"I'd like to pause this for a moment
And I don't think that you'd oppose
And I wish I could freeze time and space
Like Hiro from Heroes

'Cause I wanna be able to
Teleport back to this spot
Whenever I want you"

"Saved" by All Caps

A little over a week and a half later, Kurt was camped out on his couch with Noah and his dad. They were all watching some movie on tv, something sci fi and, remarkably, uncheesy, but Kurt wasn't paying any attention to the screen. He was more focused on the feeling he had at that precise moment and the idea of whether or not he'd be able to freeze it to live in forever. He was curled up against the warm, almost-familiar body of the illustrious Noah (which was fantastic) and his dad seemed okay with everything. Sure, he'd taken a little time to adjust to seeing them actually like each other. But he seemed alright with them together, thought they had yet to kiss in his presence (something Kurt wasn't comfortable with ever doing unless it was, say, at their wedding), but it was going well. It helped that Noah and his dad had things in common and that they knew each other before any sort of relationship had happened.

It seemed to Kurt that his dad genuinely liked Noah, and that was the important thing. He would actually let him sleep over, though the permission was given with a warning that he might enter Kurt's room at any time, so they better not be up to something. He actually did a couple times the first time Noah slept over, but they were playing cards the first time and watching a movie on Kurt's laptop the second time, and both times he did so with his hands over his eyes, just in case. But there were no more intrusions after that. Instead, the three of them would make breakfast together, or Kurt would stop by the shop after school on one of the days when Noah was working. His dad said that Kurt needed to stop coming around on those days because Noah was next to useless, but he could tell that his father was just trying to be grumpy and was actually fine with it.

Six weeks after they'd first started seeing each other, Kurt was happy. He'd had his doubts about whether or not he'd actually be able to sustain a relationship with some as predictably unpredictable as Noah, but it was actually much easier than he'd thought. In that time, Kurt had not once told him that he loved him, though he thought he might. It wasn't until regionals that he knew.

The competition was almost a hundred miles away and spanned two days, so it was decided that they'd all spend the night at a hotel nearby. Sue Sylvester had, in an effort to disqualify them, told them the wrong week. Mr. Schu had found out the actual date of the competition the day of, so everyone was crammed onto the handicap bus as fast as possible with their uniforms. For most of the boys, it was no big deal that they hadn't gotten to pack, but for Kurt, it was like blowing the high f on accident at a solo performance of "Defying Gravity" in front of thousands of people while standing next to both Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel. Without his usual arsenal of hair and skin products, he felt naked and depressed.

Since they were expected to perform on the first day, it was kind of a big deal. It would have been much worse if Noah hadn't hijacked the bus with a full list of everything Kurt needed and gone to four different stores to bring back every single item on his list. The second the three plastic bags of product made it into his arms, Kurt dropped everything. He was sobbing.

"Wait, did I get the wrong bottle of something? I'll go back-" Noah was saying, but Kurt just shook his head and wrapped his arms around the frantic boy's waist.

"I totally and completely love you," he whispered, his face buried in Noah's white performance shirt, leaving wet spots. "You are an incredible person."

As Noah tossed the keys to Mr. Schu (who was a bit pissed off about the whole thing), he said simply, "I believe you," and held him closer.

Looking back on the moment, Kurt was a little embarrassed that it took a store's worth of expensive beauty products to make him say it. After all, he'd felt it all along, but a small part of him had refused to let him admit it until Noah had really shown that he loved him. And that was what happened. Kurt knew that the boy could care less about the products, in fact, he was fond of telling Kurt that he should get rid of all of them because he was "perfect without them" (which had to be a joke, of course). He didn't believe that, not for a second, but Noah had gotten them all anyway because he saw that they mattered to him. And that was enough. He didn't even mind that the glass bottle of european moisturizer that cost more than the rest of the products combined (well worth the price for its amazing moisturizing super powers) had broken when he dropped the bags.

Quite frankly, Noah Puckerman was more important.

If it is of any interest to anyone, I am planning on writing one (and only one) more Glee fic. It's in the works right now. Basically, it's full of angst and more of a long one-shot than anything else. The pairing will be Rachel/Puck/Kurt and it will take place roughly sixteen years in the Gleeverse's future. Can be read as an extension of this story, but intended as a standalone.