Writers' Block

Chapter 1

Tim McGee, although he was Thom E. Gemcity at the moment, was sitting at his own table at the Writers' convention he was attending. It was the time after opening ceremonies, when fans could go to the authors' tables for autographs. It's not like his books were flying off the shelves, but he thought he was doing pretty well. He really lucked out with the placement of his table. Across the aisle was the Dr. Temperance Brennan, and to his right was the Richard Castle. And he was pretty sure that around the corner was James freaking Patterson! He couldn't wait until the signing portion was over so the authors can start talking and comparing notes and whatnot.

He noticed that each of the three of them had a friend behind their table with them. McGee had Abby, because she was the only one who wasn't still mad about Deep Six. With Dr. Brennan was a man. "Tall, dark, and handsome squared!" to use Abby's words. The guy had almost a 'Gibbs' sort of air about him. With Rick Castle was a woman. If the man with Dr. Brennan was a 'Gibbs', then this woman would be somewhere between a 'Jenny' and a 'Kate.' He had heard that Castle was basing his newest main character off of a detective he was shadowing, so he thought that must be her.

The signing had just started, so it was rush hour. His hand was already starting to hurt.


Temperance Brennan, 'Bones' to her partner, was at a Writers' convention with Booth, her partner. The opening ceremonies had just ended, so this was the portion of the convention when fans could go to their favorite authors for autographs. Her table had been placed nearby two other murder mystery authors she had read before. Across the aisle was Thom E. Gemcity, author of Deep Six: The Continuing Adventures of L.J. Tibbs, and its sequel, Deep Six: Rock Hollow. Mr. Gemcity's novels showed quite a bit of promise, even if they were his first.

To the left of Mr. Gemcity was Richard Castle, author of the Derrick Storm series and, most recently, the Nikki Heat series. She made a mental note to ask about Mr. Castle's reasoning behind ending the Derrick Storm series by having Derrick die. She had not gotten around to reading Heat Wave, although she planned to.

She and Booth had noticed that both Mr. Gemcity and Mr. Castle had brought a woman with them. The woman with Mr. Gemcity seemed very excited. Booth noted that if, provided they meet, she and Angela would get along well. She had to concur with his sentiment. The woman with Mr. Castle was much calmer. Booth suggested that she was possibly even annoyed with Mr. Castle.


Rick Castle had managed to drag Detective Kate Beckett to this Writers' convention in DC. It took a hell of a fight. He was really excited about it. The opening ceremonies ended about half an hour ago, and it was time for the signing portion. That was when the fans could go to their favorite authors' tables for autographs and copies of their newest books. His table was spitting distance from award winning author Dr. Temperance Brennan and up-and-comer Thom E. Gemcity. Dr. Brennan was the author of the Kathy Reichs novels, and Gemcity was writing the Deep Six series. Castle was looking forward to getting to talk to them.

Dr. Brennan had a man with her. He read that she was an FBI Agent's partner, so he figured that was him. Gemcity had brought a lady friend with him. She looked like an emo/goth girl, but acted like a teenage girl on caffeine. The signing had just started, and the lines were growing by the second.