Chapter 3

(A/N: this is my first attempt at a casefic, so it may take a while…)

The two teams arrived at roughly the same time, so it was time for a little jurisdictional kerfluffle.

There were five people on the NCIS side. The silver haired leader of the pack, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, was in front, with the rest of their team hot on his heels. His second in command was Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, playing the fool. But that's just what he wants people to think. Next was the lovely Probationary Special Agent Ziva David, looking every bit as competent as her friends knew she was. Like a coiled spring, ready to strike at any moment. Following them was Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard. He wore suspenders and bow ties on a regular basis, but on him, it worked. And finally, Ducky's assistant, Jimmy Palmer. He is a geek. That is all.

On the side of the 'Squint Squad', as Booth called it, there were only three. Dr. Cam Saroyan, the only one who could examine a body as opposed to a skeleton, led her two coworkers to the scene. Next was Dr. Jack Hodgins, our favorite bugs and slime conspiracy nut. The intern on rotation this week was Fisher, 'Mr. Cheerful', as Angela sarcastically referred to him.

Ah, the teams meet. Gibbs and Booth stood face to face. Gibbs flashed his badge and announced

"Gibbs, NCIS. I believe this is our crime scene." Booth then held up his own badge and replied

"Booth, FBI," Gibbs chuckled a bit before letting Booth continue, "Until we identify the body, we can't say for sure who's jurisdiction it is."

"Agreed. Both teams process the scene."

"Deal." Gibbs turned to Ducky and called

"Hey, Duck! Body's all yours." Ducky and his assistant started toward the body. Cam went to it, too, as she remarked

"As long as you don't mind sharing."

"Why, of course not, my dear," Ducky smiled, in his distinct English accent. He held out his hand and introduced himself

"Donald Mallard, but call me Ducky. This is my assistant, Jimmy Palmer." Cam shook his hand and replied

"Cam Saroyan." While Jimmy took photos of the body and the scene, Cam and Ducky examined it. Meanwhile, Hodgins and Fisher were gathering evidence, helped by Abby, and Tony, Ziva, and Gibbs took statements.

"There wasn't much to see," McGee recounted as Tony took notes, "The guy stumbled in, then a few seconds later, he just dropped."

"Did he look like he was hurt, maybe?" his partner asked. After a second or so to mull it over, McGee answered

"He might have been; I didn't get a good look at his front." With a devious grin on his face, DiNozzo asked

"So, McGemcity, how's the novel sales goin'? Not sellin' any?" McGee sighed in annoyance and snapped

"If you must know, Tony, I'm doing just fine, thank you." Tony scoffed, as if he didn't believe him. Abby poked her head up and called over, in a half-giggling-half-scolding voice,

"Oh, come on, Tony, do you have to tease him?"

"Well," Tony retorted, "Seeing as he based those books on us, I think I have license to ask how it's doing."