Master of Puppets

Chapter 5

Where's Robin?

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Beast Boy sniffed the air like a mad man, trying desperately to find his missing leader's scent. Raven got herself into her lotus position and tried to feel for Robin's presence, but it was futile. Cyborg typed in on his arm frantically, but found no trace of Robin. Starfire could only weep, as Hope looked up at her aunt and felt an overwhelming feeling of grief enter inside her. Hope suddenly felt scared and worried whenever she was near Starfire, so she ran over to her mother and father. Beast Boy began to grow frustrated and turned into an eagle and flew high into the air. He scanned high over the city, but to his disappointment he couldn't see Robin at all. He flew back down and began to breathe in heavily and growl under his breath. Raven saw her husband become flustered so she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, which caused him to relax immediately.

"So, now what?" Cyborg asked hesitantly

"Well, we gotta find Robin" Beast Boy replied

"But, h-he is the one who l-leads us" Starfire said through light snivels

"I know Star…but that doesn't mean we just stop and give up. We gotta keep going! We'll find him, but we gotta get ourselves prepared for the Joker" Beast Boy explained

"Hmm…well since Robin's missing. I volunteer BB as our temporary leader" Cyborg exclaimed

"What!" Beast Boy shouted in surprise

"Yes I agree" Raven concurred with the idea of having her husband lead them

"B-but…I-I, I can't be leading you guys!" Beast Boy argued

"Why not? You have experience! Remember the Brotherhood of Evil?" Cyborg reasoned

"Yeah but…"

"Beast Boy, Cyborg is right. We need you to lead us, even if it's only for a while. And I have full confidence in you" Raven squeezed Beast Boy's hands encouragingly, giving him a small smile. Beast Boy returned the smile, but looked over at Starfire to see her side on the situation. Starfire looked back at Beast Boy and gave him a sad smile.

"Yes friend, you are the best candidate to lead us in finding Robin" Starfire granted her acceptance. Beast Boy gave her a grateful smile

"Don't worry guys. I won't let you down" Beast Boy assured determinedly. All his fellow titans gave him a confident smile.

"Well, first things first. We gotta do our homework on this Joker creep. Titans! Back to the tower!" Beast Boy commanded, as he lead his team back to the T-Car and back home.

'I always wanted to say that' Beast Boy thought to himself. Raven chuckled to herself at hearing her husband's thoughts.


Meanwhile, Robin awoke from a horrible slumber and groaned as he looked around his surroundings. He tried to move, but found himself strapped to a cold metal bed. He continued to struggle, but it was all in vain. He was bound securely, there was no way he could escape, especially since he didn't have his utility belt with him. This wouldn't stop him though, this was Robin. He was the epitome of stubbornness, he wasn't about to let himself be in captivity for too long. But after several minutes of straining against the tight chains, Robin grew tired and finally decided to resist. He began to pant heavily, trying to catch his breath, but shot his head up when he heard a sinister laugh. He recognized that laughter anywhere. Robin clenched his teeth in hatred as the Joker stepped out of the shadows.

"Well now, it seems like the little birdie doesn't like his cage" Joker laughed

"Let me go Joker!" Robin yelled hatefully

"Hmmm….sorry no can do Robin! You see, I miss having company around. And we have such a long history together. I thought maybe we could bury the hatchet and become…friends. Whattya say…Dick?" Joker offered his hand out. Robin just stared blankly at Joker's face

"One blink for yes, two blinks for no" Joker suggested with a sinful smile. Robin responded by spitting in Joker's face again. The Joker sighed deeply as he wiped the saliva off his face.

"Alright, it was cute at first, but now you're really starting to get on my nerves bird brain!" Joker yelled angrily as he walked next to the bed. He grabbed onto a big lever, and pulled with all his might. Robin yelled out in agony at the high voltage electricity coursing through his body. His body moved wildly out of control as his eyes rolled into the back of his head, underneath his mask. The Joker chuckled malevolently before he switched off the lever. He went back to Robin and leaned in front of him again.

"Now, I'm going to calmly ask you…will you, or will you not, join me?" Joker asked flatly

"N-NEVER!" Robin gagged out

"Wrong answer kid" Joker replied sternly as he switched the lever again, electrocuting the Boy Wonder again. Robin screamed even louder this time as tears of pain rolled down his face. Joker stopped the torture just an inch away from the young hero's death. Robin continued to pant and fight for air and consciousness.

"My my! Aren't we the brave one? Ol' Brucie would have proud" The Joker chuckled sinisterly. Robin grew angry again started to struggle against the chains again. Joker grew tired of Robin's efforts to escape. He back handed Robin hard across the cheek. Robin began to cough and gag.

"Listen Bird Boy, I've done my homework. There is no way I'm going to let this run slip past my fingers. You are going to tell me what I need to know whether you like it or not!" Joker yelled angrily

"B-b-bite me!" Robin yelled out hatefully. Joker had enough, he pulled out another needle and injected it straight into Robin's neck. Robin cried out in agony. Suddenly Robin felt numb and drowsy. His eyes glazed over and he began to drool against his own will.

"W-what did y-you d-do to me?" Robin asked groggily

"Sodium Pentathol my boy; street name 'Truth Serum'" Joker explained with an evil grin

"Now you're going to tell me what I want to hear whether you like it or not" Joker finished as the last remaining contents of the Truth Serum were injected into Robin's neck

"Alright…let's test it out. Do you really care for those little brats?" Joker asked with a chuckle

"Y-yes!" Robin found himself answer against his own will

"Interesting, it would be a shame if anything to them huh?" Joker sneered. Robin's eyes grew wide

"Okie dokie, next question. What exactly is your relationship with each of them? Surely they're no more than just friends" Joker smiled evilly

"They're…they're my family! B-Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg are like the brothers and sister I never had. Hope is my niece and Starfire…Starfire…" Robin voice trailed off

"I'll stop you right there. You can spare the mushy romance" Joker stuck his finger in his mouth and gagged before laughing menacingly.

