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Three figures stood solemnly in the distance: Two males and one female. Their clothes were worn and greatly tattered, signs of past battles evident. They looked to be only young adults, barely out of their teenage years. However, one look in their eyes indicated how much knowledge that they held, that they were mature beyond their age. These eyes also probably saw more pain and anguish than what they were ever meant to see.

What they stood on was the rubble of a wasteland that was once a great village…A great village that had once flourished with power and might, but now, only a mere shadow of its past splendor. It served now as a graveyard for the countless people who had perished; a resting place of some sort.

In front of the three was a huge burning funeral pyre that stretched a great distance. For countless days, this pyre had been burning, like a conflagration, as more and more bodies were found and added. Ashes upon ashes clouded the air, smothering the earth and sky, blocking the sun with its flaky and somber presence. The reeking smell of burned flesh and charred wood hung like a dense cloud. To the three people, it was like hell on earth as they placed the dead inside one by one. Familiar and unfamiliar faces were both consumed by the greedy raging flame never to be seen again…It was a massive sight that fueled by the deaths of a great many people. But the three kept waiting. They waited and waited for many days.

Today was the final day of burning as signs of a dying fire became evident. They watched as the already small fire began to diminish into mere flickers. After a few moments the last flame died with a choking sputter, leaving the three individuals in deathly silence, empty of the burning cackle of fire. It was finally over. "So this is it you guys…That was the last of them." whispered one of the males. He had a strained smile, his sapphire eyes shining brightly with unshed tears, as he fought to keep them at bay. His two companions nodded their mournful acknowledgement. The young woman sniffled as she rubbed her swollen jaded eyes trying to rid herself of her last tears while the raven haired male stood stoically in attention, though his haggard face showed great sorrow. They stood there quietly. For what seemed like centuries, but in reality, only a couple of seconds, silence reined the area.

With a sigh, the sapphire eyed teen brought out a worn and ancient looking scroll. "Are you two sure?" The woman gave him a glare and practically hissed out her answer "There is nothing left for us here. We have nothing to lose now. Nothing." The stoic male nodded in agreement "We don't have any more choices." That was the end of that. The blonde heaved a weary sigh, "Right…Okay let's go." His two companions nodded in confirmation. He opened the scroll and placed it gently on the ground.

The three moved to stand in a triangle, facing each other leaving the scroll in the center. Simultaneously, they perform a series of complex hand seals that they had hoped that they would never have to execute. They had agreed, when they first came across this technique, that it would be used only if such a disastrous scenario were to occur. The Nine-Tailed Fox, the creator of the technique, had cautioned them about the risks it posed to their lives. It was a time traveling technique that the demon fox provided them with. Early research had indicated that it had the possibility of allowing them to enter another time, if not, another dimension… However, that was only speculation and there was also a high possibility of death. They had joked about where they could have landed and had a good laugh about it. But, it wasn't so funny now. One could say that they were desperate to try such a technique, grabbing at any chance to redeem them.

They did not know where it would lead them for it had never been used by any human beings. The three didn't really care though… Maybe they might die, maybe they might live but at the moment they all just wanted to get away; anywhere, anywhere but here…here where there were too much painful memories and tearful angry regrets.

After the last set of hand seals were completed, the scroll began to burn an eerie red glow that slowly consumed the three. They began to fade. The blue eyed teen turned his head towards the remaining cinders of the pyre sadness marring his usual bright face. "May you all rest in peace that you all so rightly deserve…Hopefully, this will never happen again." A sudden flash enveloped the three wiping them away from existence. They were gone.

A sudden gust of wind blew through the ashes, dispersing the cloudy air with relative ease. A crack of sunlight lit onto the clearings of where the pyre once stood. And on the center of the ground where the three had stood, a bright crimson flower blossomed.