college because I was overweight.

I am the girl who was tormented every day by the popular girls, who beat me senseless when I finally told.

I am the girl who was so horrible to my sister I almost drove her to suicide, without any regard for the rest of our family.

I am the mother who stood there and did nothing while the man I thought I loved abused and humiliated his own flesh and blood. He died under the influence, but my kids don't trust me.

I am the guy who works at Wendy's and lives in my car, because every night in college I got drunk and fell asleep during my final exams.

I am the man who graduated college unable to read my diploma.

They are the victims of a world full of hatred, abuse, evil, and ignorance. Many people think life is a bowl of cherries and everyone's just going to bend over for them. They think they're being so smart and so cool, when in reality they're ruining their lives and the lives of others. They only think of themselves, and never the repercussions of their actions. The first five sentences are true stories. If you feel the same or have a something you want me to add, please review.