"Ok, next question, what are each of their weaknesses?" Joker asked as he pulled out a notebook and pencil. Robin grunted and closed his mouth shut. He felt his mouth quiver open but he use every fiber in his body not to expose his family to the psychotic clown. Joker chuckled before he got up and pulled the lever again, sending another painful wave of electricity through Robin's body. Robin yelled out and pleading for the Joker to stop, but he merely laughed at Robin's cries of anguish.

"Answer me, and I'll leave you alone" Joker assured as he pulled back the lever.

"B-Beast Boy and Raven's weaknesses are each other and…H-Hope" Robin confessed shamefully

"Ahh! A close family I see! Hmm…I got plenty of ideas to split them apart!" Joker laughed again before clearing his throat

"Go on"

"C-Cyborg's weakness is his l-limits. If something is beyond his technical abilities…he can't go on" Robin professed against his own will. He could feel the painful throbbing in his neck every time he spoke.

" Hmm…we'll come back to him later. But now for the good stuff! Tell me about your girlfriend. What of the alien? What are her weaknesses" Joker chuckled wickedly since he knew he struck a nerve in Robin's heart

"Starfire's weakness is…her weakness is…" Robin fought so hard not to reveal Starfire. Out of all the Titans, Starfire was the last one he wanted to sell out, even if it was unintentional.

"I'm waiting" Joker spoke impatiently as he tapped his fingers on the lever. When he didn't receive a clear answer the Joker pulled the lever again causing Robin to yell even louder than before

"H-her heart! She wears it on her sleeve! H-her kind and innocent nature is her weakness" Robin admitted through painful tears. Joker's sinister laugh echoed through the room

"That's all I needed to hear Bird Boy" Joker laughed as he left the room and Robin to silently cry to himself.


Meanwhile, back at the Tower, Beast Boy and Cyborg sat in the laboratory and heavily investigated Robin's tool belt and a sample of the serum that was injected into Slade's neck. Raven and Starfire were in the common room preparing Hope and the team a dinner. And by preparing a dinner, they were merely ordering themselves a pizza to be picked up by one of the Titans, since everyone knew that the Titan girls were challenged when it came to culinary products. Suddenly Beast Boy and Cyborg burst through the common room doors. At seeing her father enter the room, Hope ran over to her green father and engulfed him in the tightest hug the little girl could muster. Beast Boy smiled as he hoisted his daughter up and walked over to Raven and Starfire. Raven walked up to Beast Boy and gave him a curious look.

"So…any luck?" Raven asked her husband. Beast Boy sighed

"Not much. We did find out what was that stuff that the Joker used on Slade though. It's called the 'Titan Formula." Beast Boy began, as everyone surrounded him to hear what he had to say

"It was an experimental chemical produced in Arkham Asylum in Gotham City to be used to subdue insane patients with excessive physical abilities. But the Joker took the chemicals and altered them to be much more potent and do the exact opposite, causing the victims to enhance their physical strength to the point of dangerous human limits." Beast Boy explained. Raven and Starfire's eyes went wide with shock

"Yeah…BB just the nail right on the head. This Joker is nuts!" Cyborg exclaimed

"Mommy? Who is that scary man?" Hope asked from Beast Boy arms

"He's a very bad man Hope. A man we have to stop" Raven informed her young daughter. She could not only feel Hope's confusion but she could see the fear in her little green eyes

"Friend Beast Boy? What of Robin?" Starfire asked anxiously

"Well…we know for certain that Joker kidnapped him, since he left his fingerprints all over Robin's utility belt. But I'm sorry Star…we don't where he is" Beast Boy answered Starfire regretfully. Starfire's face fell

"Oh…I understand. But I thank you friend, I know you are doing your best to find Robin" Starfire said with a sad smile before she hugged Beast Boy

"I promise Star, we'll get him back safe and sound. But for now, we gotta get ourselves in tip-top shape to search everywhere in the city tomorrow." Beast Boy confirmed. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement

"But for now, we gotta eat. So I'm gonna need someone to volunteer and pick up the pizza. Who wants to do it?" Beast Boy asked

"I'll do it BB. Just let me go get my holo-ring" Cyborg said as he went to leave the common room

"I shall join friend Cyborg" Starfire added as she flew and followed Cyborg to retrieve the rings and leave

"Thanks you guys" Beast Boy said gratefully as he smiled softly. Raven came up and held Beast Boy's hand

"You're doing a great job Garfield" Raven assured before giving her green husband a chaste kiss on the lips

"Thanks Raven" Beast Boy smiled at his wife

"Mommy! Daddy! Can we watch a movie!" Hope asked excitingly from her father's arm. Beast Boy and Raven chuckled warmly

"Of course sweetie! What do you want to watch?" Beast Boy asked as he walked over to the sofa with his free arm around Raven's waist

"Lion King!" Hope squealed happily

"Of course. You and your father are so alike it's creepy" Raven muttered sarcastically before smiling softly

"Hey, what can I say Rae? You have two animal lovers in the family" Beast Boy chuckled as Hope nodded her head cheerfully

"And I wouldn't have it any other way" Raven smiled as she sat down with Beast Boy and Hope and began to watch the movie


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