E/O Challenge

Idiom: " Hell in a Handbasket"

Count: 100 on the dot!

Happy Birthday LivingforTV! I'm sorry it's late my muse isn't functioning! Let's just say Dean is a little sensitive to certain words.

Oh Hell No

"Dean this idea is deteriorating as we speak!" Sam hissed, hidden in the bushes. Only both boys' eyes were visible in the moonlight.

"Sam shut it!" Dean growled, "There are thorns riding up my ass but you don't see me complaining!"

Sam rolled his eyes.

"Look Cas is around the corner so we only have to stay here for a little longer."

"This is basically hell in a Handbasket." Sam muttered and Dean turned his head, giving his little brother a glare.

Sam swallowed, "Opps sorry…forgot."

"What does that mean anyway?"

"Were heading for complete disaster."

"Oh most defiantly."